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  Responses to the following questions will be used as expert commentary within the report, which will be proofed to you prior to the release of the awards. Please feel free to move awayfrom the questions and/or provide extra comments where you feel appropriate.Please make sure the below contact details are filled in and that they are returned with your firm’s logo and the appropriate person’s photo..Please tell me about your firm, the work you do and the types of clients with whom you work.  Anwer : LIST OF SERVICES OFFERED TO CLIENTS:1.Tax Planning –  plan for tax consequences and documentation of businesstransactions 2.Tax Managemen – study the procedures, systems, recording and ling of tax returns with the least cost to clients thereby incurring tax savings !.Tax T #rial$ – conduct tax lessons on a one-on-one basis %.Tax Re$ear&' – conduct tax research on existing tax cases, tax types andother tax research needs of taxpayers (.Seminar)Training)*#r+$'#, – conduct seminars/ trainings/ workshops for corporate and individual taxpayers depending on the topic requested6. A -iing – conduct standard audit of books of accounts and other recordsfor tax and accounting purposes. Tran$er Pri&ing Anal/$i$ –  make documentation and research of taxpayers nancial dealings that comply with the arm!s length principles as required by hilippine #ureau of $nternal %evenue under %evenue %egulations &o. '-'()*.+. Re0iew # Tax Re rn$ an- Anal/$i$ # Finan&ial Saemen$  analye nancial statements and other tax returns for possible tax liabilities and compliance with ecurities and xchange ommission, #$% and other regulatory agencies0. Anal/$i$ #  $ine$$ Tran$a&i#n$ #r Tax P r,#$e$ –  would-be transactions are analyed before naliing contracts to ascertain proper costing of taxes)(. C#m,lian&e A -i –  transactions are analyed if the correct treatment of taxes are made, review of tax returns led for proper compliance, and reconciliation of actual transaction to tax returns already led)). O,erai#n$ A -i –  actual business operations are reviewed if proper documentation are made and taxes are correctly incorporated in the costing of goods and services.  2. !pecifically, tell me about the work your firm does in the tax industry and your approach to supporting clients in this area. Answer: Prompt service were given to clients as their need arise like computation of estate taxes, payment of VAT to government through ! final withholding tax, review of tax returns eforefiling it with the #$%, preparation of financial statements, preparation of transfer pricing analysis, etc. .#hen you first start working with a new client or on a new pro$ect, what do you do right from the start to ensure that the overall outcome is a success% Answer: $ determine the scope of the work, the availa le documents in the possession of clients and the complexity of tax pro lems as a tool in determining my professional fees& and how to approach the work. &. . #hat is your firm’s overall mission and what techniques do you employ to achieve this% 'ission !tatement( Answer: to have a happy clients with su stantial tax compliance ).*he tax industry is an incredibly diverse and fast+paced place to do business. owdo you ensure that your firm remains on the cutting edge of new developments and how do you ensure that you are always best placed to meet your clients’ needs% Answer: $ keep updating my knowledge in taxation and assure that clients have su stantial faith that our services are promptly and honestly delivered. -.re there any recent regulatory or legislative developments affecting your  business currently and how are you adapting your processes to work around these% Answer: 'one. .#orking in such a competitive industry, how do you differentiate your business from that of your competitors% Answer: (y services are promptly delivered to clients. Tax advices are usually given for free for those who are classified as small and new taxpayers.$ offer record management services, as ancillary to my tax services, for clientsto e a le to stand future tax audit. As tax examiner for twenty nine )2*+ years, $ discover the great mistake committed y taxpayers were failure to su stantiate and record their usiness transactions. *. ow does your firm utilise technology in order to offer the most effective, efficient service possible% Answer: Technology is very much used in our services ust like the computer, training e-uipment, internet service, data ase system, computeried accounting system, etc.  0.*ax can be a confusing and difficult sub$ect for clients to understand. ow does your firm provide support and advice to ensure that they fully understand what is going on in every stage of the process% Answer: $ do tax tutorials, seminars and workshops. $ have een a tax trainor for the #ureau of $nternal %evenue, the tax authority of the Philippines for /eventeen )01+ years. $ see to it that clients understand the legal asis, process, procedures and tax conse-uences of usiness transactions. .#hat is your firm’s internal culture and what steps do you take to ensure that everyone understands and works towards your goals and aims% Answer: onesty is the est policy. 3mployees are regularly trained how to deliver honest and prompt services to clients. Asking of favour with clients is highly prohi ited.4unior staff is supervised y -ualified senior officers who are 5ertified Pu licAccountants. $n case of failure in our part to deliver a prompt service, $ pay and assume the tax delin-uencies and penalties as a conse-uence thereof.02. #ith this in mind, what is your approach to hiring new staff% ow do you attract the best talent in the industry to your firm 6 Answer: $ hire employees who are loyal and willing to work and fire those who are not teacha le and keep on violating office standards and procedures. $ pay employees higher salaries compared to other usiness or industry. $ offer scholarship to those who are willing to enrol in higher courses.  .#hat does the future hold for your business% re there any specific pro$ects or ma$or developments on the hori1on that you would be willing to share with us% Answer: Tax services are in demand ecause of tax authorities imposing stricter rules and re-uirement of numerous reports. $ improve my services to clients y means of investing in new technology, tax li rary, data ase system and increased network in the usiness communities. &.re there any developments in the wider tax market that you foresee and how do you intend to adapt around these% Answer: 7ith the glo al trend in making usiness, taxation of goods and services consumed also ecome complicated. $ attended international conferences on transfer pricing and een an author of the ook 8#asic Transfer Pricing9 in the Philippines. Transactions involving cross order transactions and related party transactions offer a lot of opportunities for tax consultants to serve the need of clients in these area.  $ also foresee a demand in the preservation of usiness intangi les. $ do research on valuation and taxation of intangi les and soon pu lish it as a text ook. %ecently, $ attended the 7orld $ntellectual Property ;ffice )7$P;+ $nternational 5onference on #uilding %espect for $ntellectual Property held in /hanghai, 5hina last 'ovem er, 2<0=. $ elieve that protection, valuation and taxation of $ntellectual Property is a road avenue for tax services in the future. 2.3s there anything you would like to add% Answer: Tax services offered a lot of risks to oth clients and services provider. $t ecomes managea le through continuous trainings and research of new laws, rules and regulations of the country. $t is only then, that you can deliver a prompt and accurate service. (y tax service to client is an advocacy. After serving the #ureau of $nternal %evenue )#$%+ for thirty one )>0+ years, $ avail of early retirement at the age of fifty five )+ last August >0, 2<0>. $ felt there is a great need to serve the taxpaying pu lic considering the lack of information and dilemma they experienced when new tax laws are implemented. $ dedicate the rest of my life providing these kind of services to them. $ improve my tax services through law study )third year at present+ to e competitive in the field. Please complete the following details4 this only applies to the fields you wish to have  published( 5ompany( 5A?3T3 TA@ 5;'/BTA'5C /3%V$53/  6ame( 3B/A (. 5A?3T3 7mail( canete8elsa9yahoo.com#eb ddress( http//canetetaxconsultancy.weebly.comddress( 'e11anine :loor, R; <uilding, 6o. *imog venue, =ue1on 5ity, Philippines.*elephone( &&20 , >2200, &0,-?-, &0-) *hank you.
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