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  SECTION VCHANNEL EXCAVATION501 SCOPE The work under this Section shall consist of excavating and removal of all classesof materials in channel prism including placing into embankments excavated suitablematerials, disposal of unsuitable or surplus materials to designated waste disposal areas,stockpiling of excavated materials suitable for embankment and backfilling in accordancewith the Drawings and these Specifications or as directed by the Engineer. 502CLASSIFICATION All excavated materials under this Section will be classified in accordance with paragraph ! . 503CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS #onstruction re$uirements shall be in accordance with paragraphs !%&a.'( and&a. (. 504METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION #hannel excavation shall include all excavation works, in the channel prismwhether common or rock materials, except additional excavations at structure sites whichis specified to be done and measured for payment under excavation for structure. 505METHOD OF MEASUREMENT #hannel Excavation will be measured for every cubic meter of material excavatedfrom the channel prism. )easurement shall be made in its srcinal position and computed by the Average*End Area method for every !*meter section of finished channel within the paylines or neat lines shown on the Drawings, acceptably excavated and formed intoembankments or used for structure backfill, or wasted as directed. 506BASIS OF PAYMENT The volume measured as provided above shall be paid at the contract unit price per cubic meter, which price and payment shall constitute full compensation for furnishing allmaterials, supplies, labor, e$uipment, tools and all incidentals necessary for the successfulcompletion of the work described under this Section.TS*+*'
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