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5th Axis Workholding was founded out of necessity by Chris Taylor and Steve Grangetto in 2005. For lack of better workholdings, a new generation of vises and dovetail fixtures was born. Utilizing only the highest purity materials and a team of experienced engineers, 5th Axis has become the standard for machinists looking to improve their efficiency with reliable workholdings. Their clientele ranges from the US Navy and NASA, to Google and Apple. Its line of innovative workholding products includes: self-centering vises, master or machinable jaws, dovetail fixtures/cutters, and adapter plates for nearly every manufacturing brand. All of 5th Axis products are machined from heat-tested hardened steel to exacting standards in our Southern California factory. 5th Axis also serves as a full turn-key solution provider for both companies and individuals looking to engineer, program, mill, or prototype their parts. Designed by machinists for machinists, we manufacture the highest-quality 5 axis workholding fixtures on the market, 100% in the United States.
  Workholding Catalog Innovative Workholding Solutions facebook.com/5thaxisfixturesinstagram.com/5thaxis 2016 5 h    # $% && '()* +(,-(./,0 1++2.1+3 456 7. ofile designSo jaws are easy to fabricate/mount 6/-8 -6 o bolts and t 6 o do 6() 7/,' Low profile self-centering vise # $% && 9(,-(./,0 1++2.1+341.0(' t leadsc .(6 /, /-' +)1'' 1 42356 Built-in dovetail can be ulized forincreased clamping forceDirect mounng with standard 50 mm spacing to rotary, T-slot, and tombstones SELF-CENTERING VISES Heat-treated :$: '-(() ! #$%#& !$%()%* $ 45�  ;5 v (-1/) 1,0)( serrated/reversible  jaws lock stock in placePVD coang for lowfricon and durabilityCompable with all horizontal andvercal 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machines
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