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  SECTION IICLEARING AND GRUBBING201SCOPE The work under this Section shall include clearing, grubbing and disposal, in amanner approved by the Engineer of all vegetation such as trees, stumps, roots, brush;rubbish and all objectionable matters within the entire right-of-way for canals, farmditches,drainage ditches, diversion work and over borrow areas, road surfacing materials sources,stockpile areas and elsewhere mutually agreed upon by the Engineer and the Contractor allin accordance with the rawings and these Specifications!  202 METHOD OF CONSTRUCTIONS a# Clearing on Lighl! egeae# Area$ The areas over which diversion works shall be constructed, the entire right-of-wayfor canals, farmditches and drainage ditches, side borrow areas, borrow haul areas,aggregate sources and stockpile areas shall be cleared of all vegetation, trees and all other matters, e$cept such trees or shrubs which the Engineer may order to be preserved! %lltrees and shrubs ordered to be preserved including all e$isting adjacent facilities, properties and utilities, if any, shall be protected from injury or damage resulting from theContractor&s operations! %ll combustible materials from clearing operations shall be burned thoroughly or removed from the site of work or otherwise disposed to designatedareas as directed by the Engineer!%ll materials to be burned shall be piled neatly and when in a suitable conditionshall be burned thoroughly! 'iling for burning shall be done in such a manner and in suchlocations as to cause the least fire risk! The Contractor shall at all times take special precautions to prevent fire from spreading and shall have available at all times suitablee(uipment and supplies for use in preventing and fighting fires! )n this connection, theContractor shall be liable for all costs and damages resulting from such incidents! *o clearing shall be done on any areas where there are standing crops until suchcrops have been harvested or unless the Contractor shall have secured written permissionfrom *)%! b# Clearing on S%a&'! Area$ an#(or Se)on# Gro%h Fore$e# Area$ Clearing on swampy areas and+or second growth forested areas where canals are passing thru shall only be started when said areas are suitably dry or when directed by theEngineer! Clearing includes felling and bucking of trees using chain saws and cutting of tree branches e$tending over the entire right-of-way! elled trees shall be cut into thelongest usable lengths and shall be hauled and neatly stocked at designated stockpile areas!TS-))-  Clearing and .rubbingSmall trees and stumps, branches, grass and litters shall be burned in accordance with the preceding paragraph a#! c# Gr*++ing .rubbing shall consist of the removal of all trees, stumps, roots, brush and rubbishfrom the above mentioned work areas! *o roots shall be left within /0 cm! from theground surface! )t shall include necessary stripping of the natural ground surface to adepth not more than 0 centimeters by effective means to remove all objectionablematerials or organic matters from the said work areas, e$cept for damsite where strippingshall be in accordance with sub-section 102 b# of Section )3 of these TechnicalSpecifications! Stripping beyond the limit of 0 centimeters shall be subject to theapproval of the Engineer and payment thereof shall be considered included under Section)3, Canal E$cavation!)f re(uired by the Engineer, stripped top soil shall be temporarily stored at theedges of the right-of-way for subse(uent use on slopes to encourage vegetative growthand minimi4e erosion! 20, METHOD OF MEASUREMENT The area to be measured for payment shall be within the limit of the entire right-of-way as shown on the rawings or as staked by the Engineer during Construction5perations!%ll clearing and grubbing operations for side borrow areas, borrow haul areas,aggregate sources, stockpile areas and elsewhere are considered subsidiary works re(uiredfor other pay items in the 6ill of 7uantities and will not be measured for payment under this Section! The costs of such works shall be considered included in the contract unit price for the various items in the 6ill of 7uantities where clearing and grubbing arere(uired!  20- BASIS OF PA.MENT The cleared and grubbed areas measured as provided above shall be paid at thecontract unit price per s(uare meter in the 6ill of 7uantities which price and payment shallconstitute full compensation for furnishing all labor, tools, e(uipment, supplies and allincidentals or subsidiary works including stripping within the 0 centimeters limit#necessary for the successful completion of the work! *o payment shall be made oncleared and grubbed areas where no e$cavation or embankment construction have beenundertaken!TS-))-8
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