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  SECTION VIIIFARM AND DRAINAGE DITCH CONSTRUCTION801 SCOPE The work under this section includes the excavation of all classes of materials fromthe farm and drainage ditch prisms, after clearing and grubbing shall have beenundertaken, formation of the farm and drainage ditch embankments, side borrow opera-tions, disposal of all excavated materials unsuitable for embankment formation todesignated disposal areas, and trimming of side slopes, all in accordance with theDrawings and these Specifications. 802METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION a. General All farmditches and drainage ditches shall be constructed manually, unlessotherwise specified, and shall conform with the sections and dimensions shown on theDrawings or as directed by the ngineer. The !ontractor shall only excavate and or  perform filling works after the area of operation has been acceptably cleared and grubbed,or if necessary, stripped of the top soil, in accordance with the provisions of Section ##,!learing and $rubbing.%n areas where there is an existing irrigation system and if during the constructionof farmditches and drainage ditches, the ground over which the ditches are to beconstructed are so dry, such that in the opinion of the ngineer, the ditch embankmentcould not be constructed properly &due to segregation of materials', the !ontractor shall be re(uired to saturate said areas before starting any excavation. #n order to minimi)ewastage of irrigation water or to avoid water from spreading over areas outside the limitsof the side borrow areas, the !ontractor shall first construct a small ditch for the initialflow of water, preferably along the center line of the farmditch and of the side borrowareas, by using carabao driven plows or hand tractor at the !ontractor*s option.#n order to avoid unnecessary delays in performing the above re(uirement, the!ontractor shall be re(uired to inform the ngineer at least one &+' week before intendingto undertake the saturation operation so that the release of the re(uired amount of water will be properly scheduled. b. Farmdit!e All excavated materials from the farmditch prism shall be used in forming there(uired section of farmditch embankment. hen excavated materials from the farmditchare not enough to form the re(uired section of the embankment or where filling works arere(uired, additional materials shall be obtained as side borrow from both adacent sides of the farmditch in accordance with the provisions of Section , Side /orrow.TS-0###-+  1arm and Drainage Ditch !onstruction#n the formation of the farmditch embankment, materials excavated from the ditch prism and or from side borrow shall be deposited directly on the embankment in +2 cmlayers which shall subse(uently be thoroughly pounded using manual tampering devices&like an 34 x 34 x +54 wood block with handle'. %verfilling, by about 627, of theembankment is re(uired to take care of possible future settlement.c. Draina#e Dit!e Drainage ditches shall be constructed similar to the construction of farm ditches.8owever, the drainage ditch embankment may be formed without tamping and likewiseoverfilling, by about 627, of the embankment is re(uired to take care of future settlement. 80$METHOD OF MEASUREMENT a. Farmdit!e 9easurement for farmditch construction will be made on the number of cubicmeter of materials excavated in its srcinal position from the ditch prism and the number of cubic meter of side borrow materials placed on the embankment and on fill portions of the ditch profile, and computed by the Average-nd-Area 9ethod for every 52 meterssection based on the pay lines or neatlines shown on the Drawings.The volume for side borrow materials is e(ual to the total volume of embankmentformed minus the total volume of excavation.The (uantity indicated in the /ill of :uantities is the combined total volume of xcavation and Side /orrow.%nly farmditches that are fully completed and operational will be considered for measurement and measurement will only be made when all farmditches for a turnoutservice area are fully completed and operational. The length of the completed andoperational farmditches constructed beyond the stationing at the end as shown on theDrawings will not be considered in the measurement for payment unless authori)ed inwriting by the ngineer.#n cases where the farmditches will cross over big depressions such that borrowhaul operations and compacted ribbon of fill would be necessary in constructing this portion of the farmditch, the !ontractor shall perform borrow haul operations inaccordance with Section # and construct the ribbon of fill before excavation of the ditch prism as shown on the Drawings and as directed by the ngineer. 9easurement for  borrow haul, embankment construction and compaction and excavation works involvedwill be made and paid for in accordance with Section #, ### and #0, respectively. b. Draina#e Dit!e  9easurement for drainage ditch construction will be made on the number of cubicmeter of materials excavated in its srcinal position and computed by the Average ndTS-0###-5  1arm and Drainage Ditch !onstructionArea 9ethod for every 52 meter section of finished drainage ditch within the paylines or neatlines as shown on the drawings, acceptably excavated. 80%&ASIS OF PA'MENT a. Farmdit!e +. !onstruction of farmditches measured &combined volume of excavation and side borrow' as provided above will be paid for at the contract unit price per cubic meter which price and payment shall constitute full compensation for furnishing all labor, toolsand all incidentals necessary for the complete construction of the farmditches. b. Draina#e Dit!e !onstruction of drainage ditches measured as provided above shall be paid at thecontract unit price per cubic meter which price and payment shall constitute fullcompensation for furnishing all labor, tools and incidentals necessary to completeexcavation for drainage ditches including the formation of the re(uired section of embankment.#n the construction of farmditches and drainage ditches, the !ontractor shall asmuch as possible, hire local labor. #t is the desire of ;#A that said workers should be paidreasonably. Therefore before any payment shall be made to the !ontractor, the !ontractor shall submit proof that all persons who were hired and rendered services in connectionhereto have been fully paid, and in no case shall a laborer receive compensation in anamount not less than sixty-five per cent &<=7' of the contract unit price with ;#A nor shall he receive a daily wage lower than that prescribed by the minimum wage law.TS-0###-6
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