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  SECTION XIXRUBBLE MASONRY1901 SCOPE The work under this Section shall include furnishing all materials, supplies, toolsand equipment; construction of all necessary form work; placing rubble stone and concrete binder on an approved foundation and form work; the removal of forms and curing of therubble masonry, all in accordance with the Drawings and these Specifications or asdirected by the Engineer. 1902 MATERIALS ubble stones shall consist of field stones that are clean, sound, durable, resistantto the action of water, and must have specific gravity of at least two and si! tenths #.$%,and diameters ranging from &' centimeters to $( centimeters, si!ty per cent $()% whichcomprises the bigger si*es. Stones shall have the prior approval of the engineer beforetheir use. +aterials for concrete binder shall be in accordance with the applicable provisions of Section -. oncrete binder shall be lass /0/ concrete with 12.'(millimeters ma!imum si*e of aggregates. 1903 METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION 3reparation and handling of the concrete binder shall be in accordance withSection -. The stones shall be thoroughly wet before they are installed in place. Theentire surface of every stone shall be thoroughly covered with concrete binder. 4n general,one cubic meter of rubble masonry will require one5half cubic meter of concrete binder.0ctual variation in this proportion will not entitle the ontractor to any price ad6ustment.4t is e!pected that the whole rubble masonry especially in the case of dam and apron aswell as other structures should be well encased and covered by the concrete so that itforms the hearting of the body of dam and apron and will act contiguous with the concreteshell. This can be achieved by tamping the stones into the concrete using heavy wooden blocks handled by one or two people. 0fter the bed has been prepared as required the firstlayer of mortar should be laid and rubble embedded in them. The thickness of mortar should be such that each rubble could be embedded at least '( ) of its longest dimensionin the mortar so that when the ne!t layer of mortar is poured the rubble which has beenembedded is not disturbed. The ne!t layer of boulders can be arranged in the mortar now placed following the same procedure. This will ensure that all the boulders are fullycovered with mortar and they are well entrenched and stable in the mortar so that they arenot disturbed when subsequent layers of mortar stones are poured. The stones shall bewell set such that no stone will pro6ect beyond the lines indicated on the Drawings. Theconcrete binder shall be properly worked into the spaces between stones so that no void isleft within the rubble masonry. 4n case reinforcements are placed, no stone shall be closer than four inches &( centimeters% to the nearest reinforcing bars. ubble masonry shall becured by water for five days.TS545&  ubble +asonryThe general construction procedure should be always to start from lowestelevations so that the sub5grade on which the concrete is laid is not disturbed by theseepage forces when the higher layers are e!cavated and prepared for concrete pouring. 4n situations where rubble masonry is directly constructed on the sub5grade, thesub5grade should be prepared e!actly as for any other concrete structures. 4n these cases,also the first layer can consist of concrete of &' centimeters thickness in the case of minor structures and #( centimeters in the case of ma6or structures. The concrete manufactureetc. will be as specified under Section - and the strength will be as of lass /0/ con5crete. 1904 METHOD OF MEASUREMENT /ubble +asonry/ will be measured in cubic meters in its final position based onthe neat lines of the structure as shown on the Drawings. 1905 BASIS OF PAYMENT The volume measured as provided above will be paid at the contract unit price per cubic meter, which price and payment shall constitute full compensation for furnishing allmaterials, supplies, labor, tools, equipment and all incidentals or subsidiary worksnecessary for the successful completion of the work described under this Section.TS545#
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