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Jessica Siemens Spring 2013 SLIS 5200 Virginia Final Draft 2 Metal CDs:
  Jessica SiemensSpring 2013SLIS 5200 VirginiaFinal Draft 2 Metal CDs: Information Organization System 1. Project description1.1. Collection and information objects This is a collection metal music. The collection is pulicl! locate in an in epen ent recor store in Virginia. The purpose of this collection is to offer an pro#i e information to prospecti#e u!ers on a significant portion of currentl! a#ailale metal alums. This collection format is compact isc. The topics co#ere inclu e a range of metal genres$ release ates$ an names$ an in epen ent recor laels. The collection oes not inclu e releases on ma%or corporate laels. This collection has 2$500 #olumes. &#er time$ this collection 'ill gro' as the recor store purchases a itional titles from istriutors. 1.2. sers! demograp ics and #no$ledge The user group for this collection comprises of (00 en users #isiting the metal section of this recor store. The user group age range is 15)(0 !ears ol . The gen er using this collection is *5+ male an 25+ female. The e ucation le#el #aries per user. ,ost users ha#e complete high school$ an aout half ha#e at least some college e ucation. -ser occupation #aries accor ing to in i#i ual. -sers are emplo!e in 'oring class tra es. The! are mi le class in socioeconomic status. The ethnicit! of this user group is /aucasian. The language spoen is nglish. -sers of this collection are not religious. Theusers self i entif! as metal hea s an 'ear lac an t)shirts$ leather %acets$ an casual pants uring leisure. -ser no'le ge le#el is important to un erstan ecause the ataase is create for a certain t!pe of user. The user no'le ge le#el of this collection is mo erate to high. -sers ha#e a significant un erstan ing of the topic an the ataase esign reflects this a #ance no'le ge le#el.  user group 'ith lo'er no'le ge le#els 'oul e less comple4 in esign an information in or er to accommo ate the user.-ser general no'le ge is efine as the collecti#e intelligence$ life e4periences$ an their preferences. The collecti#e no'le ge of this group is mo erate to high. -sers possess mo erate to high general no'le ge. -sers possess mo erate to high intelligence. The! ha#e mo erate to high e4perience using computer ataases. Their preference is for uic$ etaile $ an accurate information retrie#al. -ser omain no'le ge is efine as the le#el of e4pertise users ha#e 'ith a topic. The users of this collection ha#e mo erate omain no'le ge. The! are fans of the topic an engage 'ith the topic regularl! uring their free time. Their e4perience 'ith the topic is mo erate$ as the! no' enough aout the topic to #isit the in epen ent recor store to fin ne' an s$ as oppose to #isiting a large chain retailer. This s!stem is esigne for mo erate le#el no'le ge users 'ho ma! no' a significant amountut o not no' e#er!thing aout the topic. These users are eager for gui ance fin ing certain titles the! ma! miss uring shelf ro'sing. The users are not confi ent enough in their omain no'le ge to fin e4actl! 'hat the! 'ant ! flipping through a large collection of compact iscs. The! are familiar 'ith the organi6ation of the topic through an name$ genres$ alum titles$ an recor laels. The! o not learn primaril! learn aout the topic ! listening to commercial ra io or ! 'atching TV music #i eos. The  Siemens 7 Virginia 7 p. 2 users roa en their no'le ge ! self)moti#ate research. This inclu es researching music online$ listening to alums$ atten ing li#e e#ents$ iscussions 'ith other users in this group$ an ! trial an error metho olog!. Information seeing no'le ge is efine as the users ailit! to na#igate the ataase to fin the information the! nee . -sers ha#e mo erate s!stem no'le ge. The users ha#e not use a ataase in a recor store efore. The! 'ill e comfortale searching for information o%ects in this s!stem ue to familiarit! 'ith the su%ect terms an 'ith utili6ing similar ataases online. 1.%. sers! problems and &'estions The collection is a comple4 organi6ation of alums on a shelf arrange ! artist an genre. The s!stem is esigne to satisf! user information nee s ! irecting users to the esire titles uicl! 'hen users are searching for a particular item. -sers t!picall! search ! an name$ genre$ an alum8 sometimes ! co#er art or recor lael. The ataase helps users ecome acuainte 'ith the a#ailale titles in the collection ase on their interests an ueries. ser &'estion 1:  I 'ant at least t'o thrash metal alums from 19:;. Object attrib'tes:  <enre$ release ate Desired precision:  ,o erate Desired recall:  Lo' ser &'estion 2:  I 'ant to fin the =or'egian lac metal alum Destro!er$ ut I can>t rememer 'hich an recor e it. Object attrib'tes:  lum title$ genre$ nation of srcin Desired precision:  ?igh Desired recall:  Lo' ser &'estion %:  I 'ant the classic oom alum 'ith the song ll @our Sins on it. Object attrib'tes:  <enre$ su genre$ song title Desired precision:  ?igh Desired recall:  Lo' ser &'estion (:  I> lie a couple of eath metal alums from Aelapse recor s .Object attrib'tes:  <enre$ recor lael Desired precision:  ,o erate Desired recall:  Lo'The attriutes inclu e in the uestions are genre$ alum title$ artist name$ release ate$ song title$ su genre$ an recor lael.  itional attriutes nee e for functional operation of the s!stem inclu e artist nation of srcin$ length$ ISB=$ an call numer. 