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  ABSTRACTTHE EFFECT OF KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICABOUT BEHAVIOUR OF CLEAN AND HEALTHY LIFE IN PEKONMONVILLAGE NGAMBUR DISTRICT PESISIR BARAT REGENCYByZARAZ OBELLA NUR ADLIYANI Health is what everyone’s want. Health is not only about physical, but alsomental and social. Not only being clear of any disease, but health is including psychological condition of someone. In general way, health affects a behavior of someone, so do behavior, it affects the health of someone. Good behavior inkeeping the health can increase the quality of someone’s life being better andmore prosperous. or e!ample by doing some sanitary activities and keep healthylife. ehaviour of clean and healthy life # $H%& can be affected by some factors,for e!ample is knowledge , economic, and education. 'his research is using anobservational analytic study with the householders as the sample in amount of ()householders in *ekonmon village. 'he analysis data that used was chi square testwith + #significance value&  -.- ased on researches that had been done,knowledge, economic, and education is affecting the $H%, but some of themsaid there is no affect. 'his research have been done in a village named *ekonmonvillage Ngambur district *esisir arat /egency. 'he result of this researchshowed knowledge is affecting the $H% to *ekonmon villagers with +  -.--(,while education and economic factor is not affecting the $H% with the value of each +  -.0 and +  -.-(. Keyword 1 $H%, knowledge factor, education factor, economic factor 
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