16Concrete Demolition

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  SECTION XVICONCRETE DEMOLITION WORK 1601 SCOPE The work under this Section shall include demolition, removal and disposal in amanner approved by the Engineer of all portions of the existing structures indicated to bedemolished, all in accordance with the Drawings and these Specifications. All other obectionable materials shall be disposed off to the designated disposal areas as ordered bythe Engineer. 1602 METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION !ontractor shall submit for approval his proposed plans and operations for undertaking the demolition of structures. The proposed plans shall show details of the proposed method of demolition, removal and disposal of materials, blasting, drilling, andother devices the !ontractor may propose. The work shall conform to the lines and gradesas shown on the Drawings, or as directed by the Engineer. n cases of modification or renovation of an existing concrete structure where partial demolition or chipping on thesurfaces of existing structure may be re#uired, !ontractor shall perform his chipping or demolition operation in such a manner as to avoid chipping or over demolition or damageof the entire structure. $ver chipping or over demolition or entirely damage structuresshall be restored at the expense of !ontractor in a manner satisfactory to % A. 1603 METHOD OF MEASUREMENT !oncrete demolition of existing structures will be measured by the number of cubicmeter in its srcinal position before demolition. &easurement will be made only toacceptably demolished structures with all materials disposed off to designated disposalareas. %o material demolished by !ontractor beyond the lines and grades indicated on theDrawings will be included for measurement unless additional demolition has been previously authori'ed by the Engineer in writing. 1604 BASIS OF PAYMENT !oncrete demolition of existing structures measured as provided above shall be paid for at the contract unit price per cubic meter, which price and payment shallconstitute full compensation for furnishing labor, supplies, tools and e#uipment and other incidentals or subsidiary works necessary for the successful completion of the work described under this Section.TS()* (+
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