2. )epresentation of information objects2.1. *ntity le+el The entit! le#el is a statement aout the amount of the information o%ect represente 'ithin the recor . ,eta ata are the escripti#e informational elements containe 'ithin the entit! recor . The entit! le#el for this pro%ect is entire /D alum. This entit! le#el is appropriate for representing the o%ects in the ,etalcollection ecause users 'ill e searching at the alum le#el for titles on the recor store shel#es. #en if the user is searching for a particular song 'ithin the collection$ the! nee to i entif! the alum containing that song in or er to fin the alum on the shelf. If the collection 'ere igital files an not ph!sical alums$ the entit! le#el 'oul ha#e een ! song. In this ataase$ alum is the entit! le#el an each title 'ill e tense represente in a recor . Chat is an entit! Aelationship to o%ects Aecor s  Siemens 7 Virginia 7 p. 3 2.2. Metadata elements and semantics The meta ata elements 'ithin each information o%ect entr! 'ill tense allo' for searching an help the user to i entif! the esire alum. The recor s in this collection contain 10 meta ata elements representing each information o%ect. The elements are appropriate for the users an the /Ds 'ithin this collection ecause the! are e! i entifiers from 'hich users t!picall! ase their uestions. The users 'ill tense recogni6e the significance of these elements as the! use the ataase. The elements are represente in all items in this collection an 'ill tense allo' the s!stem to i entif! specific titles for the users. lum Title$ rtist =ame$ Aecor Lael$ =ation of &rigin$ <enre $ Song Title$ an /all =umer are elements in the meta ata  o not mae a list . ppen i4  presents a complete listing of meta ata elements an semantics. Semantics are the efinitions of the elements as use in the ataase. The semantics help the catalogers i entif! 'hat terms go in each fiel 'ithin the recor .There are four user tass that must e consi ere 'hen etermining the useful meta ata elements for inclusion in these item recor s. Chere o the! come from Ch! important Chat are the four tass ,eta ata must enale users to i entif! the specific item that correspon s 'ith their search terms. ll of the meta ata elements are reference in the user uestions an 'ill help achie#e these goals. The elements 'ill E) tense ) !ou fin an era icate all these enale users to fin specific items. ,ultiple elements nee to e searche in comination 'ith others in or er to fin solutions to uestions referring to multiple elements. The meta ata must allo' for selecting a specific item ase on the users> search terms an lea the user to fin ing that particular item or set of items on the shel#es. Searching for multiple elements 'ill accomplish this tas an 'ill lea the user to the location ata reuire for shelf retrie#al. =ot apparent from this 'hat the four tass are$ as !ou ha#e not actuall! name them as tass. The attriutes that are also meta ata elements in this ataase important elements such as lum Title. Incomplete sentence  lum title ser#es the purpose of i entif!ing    'hat oes ths mean the specific information o%ect escrie in a recor . rtist =ame is important ecause this fiel i entifies the creator of the information o%ect. Aelease Date is an important element ecause it efines 'hen the recor 'as release $ 'hich also gi#es the mo erate to hig   t!po  omain no'le ge user more information aout thetitle st!le. Song title is another important element ecause it gi#es information on in i#i ual songs 'ithin the recor $ 'hich is an important element to inclu e for effecti#e searching in the ataase ue to user uestions. These attriutes an others support the fin ing$ i entif!ing$ selecting$ an searching tass ueto their presence in the user uestions or general significance to i entif!ing titles in user searches. Theseattriutes ser#e as in i#i ual meta ata elements in the ataase. The attriute /o#er rt is not eing use as a meta ata element ue to the ifficult! in escriing images in searchale terms. If the ataaseallo'e image uploa ing$ /o#er rt 'oul e inclu e as meta ata. The attriutes Su <enre an <enreha#e een comine to create the Su%ect fiel ue to the terms use in searches for items ! genre. Theplacehol er Su%ect fiel is calle <enre fiel throughout the ataase. The /all =umer attriute is the /lassification meta ata fiel name inclu e in ppen i4 .Less tra itional elements that a #alue to this s!stem are the rtist nation of srcin an Aecor lael. These a #alue to the recor ecause the! pro#i e users 'ith information that 'oul not e o#ious flipping through the shel#e collection as 'ell as further i entif!ing information o%ects to catalogers. These elements contain important etails the user nee s for fin ing titles ase on their interests. ISB= an Length are elements inclu e as meta ata as container i entifiers for catalogers. These elements are not present in user uestions an are not nee e for user searches.Discussion of ho' each element supports each tas is #ague. For e4ample$ fin is not mentione as a tas until the secon last sentence$ an no elements are mentione in conte4t 'ith that tas. 2.