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  Present Continuous/Progressive Spelling Rules “BE” verb + ing verb1. Add –  ing    to the base form of most verbsstartstartingfinishfinishingwashwashing2. When the base form ends in an e, delete the e  and add -ing  livelivingcarecaringrideriding3.When the base the verb ends with ee  !st add -ing  agreeagreeingseeseeing . When the base verb ends in  –ie, delete the  –ie  and add  –y then add  –ing  tiet#ingdied#ing$. %f the verb has one s#llable and ends in a consonant + vowel + consonant &'(')* do!ble the final consonant and add  –ing. stostoingrobrobbing begbegging,.-o not do!ble final w or  x or y .sewsewingmimiing la#la#ing/.%f the verb has two s#llables* and the final s#llable is stressed* do!ble the final consonant0.ad mitadmittingoc c!rocc!rring er mitermitting0 in American English –  l   is not do!bled. .%f the verb has two s#llables* and the final s#llable is not   stressed* do not   do!ble the final consonant.ha enhaeninglis tenlisteningo enoening
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