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  SECTION XIBORROW HAUL1101 SCOPE Borrow haul represents suitable fill materials obtained from borrow pits suggested by theEngineer, hauled and placed to the embankments in order to fully complete the required section of theembankment. Borrow haul materials could be obtained from sources suggested by the Engineer or asshown on the Drawings. When the materials excavated from the canal prism or from structure excavation and from side borrow are sandy, said materials shall be blended with the borrow haul materials during the embankmentconstruction and formation before compaction operation shall be done.Borrow haul shall also be used in the formation and construction of roadway embankment, protection dikes, structure backfill and fill for approaches to bridges. 1102 METHOD OF OPERATION Borrow haul pits shall be cleared and grubbed or stripped as directed by the Engineer to removeall unsuitable materials from the excavation area. Excavation shall be made within the limits staked bythe Engineer and to such depth as directed. he depth of excavation throughout the borrow haul pit shall be as uniform as practicable and the side slope shall be dressed to such slope as the Engineer may direct. ! # shall suggest borrow areas for borrow haul materials and the $ontractor shall acquire thenecessary right%of%way and access thereto. !otwithstanding the above paragraph immediately preceding, borrow haul materials may beobtained from any source the $ontractor may propose provided, that the location are approved by the ! #. n this case, the $ontractor shall, also at his own expense secure the necessary right%of%way and accessthereto. he $ontractor shall be liable for any royalty imposed by the municipality where these borrowareas are situated. n both cases, the $ontractor shall construct and maintain the haul roads, together with thenecessary right%of%way for such roads and right of access thereto. he securing of necessary &'ermit toEnter& or &(uarrying )ights& for borrow areas chosen by the $ontractor shall be the $ontractor*sresponsibility.Borrow pits where practicable shall be so excavated that they will drain to the nearest naturaloutlet or to such outlet as directed by the Engineer. he surface of the borrow pits shall be left in areasonably smooth and even condition and the stripped top soil shall be returned and spread to thesatisfaction of the Engineer.+aterials from these borrow areas shall be hauled, dumped and placed either in the canalembankments, roadway embankments, protection dikes or to structure backfill areas and elsewhere as may be directed by the Engineer and subsequently compacted in accordance with the applicable provisions of ection - . 1103 MEASUREMENT AND PAYMENT Borrow haul is a subsidiary work for Embankment $onstruction and $ompaction, thus it will not be measured for payment. he cost for borrow haul operations which includes clearing and grubbing of  borrow areas, loading and unloading whether for canal embankment, dikes or structure backfill, spreadingand compaction shall be considered included in the contract unit price for Embankment $onstruction and$ompaction or tructure Backfill, as the case maybe.%- %
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