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  The Portfolio Overview  Portfolios work in different ways in different classes. Sometimes they are used to simply collect the work a student has done over a period of time. Sometimes they are used to mark progress via revision. And sometimes they are used as a way to assess student work-not simply just writing but also progress and effort in class.The Portfolios you will turn in for this class will do all of these things. As you develop these portfolios each of you will engage in three activities: collection, selection, and reflection . This will give you the opportunity to review your work revise your writing and think about what you have learned throughout the semester. !ou will showcase your progress throughout the semester through revision of your previous  work. Another way you will show the knowledge you have developed about your writing is in a reflective ntroduction for your portfolio.#inally will use the portfolios as a way of assessing your effort progress as a writer and as a student andthe $uality of your written work. will assess the portfolios and include comments to you when return them. The comments will detail your work in the class to that point. will give you feedback on the $uality of your work to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a writer in a variety of rhetorical situations. will also include a letter grade along with the comments to mark your progress. Note : can offer you two pieces of advice about portfolios : 1. Take the Introduction seriously  . f  you don%t will know. !ou can%t scam a scammer. was a student in your position not so long ago. know the tricks. t will only frustrate me if you waste my time with fluff that you don%t mean. So take the cover letter analysis of your portfolio and work this semester seriously. &e honest and useful in it. ' . I value revision.   value students that have taken the time to attempt to grow as a person and a writer. f you have attempted good revisions then you will be rewarded for it. f you say you%ve attempted revision but haven%t you%ll be penali(ed. could not be any more straightforward here about what will look for when assessing your portfolios ) revision, a strong introduction, and quality of your work  *. Midterm ortfolio The mid-term portfolio is your first chance at revision and first opportunity to showcase your development as a writer thus far.  +hat to include:,. ! ournal entries.  !ou may choose any two entries here. Try and select entries that showcase your careful reading and analysis skills. TS /0 10T 1/ T0 & 23 S/. 45ST P2 1T T6 A1/ 1785/ T6.'. ! #ook clu# ournal entries.  !ou may choose any two entries here. Try and select entries that showcase your careful reading and analysis skills. TS /0 10T 1/ T0 & 23 S/. 45ST P2 1T T6 A1/ 1785/ T6.9.  $our revised %ssay 1.   n addition to your revised paper include the workshop draft of yourand the second draft with my comments on it. .  $our com&leted %ssay !. n addition to your revised paper include the workshop draft. 5.  $our com&leted 'ow (m I )oing handout from meeting with two professors.;. Introduction.  ow you write it whether it be <=A essay or letter format is up to you just be sure to include the following and use e>amples and specific details in your answers:   +hy did you include these journal entries?   +hy did you include these reading journals?   +hat revision did you do in your formal writing? ow has it improved or not improved your writing?   +hat have you learned about your reading and writing skills so far this semester?   +hat do you still need to work on in your writing?
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