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INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL 1 The Possibility of Interstellar Travel Laura G. Diaz NOVA Academy Early College High School INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL 2 Abstract Interstellar travel is our pathway to more resources and new discoveries. However, the question
  INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL1 The Possibility of Interstellar Travel Laura G. Diaz NOVA Academy Early College High School  INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL2 AbstractIterstellar tra!el is our ath#ay to more resources ad e# disco!eries. Ho#e!er$ the %uestio o& its ossibility i the '(st cetury is yet to be as#ered. )here are !arious roblems iter&erig #ith ay ad!acemets$ #hich iclude moey$ eergy sources$ ad the la#s o& hysics. )here is little &udig goig ito the research because may theories rely hea!ily o other theories. Coce ts such as #ormholes$ blac*holes$ ad the #ar ig o& s ace ad time are couted amog these theories. )he i&ormatio is to be cosidered$ but ot ta*e as &acts.  INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL3 The Possibility of Interstellar Travel )he ability to tra!el &rom oe solar system to aother is re&erred to as iterstellar tra!el. As o& today$ it is still a highly doubted idea$ but oe that has ro!e im ractically ossible. Ho#e!er$ there are theories ro!ig that #ith a &e# more years o& research$ it may +ust be   ossibleAs ihabitats o& a dyig laet$ those iterested i the otetial &uture o& geeratios to come may ic* u the sub+ect o& iterstellar tra!el. It is highly ossible that i the &ollo#ig ceturies$ the Earth,s atural resources ad s ace ca acity may ru out. )heir last resort #ill ha!e to be &idig aother habitable laet. -ith &urther research$ iterstellar tra!el may come sooer tha e ected. Using the Idea of Hypervelocity Stars It is ossible &or a ob+ect to tra!el at hy ers eeds through the use o& a hy er!elocity star.)hrough this coce t$ a theory is created &or hy ers eed domestic tra!el.)he ceter o& the galay is !ery li*ely to be a blac* hole. )his hole is a regio o& s acetime #ith such strog gra!itatioal ull that o article or electromagetic radiatio ca esca e it. /or years$ the ceter o& our home galay has bee theorized$ but may obser!atios ha!e oited to the resece o& a blac* hole. 0re!ious research asserts$ 1E!e our home galay$ the 2il*y -ay$ has a &our millio solar mass blac* hole located at its ceter.3 4Ga5ay6 Aroud(7 millio years ago$ it #as much more o#er&ul$ but has bee assumed to be a blac* hole.A solar system #ith three stars$ #he tra!elig too close to the blac* hole$ #ill result i oe star &lyig a#ay at icredible s eeds. )#o o& the stars #ill surroud the hole as they are  beig ulled i$ #hile the other is sligshotted i the o osite directio. A re ort &rom the Smithsoia Astro hysical Obser!atory stated$ 1-e re ort the disco!ery o& 8 e# uboud  INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL4 hy er!elocity stars...e+ectio &rom a massi!e blac* hole...oly suggested srci.3 Various other re orts ha!e claimed the eistece ad etreme !elocities o& these stars.9sig hy er!elocity stars$ iterstellar ad e!e itergalactic tra!el is a ossibility. )hey are o#er&ul eough to tra!el at hy er s eed ad ca ro!ide the eeded amout o& eergy. Astro hysicist :ay Villard described$ 1...the &our millio solar mass blac* hole...oly cocei!able #ay to im art the eeded *ietic eergy to a star.3 5y haressig a hy er!elocity star$ such high s eeds could be used to tra!el great distaces. Entering a Controlled Wormhole 5y mai&estig a #ormhole$ ath#ays could be o eed to aother sector o& the galay.A #ormhole is a bridge that coects t#o oits i s ace;time. 2ay theories that iclude the #ormhole say that they ro!ide a #ay to tra!el to the &uture$ the ast$ or aother ui!erse etirely. Ho#e!er$ it is also theorized that they could be mai ulated to o e ito aother art o& the 1ormal3 ui!erse. I (<8=$ Albert Eistei ad Natha :ose ro osed$ 1...or #ormholes$ coect t#o di&&eret oits i s ace;time theoretically creatig a shortcut...3 5y usig the Eistei;:ose bridges$ the tra!el time ad distace ca be shorteed. 9&ortuately$ #ormholes are highly ustable ad etremely microsco ic. 2ay o& the #ormholes thought to eist are also light years a#ay$ #hich #ill ro!e hard to reach #ith ay curret techology. Ho#e!er$ there ha!e bee ideas as to ho# to use a #ormhole$ ad ha!e bee e lored. Scieti&ic author$ Nola :edd$ oited out i oe o& her articles cocerig #ormhole tra!el that$ 1Addig eotic matter...might stabilize... it to the oit huma assegers could tra!elsa&ely... ossibility....3regular3 matter...su&&iciet eough to destabilize the ortal.3 4:edd$ '7(>6 )here is a #ay to stabilize #ormholes$ but moder techology #ill ot be able to do so. Not yet$ at least.
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