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  SECTION III DIVERSION AND CARE OF RIVER DURING CONSTRUCTION AND UNWATERING FOUNDATION301 GENERAL  The Contractor shall be fully responsible for the successful diversion and care of theriver and dewatering of all excavations, foundations and elsewhere as required toundertake construction works in the dry.The Contractor shall construct and maintain all necessary cofferdams, channels,flumes, drains and sumps and/or temporary diversion and protective works duringconstruction operations. The Contractor shall furnish, install, maintain and operate allnecessary pumping and other equipment for the diversion and care of river and theremoval of water from excavations, foundations and the various parts of the works asrequired for construction. After having served their purpose, all cofferdams or other protective works, unless otherwise directed by the !ngineer, shall be removed or leveled togive a sightly appearance and so as not to interfere in any way with the operation of the ro#ect. $f materials removed from %structure excavation% are used by the Contractor for the construction of cofferdams and other temporary protective works and are washed outand carried away by floods, or rendered unsuitable for %structure backfill% by virtue of such use by the Contractor, these materials shall be replaced by the Contractor at his ownexpenditures. 302 METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION a& Diversion an Care o! River The Contractor shall submit to '$A for approval any amendment to his proposedschemes for handling the river during construction within () calendar days after the dateof receipt of the 'otice to roceed.The arrangement of the cofferdams and the materials used for their construction,the height of these structures, and the decision for scheduling diversion and care of theriver shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. *owever, the location of thecofferdams, the materials used in these structures and the procedure of placing andcompacting the fill materials shall be sub#ect to the approval of the '$A. $f steel sheet piles are necessary in the construction of the cofferdams, same shall be furnished andinstalled or driven by the Contractor and all expenses incurred thereof shall be consideredincluded in the fixed lump sum price or lump sum bid price whichever is stated in the +illof uantities for the -iversion  Care of iver during construction and unwateringfoundation.The Contractor0s method of dewatering excavations and foundations shall besub#ect to the approval of the '$A. 1here foundation excavation extend below the water T2$$$3  -iversion and Care of iver during Construction and 4nwatering 5oundationtable in common materials, the portion below the water table shall be dewatered inadvance of excavation. The dewatering shall be accomplished in a manner that willmaintain stability of the excavated slopes and bottom of the excavation and will result inall construction operations being performed in the dry. The Contractor will also berequired to control seepage along the bottom of the excavation. 303 ASIS OF #A$MENT  The cost of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials for construction of cofferdams, dikes, channels, flumes, sumps and other diversion and protective works,where required6 maintaining the work free from water as required or removal of water from excavations and foundations6 disposing of materials in cofferdams6 and all other works required by this 2ection shall be included in the fixed lump sum price or lump sum bid price whichever is stated in the +ill of uantities for the -iversion and Care of iver during Construction and 4nwatering 5oundation. These items of work are not sub#ect to price ad#ustment due to variation in quantities.$n order to have a working basis for making progress payments, the Contractor shall submit a detailed drawings of their proposed cofferdams covering several stagescorresponding to the number of dry season period to enable computation of cofferdam fillvolume. ayment for the construction of cofferdams for a certain stage can be made tothe Contractor on a prorata basis using the cofferdam fill volume for that particular stageas proportioned against the total cofferdam fill volume for all stages and shall further bemade on the following basis73. 5ifty percent 89):& of the corresponding lump sum price will be paid after completion of the cofferdamming work.;. Thirty percent 8():& of the corresponding lump sum price will be paid for maintenance after all works within the said enclosing cofferdam have beensatisfactorily completed.(. The remaining twenty percent 8;):& of the corresponding lump sum price will be paid after the removal of all cofferdams and/or temporary diversion and protection works and corresponding cleanup operations shall have beensatisfactorily undertaken by the Contractor. All dewatering in excavations and foundations for structures along canals other than bridges and siphons which may pass across rivers are considered subsidiary works for the construction of said canal structures and will not be included for payment under this2ection. The cost of such work shall be considered included under 2ection <$, 2tructure!xcavation, in the +ill of uantities.T2$$$;
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