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  Welding Inspection: Multi-Choice QuestionsPaper 2 (Rev. 2) Please return this paper unmared 1.Deflection of the arc by magnetic forces, that can make welding difficult to control, is commonly known as ......A arc initiationBarc misalignment Carc !lo Darc constriction 2.Which of the following electrodes is classified to BS E ! # #$ %& % R  BE $%1&'E (%1) * +DE 1 && B&.Which of ty-e of electrode is used for sto/e*-i-e welding for o/erland -i-elines construction #Arutile 'cellulosic 'high reco/ery rutileDall of the abo/e!.0he three main ty-es of A electrodes used for welding '  '*n steels are ........ #!asic cellulosic and rutile Bneutral, cellulosic and rutile'basic, cellulosic and neutralDrutile, low hydrogen and basic.A W3S may s-ecify a ma4imum width for indi/idual weld beads 5the wea/e width6 when welding '*n steels. 7f the width is e4ceeded it may cause .....Alack of inter*run fusion 'a reduction in #* toughness 'lack of sidewall fusionDall of the abo/e$.8ou notice that A electrodes, with the flu4 co/ering remo/ed, are being used as filler rods for 07+ welding.0his should not be allowed because ........Ait is wastefulBthe rod diameter be too large Cthe eld metal composition ma+ !e rong Dthe rod is too short(.9or 07+ welding, what benefit does a current slo-e*out de/ice ha/e #Ait reduces 0ungsten s-atter  'it reduces the ris o, crater cracing 'it reduces the risk of arc strikesDit reduces the inter-ass tem-erature).Which ty-e of -ower source characteristic is normally used for manual welding#Aconstant /oltage Bflat characteristic Cconstant current Da motor generator 0W7 orth, iddlesbrough1  Welding Inspection: Multi-Choice QuestionsPaper 2 (Rev. 2) Please return this paper unmared .7n A welding, -enetration is -rinci-ally controlled by ........Aarc /oltageBwelding s-eed'ferro*silicon in the electrode coating current 1%.3i-e bores of some materials must be -urged with Argon before and during 07+ welding in order to ......A-re/ent linear -orosityB-re/ent burn*through Cprevent oidation o, the root !ead Deliminate moisture -ick*u- in the root bead 11.0he chemical com-osition of the weld metal de-osited by a '*n steel A electrode is usually controlled by ..Athe core wire com-osition 'additions in the ,lu coating 'iron -owder in the flu4 coatingDdilution from the base material12.Silicon is added to steel, and the co/ering of A electrodes, in order to gi/e ......... #deoidation Bim-ro/e strength'im-ro/e toughnessDmore resistance to hydrogen cracking1&.A fusible insert for 07+ welding hel-s to ...........Areduce -orosity 'give controlled root penetration 'a/oids the need for a back -urgeDall of the abo/e1!.According to AWS 2.! a weld symbol for the other side is -laced ........Aabo/e the dashed lineBbelow the dashed line Ca!ove the solid line Dbelow the solid line1.When low hydrogen A electrodes are s-ecified for what ty-e of co/ering will they ha/e #AcellulosicBrutile'acid !asic 1$.A hydrogen controlled A electrode can always be recognised by the ........ #$/ code letter (or #W0 code num!er) Belectrode length'0rade ameDcolour of the co/ering0W7 orth, iddlesbrough2  Welding Inspection: Multi-Choice QuestionsPaper 2 (Rev. 2) Please return this paper unmared 1(.According to BS E 22& which of the following symbols re:uires weld toes to be smoothly blended on the ;other side #1).Which of the following units is used to e4-ress <eat 7n-ut#A=oulesB>mm 2 '=>mm 2 1mm 1 .Which one of the following elements is added to steel to gi/e resistance to cree- at ele/ated ser/ice tem-eratures#AickelBanganese CMol+!denum DAluminium2%.ick break and fillet fracture tests are used for ..... #assessing eld 3ualit+ Bassessing weld metal ductlity'assessing weld metal toughnessDall of the abo/e21.Which of the following steels is non*magnetic # # 4&5 Cr &5 /i B2.2 'r 1o' ?'r,1 oD ? i22.Weld s-atter during A welding is most likely to be caused by ....... #ecessive current Bincorrect baking and storage of electrodes'a bad batch of electrodesDall of the abo/e0W7 orth, iddlesbrough&   AB C D  Welding Inspection: Multi-Choice QuestionsPaper 2 (Rev. 2) Please return this paper unmared 2&.A :ualified Welding 3rocedure S-ecification is used to .........Agi/e instruction to the welder Bgi/e information to the welding ins-ector 'gi/e confidence that welds will ha/e the s-ecified -ro-erties all o, the a!ove 2!.An arc strike 5stray flash6 on a steel com-onent is regarded by some codes as unacce-table because ......Ait will cause co--er contaminationBit may cause hard s-ots'it may gi/e cracking o, !oth ' 6 C 2.7n a trans/erse tensile test, brittleness would be indicated if .........Athere is a reduction in cross*section at the -osition of fracture 'the ,racture sur,ace is ,lat and ,eatureless !ut has a rough sur,ace 'fracture occurred in the weld metalDthe fracture face shows beach marks2$.0he surface of a fatigue crack will ........ Abe rough and tornBha/e shar- che/ron markings C!e smooth Dha/e shear li-s2(.What does the number 1!1 refer to on this drawing symbol #Athe W3S umber  'the elding process 'a filler materialDthe acce-tance standard2).0he -olarity used for 07+ welding of all materials, e4ce-t aluminium and magnesium, is ......... #C negative BD' -ositi/e'A'Dany -olarity can be used2 .A ty-ical tem-erature range for baking low hydrogen electrodes is .........A1% to 2%%@'B2%% to 2%@' C%77 to %879C D!%% to !%@'&%.7f welding tra/el s-eed is doubled, but the current and /oltage remain the same, the heat in-ut will ..... #!e reduced !+ 875 Bbe increased by a factor of two'be about the sameDbe reduced by a--ro4imately 2?0W7 orth, iddlesbrough!   1!1
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