%. )ecord str'ct're and specifications Dataase esign creates structure for the representation of information o%ects. Aecor s are units 'ithin a ataase that consist of relate ata. ach information unit in this ataase has its o'n recor . Cithin  Siemens 7 Virginia 7 p. ( the recor $ each meta ata element has its o'n fiel . There are 12 fiel s$ each of 'hich contains space for ata input. ach element has its o'n fiel ecause the! contriute to full! escriing the information o%ect to oth the user an cataloger. See ppen i4 .'h! The ata in fiel s reference in the user uestions are searchale. The most important elements for user searching are at the top of the list$ an less #ital elements for searching are locate lo'er in the list. The purpose of the t'o a itional fiel s$ Aecor ID an Aecor Date$ are to represent the recor . ?o' Chat o the! o The! o not representthe information o%ect. Su%ect an /lassification fiel s are inclu e as placehol ers. Technical specifications are input rules etermine ! the ataase e#eloper in or er to create an organi6e an usale ataase. These specifications etermine 'hat ata is inclu e in the recor fiel s an ho' it cane assesse . There are four in s of technical specifications. The! inclu efiel t!pe$ in e4ing$ entr! #ali ation$ an content #ali ation. These four specifications are in use in this s!stem as escrie in the remain er of this section.Fiel t!pe assigns the t!peE) )term efining itself  of ata format that 'ill e   remin er  entere 'ithin theparticular fiel . This technical specification is assigne to each fiel an assists the cataloger ! etermining ata input rules ahea of time. fiel s create ! the cataloger in this ataase are assigne Te4t fiel t!pes.the cataloger oes not create the fie s Te4t fiel s allo' for an! t!pe e!oar input into the fiel . In this ataase$ Te4t fiel t!pe is selecte for the fiel s reuiring cataloger generate letter$ numer$ or character ata. In these fiel s$ te4t ata is manuall! entere in each fiel . The e4ception in this ataase is for the Aelease Date fiel . The release ate fiel is efine as =umer t!pe ecause onl! numers are allo'e in this fiel . Aecor ID 'ith the fiel t!pe utomatic =umer$ an Aecor Date that has the fiel t!pe utomatic Date. These are fiel s automaticall! fille uring recor creation an o not reuire entr! ! the cataloger. 13 t!pes  'hat are the! an ho' to the fi#e or so most important 'or   In e4ing is the technical specification that ictates if a fiel is searchale. In#erte in e4es are in e4es create to mae fiel s searchale. The fiel s relating to user uestions in this ataase are searchale. In e4ing eci es ho' the search function in a ataase etermines the lin et'een 'hat the user t!pes 'hile searching in relation to the information t!pe in the fiel ! the cataloger. In e4ing maes fiel s searchale an creates access points for searching the catalog.asicall! sa!s the same thing four times. Due to the #ariet! of information nee s 'ithin user uestions an technical reuirements of the ataase program$ this ataase has access points in each in e4e fiel . ach searchale fiel has its o'n in e4 to increase usailit!.   The access points in this ataase are fiel s appearing in user uestions$again such as those relate to names$ pulishers$ genres$ release ates$ an titles. Fiel s in the ataase not appearing in the user uestions are not in e4e $ such as ISB=$ Length$ an automate fiel s. These in e4ing choices create a simpler user search interface 'hile maintaining fiel s important for the cataloge container escriptions in the acgroun . There are t'o t!pes of in e4ing$ Cor an Term. Cor in e4ing allo's for incomplete matches et'een search an ataase terms. Chen the user performs a search in a Cor in e4$ e#er! recor 'ith those search terms in it 'ill e   sho'n as results. Term in e4ing means that 'hen a user searches for multiple 'or s at once$ onl! recor s 'ith that e4act search phrase 'ill come up as results. This ataase emplo!s oth t!pes of in e4ing. In e4ing ! oth Term an Cor 'ill pro#i e the ma4imum numer of hits for searches. In this ataase$ Term an Cor in e4ing is use for all fiel s create ! the cataloger    cataloger oes not create fiel s to lea to ma4imum user search results. Term an Cor in e4ing are important for fiel s such as lum Title or  rtist =ame ecause the ataase nee s to no' ho' to recogni6e entries that match multiple 'or user searches or numer series that ma! not e t!pe in their entiret!. =ot clear 'hich !ou use on 'hich fiel s an 'h!ntr! #ali ation is the set of specifications that   etermine the ata E) no entere in each fiel 'ithin a recor . There are three t!pes of entr! #ali ation use in this ataase8 reuire $ uniue$ an single #ali ation. ,ultiple #ali ation t!pes are can e use in fiel s. The #ali ation t!pes selecte etermine theamount an uniueness of ata a cataloger nee s to pro#i e in the fiel . Aeuire entr! #ali ation is assigne to all in e4e fiel . If entr! #ali ation is reuire on a fiel $ the cataloger is reuire to enter ata into the fiel efore mo#ing for'ar . The cataloger must enter one term an can a as man! a itional terms as nee e 'ithin the fiel . In this ataase$ fiel names rtist =ame$ lum Title$
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