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Pecora Jack Pecora Mrs. Cramer College Readiness 1/20/2017 How Prepared are High-Schoolers for College? High-school students are not looking too promising, at least the ones headed for higher-lever education such as college. This is a new trend we are starting to see in American students. Many professionals and intelligent individuals are seeing this trend occur within the youth of America. There a
  Pecora <#>  Jack PecoraMrs. CramerCollege Readiness1/20/2017How Prepared are Hig! coolers or College$Hig!scool s%&den%s are no% looking %oo promising' a% leas% %e ones eaded or iger!le(er ed&ca%ion s&c as college. )is is a new %rend we ares%ar%ing %o see in *merican s%&den%s. Man+ proessionals and in%elligen% indi(id&als are seeing %is %rend occ&r wi%in %e +o&% o *merica. )ere areman+ reasons %a% a%%ri,&%e %o %e massi(e amo&n%s o &nprepared and &nde(eloped s%&den%s eading or college. -or s%ar%ers' we are going %o look a% ow a recen%l+ re%ired ig scool %eacer eels a,o&% %e si%&a%ion.enne% erns%ein is an award!winning ig scool %eacer wo &s% re%ired wan%s %o warn college proessors a,o&% %e &pcoming s%&den%s. He %alks a,o&% ow &nprepared %ese college!,o&nd s%&den%s are or college. Hes%ar%s o ,+ sa+ing 3 a(e some ,ad news or +o&. 3n case +o& do no% alread+ see wa% is appening' 3 wan% %o warn +o& o wa% %o e4pec% rom %es%&den%s wo will ,e arri(ing in +o&r classroom' e(en i +o& %eac in a igl+ selec%i(e ins%i%&%ion. )e main poin% e p&ses is %a% 5o Cild 6e% eind messed &p %e wole s%&den%' and %a% i% is %e main reason or %is lack o e4cellence rom s%&den%s. )e ,aseline %es%ing scores %a% were imposed ,+ 5o Cild 6e% eind s%ar% in %e %ird grade' and %e new s%&den%s coming %ocollege a(e ,een s&,ec% %o %e &ll e4%en% o %e laws re8&iremen%s 9 %ra&ss 1:. 5e4%' e %alks a,o&% %e lack o s&pplies and accessi,ili%+ %a% man+ scools do no% a(e access %o. He s%a%es %is in a ,ig wa+ ,+ sa+ing ;  Pecora <#> a% %e %ime o %e %eacers s%rike las% all' 10 Cicago p&,lic scools ad noli,raries 9 %ra&ss 2:. Hones%l+' ow are +o& going %o learn i +o& can% e(en ge% a ,ook$ )en again' mos% o %ese kids don=% a(e %e ini%ia%i(e in %e rs% place %o read' ,eca&se w+ wo&ld %e+ wen %e+ a(e ne(er ,een s&,ec% %o a %r&e learning en(ironmen%$5e4%' we a(e sor% piece rom %e Hecinger Repor%. )is ar%icle disc&sses ow ig scool s%andardi?ed %es%ing does no% prepare s%&den% or college and %a% i% is an incorrec% and o,%&se ,aseline %o &dge someone o o. )e+ &se @ik%oria Mer%iri' a ain% *gnes *cademic Hig cool grad&a%e or an e4ample o %is. &% Mer%iri scored a 70 on %e 5ew Aork Regen%s B4amina%ion' a s%a%e s%andardi?ed %es% o core ig scool s&,ec%s. 3% was a pleasan% s&rprise (e poin%es ,e%%er %an se needed %o pass 9Ds%ase(sk+ 1:. Een se arri(ed a% F&eens,oro&g Comm&ni%+ College' owe(er' Mer%iri' wo is now 20' did poorl+ on %e en%rance %es%s and was p&% in remedial classes 9Ds%ase(sk+ 1:. )is &s% goes %o sow %a% se m&s a(e ,een eeling conden% a%er passing er s%a%e s%andardi?ed %es%' &s% %o come and nd %a% se ge%s p&% in m&l%iple remedial classes er rs% semes%er o college. )o me' %a% makes perec% sense. 