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   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2015    P   H  O   T  O  C  O   P   I  A   B   L   E Listening 2  Test  Page 1 Name:Class: Score: 5 aaabbbaaabbb ✓ 1   CD1 29  Listen and tick ( ✓ ). 2   CD1 30  Listen and number. Score: 5   1     © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2015    P   H  O   T  O  C  O   P   I  A   B   L   E 2  Test  Page 2 Name:Class: 3   CD1 31  Listen and tick ( ✓ ) or cross (  ✗ ).  Score: 4  ✗ Reading 4   Read and match. Score: 4  This animal has got a long tail, sharp teeth and claws. c  This animal has got a shell. It’s very slow. This animal has got wings, claws and a beak. This animal is very big. It’s got a long nose and big ears. This animal has got scales and sharp teeth. It hasn’t got legs. abcde   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2015    P   H  O   T  O  C  O   P   I  A   B   L   E 2  Test  Page 3 Name:Class: 5   Read and circle. Score: 4 This animal has got a long  / short  tail. This animal has got scales  / fur . This animal hasn’t got  / has got  legs. This animal has got long  / short  ears. This animal has got scales  / wings .   6   Read and write. fur tail teeth legs reptile long This animal is a ______________. It’s got a _______________ body, but it hasn’t got any _______________. Score: 5 This animal is a mammal. It’s got a long _______________ and sharp _______________. It can run very fast. It’s got orange and black _______________, too. tail   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2015    P   H  O   T  O  C  O   P   I  A   B   L   E  Writing 2  Test  Page 4 Name:Class: 7   Look and write. Score: 4  a big body ✓  sharp claws  ✗  big ears ✓  big eyes  ✗  long whiskers  ✗ It’s got __________________________.It hasn’t got _____________________.______________________________________________________________________________________________________ a big body 8   Order and write. Answer. Score: 4 wings? / got / Has / it ________________________________   ____________________it / Has / ears? / big / got / ________________________________   ____________________Has / got / it / feathers? ________________________________   ____________________big / it / eyes? / Has / got ________________________________   ____________________sharp / got / Has / it / claws? ________________________________   ____________________ Has it got wings?Yes, it has.
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