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  SECTION ITEMPORARY WORKS, CONSTRUCTION PLANT, MOBILIZATION OFCONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND DEMOBILIZATION WORK 101SCOPE  (April 17, 1989) (a) Temporary WorksThe Contractor shall furnish all materials, labor, equipment, tools an install suchtemporary !orks as are necessary for the successful completion of the Contract Work The Contractor shall ne#otiate the site for his construction camp, office an !ork areas  These temporary !orks an construction plant shall inclue but !ill not be limite to the follo!in#$1) Construction camp for housin#, feein# an accommoatin# of all theContractor%s employees The Contractor shall also, !ithin close pro&imity of his camp, pro'ie an office an sleepin# quarter for A employees, complete!ith facilities (specifie in item * belo!) an shall ha'e a minimum floor areaof 8+ square meters *) acilities such as potable !ater, raina#e, li#htin#, se!a#e, isposal, sanitation,first ai an fire protection facilities -) Workshops, !arehouses, site offices, stockpile areas, stora#e areas for materials, equipment, spare parts, fuel an oil .) All other temporary facilities not specifically liste but ne'ertheless requirefor the proper functionin# of the camp set/up an construction acti'ities 0) ate keepers quarter 2) Access 3oas (* .+ km )Temporary !orks shall conform to all #o'ernment stanars an coes an shallmeet the sanitary requirements of the 4epartment of 5ealth  Contractor shall submit to the 6ffice of the 4eputy Aministrator for n#ineerin#an 6perations for appro'al layout ra!in#s, pro#ram of erection an specifications for the Temporary Works !ithin -+ calenar ays follo!in# the ate of receipt of the oticeto rocee o construction or erection of Temporary Works shall be starte !ithout theappro'e layout ra!in#s, pro#ram of erections  specifications T://1  Temporary Works, Construction lant,;obili<ation of Construction quipment,an 4emobili<ation Work (b) ;obili<ation of quipment The Contractor shall mobili<e an mo'e into the ro=ect :ite !ithin *+ calenar ays after receipt of otice to rocee the require initial equipment requirement as listeuner tem - of :ection >/A, ?ocal Conitions an :upplemental nformation of the @i4ocuments  ot!ithstanin# the mobili<ation of the initial equipment requirements, theContractor shall mobili<e to the :ite the aitional equipment requirement !ithin *+calenar ays upon receipt of the appro'e quipment ;o'in#/in an tili<ation:cheule f for the reasons or causes other than Bma=or calamitiesB, the Contractor fails tomobili<e fully the initial equipment require !ithin sai perio, an all other equipmentliste in his appro'e quipment ;o'in#/in an tili<ation :cheule, at the iscretion of the Aministrator, he may be #i'en an e&tension of time to mobili<e them fully but in nocase shall it e&cee -+ calenar ays ailure to fully mobili<e the require constructionequipment !ithin sai perio !ill be a #roun for contract rescission 4urin# saie&tension perio liquiate ama#es equi'alent to the aily operate AC? rental rate of ei#ht hours of the uneli'ere equipment per ay of elay shall be impose an collectiblefrom any subsequent payment ue the Contractor f elays are cause by Bma=or calamities%, the corresponin# number of calenar ays cause by such calamities !ill not be counte 4elays shall be reckone startin# at 1*$++ o%clock noon of the succeein# ayafter the ate scheule for the mobili<ation of the pro#ramme equipment The n#ineer shall certify to the ate of actual mobili<ation of the pro#ramme equipment to the site The n#ineer shall check an 'erify the number, type an actual conition of theequipment mo'e into the ro=ect :ite The A reser'es the ri#hts to orer the remo'alof such equipment that are not in #oo !orkin# conition from the ro=ect :ite at theContractor%s e&pense an sai equipment are not to be counte for as mobili<e Construction equipment once mo'e into the ro=ect :ite, checke an accountefor by the n#ineer shall not be permitte, prior to the completion of the Contract Work,to be mo'e out or transferre by the Contractor to another ro=ect :ite !ithout the!ritten appro'al of the n#ineer erioic check/up of the Contractor%s equipment mo'e/in for the Contract Work shall be conucte by A The Contractor !ill pay to A the amount equi'alent to theAC? 