3 know %a% 3 am no% comple%el+ prepared or college' ,&% 3 am %r+ing %o do ,e%%er and ge% read+ %o %ake i% on. 3 eel %a% %e main reason w+ s%&den%s are no% prepared or college is %a% scools are no% s%ric% eno&g' and %a% %eacers don=% %eac eno&g.  )eacers seem like %e+ don=% care eno&g a,o&% %e s&den%s &%&re' %e+  Pecora <#> gi(e +o& a co&ple o see%s o paper' a co&ple o page n&m,ers and all %e+ care a,o&% in %e end is i a maori%+ o %e class passes so %a% %e+ ge% paid. 3 can see i% e(en ere in radord *rea Hig cool' %eacers aren% as in(ol(ed wi% %e s%&den%s as %e+ so&ld ,e. )e+ are called %eacers ,eca&se %e+ are s&pposed %o %eac' no% caperone and si% a% %eir desk %e4%ing. )e ,es% e4perience 3 ad in ig scool ,+ ar was in Mr. Pa%%isons Geome%r+ class. 3 sa+ %is or a simple reason. He was a %eacer' and a good one a% %a%. He wo&ld %ell +o& wa% %o do' wen i%s d&e and ow %o do i%. %raig%orward and ones%' e was s&c a grea% %eacer and 3 el% like 3 co&ld ac%&all+ learn in is class ,eca&se e ac%&all+ %a&g% and elped is s%&den%s. )is class prepared me or %e res% o ig scool and or college  &s% ,eca&se o %e ac% %a% 3 ac%&all+ ad %e willpower %o learn and s&cceed &nder im.M+ %ird and nal poin% %o wrap &p %is paper is a scien%ic one. a%a as sown %a% in recen% %imes %ere is a decrease in ma% and reading procienc+. )e rs% %ing 3 read %a% reall+ i% ome was %e ac% %a% onl+ 1/I o ig scool seniors are prepared or college in %e areas o ma% and reading 9Camera 1:. %a%is%ics sow %a% %e lowes%!acie(ing s%&den%s in *merican scools are perorming worse %an e(er 9Camera 2:. Dnl+ 2 percen% o s%&den%s scored procien% or iger in ma% 9Camera I:. )e lis%  &s% goes on and on a,o&% all o %e decreasing in procienc+ in ma% and wri%ing. 3% is %r&l+ sad %a% %ese n&m,ers are real. ; a po%en%ial e4plana%ionor %e drop in scores among %e poores%!acie(ing s%&den%s is %a% %e  Pecora <#> dropo&% ra%e as i% a is%oric low... 9Camera :. )ese n&m,ers and %ese ac%s are &n,elie(a,le' or i%s &s% %e ac% %a% 3 am in denial and 3 don=% wan% %o ,elie(e in %em. 3n concl&sion' ig!scool s%&den%s are no% looking %oo promising' a% leas% %e ones eaded or iger!le(er ed&ca%ion s&c as college. 3n %e end' i%s &p %o eac and e(er+ one o &s' s%&den%s and %eacers %o ,and %oge%er. Ee are in a %ime a %ime o em,arrassmen% in o&r ed&ca%ion s+s%em. 3n order %o see some cange we need i% %o s%ar% wi% &s. )eacers need %o %eac and s%&den%s need %o learn. 5o is' ands' or ,&%s. )a% is %e wa+ i% as %o ,e i wewan% %o %&rn %is %rend aro&nd and &se %e po%en%ial %a% we all a(e %o i%s &ll and %r&e po%en%ial.i,liograp+1. %ra&ss' @alerie. * warning %o college pros rom a ig scool %eacer. Eas )e Easing%on Pos%' -e,r&ar+ K % ' 201I. Ee,. Jan&ar+ 1L % ' 2017 9 %ra&ss:2.Ds%ase(sk+' 6&,a. Man+ wo pass s%a%e ig scool grad&a%ion %es%s sow &p %o college &nprepared. He%cinger Repor%. Hig cool Reorm. -e,r&ar+ 1L % ' 201. Ee,. Jan&ar+ 1L' 2017. 9Ds%ase(sk+:I.Camera' 6a&ren. Hig cool eniors *ren% College Read+.  . . 5ews N Eorld Repor% *pril 27 % ' 201. Ee,. Jan&ar+ 1L % ' 2017.


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