3ental 3ate of any equipment not accounte for urin# sai check/up for thenumber of calenar ays the equipment ha'e been remo'e (!ithout the !ritten consentof the n#ineer) from the ro=ect :ite until sai equipment ha'e been returne :uchcases are #rouns for isappro'al of claims by the Contractor for time e&tensions T://*  Temporary Works, Construction lant,;obili<ation of Construction quipment,an 4emobili<ation Work  (c) 4emobili<ation4emobili<ation shall inclue ismantlement an remo'al from the site of Contractor%s Construction lant, materials an equipment an all Temporary acilities !iththe e&ception of some facilities !hich A shall consier remain an !hich shall behane o'er to A at the time of emobili<ation in a fully operational conition 4emobili<ation shall also inclue clean up of the site after completion of the ContractWork as appro'e an accepte by A an transportation of Contractor%s employeesfrom the site 102BASIS OF PAYMENT  (6ctober 11, 1992)ayment for furnishin# of all materials, equipment an labor for the temporary!orks, mobili<ation of construction equipment incluin# emobili<ation !ork, shall bemae at the fi&e lump sum price or lump sum bi price !hiche'er is state in the @ill of uantities !hich shall not be sub=ect to price escalation an a=ustment, in accorance!ith the follo!in#$1 T!enty percent (*+D) of the lump sum price !ill be pai upon completemobili<ation of the initial equipment requirement an submission of certificateof =oint inspection conucte by Central 6ffice an ro=ect 6ffice personnel * Ten percent (1+D) of the lump sum price !ill be pai upon submittal anappro'al by the A of the Contractor%s plan for the temporary !orksincluin# list of equipment requirement base on his !ork scheule asappro'e by A - T!enty percent (*+D) of the lump sum price !ill be pai upon completion of the Contractor%s Temporary Works . Thirty percent (-+D) of the lump sum price !ill be pai upon completion of mo'in#/in of all the construction equipment appro'e uner quipment;o'in#/in an tili<ation :cheule, uly certifie by the n#ineer, ro=ectAuitor or their uly authori<e representati'es artial payment of this -+Dmay be #i'en on a pro/rata basis after fifty percent (0+D) of the appro'eequipment has been mo'e/in to the ro=ect :ite or purposes of computin# the percenta#e of equipment mo'e/in, the follo!in#corresponin# number of points for each equipment liste in the quipment ;o'in#/nan tili<ation :cheule shall ser'e as the basis for any partial payment 4escription of quipment o of ointsCrane 1+T://-  Temporary Works, Construction lant,;obili<ation of Construction quipment,an 4emobili<ation Work 4/8 or equi'alent 1+Concrete @atchin# lant1+4/7 or equi'alent 9;otori<e :craper 94/2 or equi'alent 8A##re#ate rocessin# lant 8To!e :craper 73oa raer 2@ackhoe 2ront n ?oaer 0:elf/ropelle 3oller 03oa 3oller 0Concrete ;i&er, -/. ba##er .1+B ∅  ump .8B ∅  ump -Welin# quipment *?athe ;achine *Transit ;i&er *Concrete ;i&er, * ba##er *enerator, 1+E> *Compressors an Fack 5ammers *ile 4ri'in# quipment *arm Tractor *Water Truck 1:heepsfoot 3oller 1enerator, 0E> 1Concrete ;i&er, 1 ba##er 1.B ∅  ump 1-G ∅  ump 14umpH:take Truck 1A##re#ate :cale 12B ∅  ump * 0 The remainin# t!enty percent (*+D) of the lump sum price !ill be pai to the Contractor upon final acceptance of the Contract Work T://.
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