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  Ford Escape Plans Book Elizabeth Gibson5/25/16 1  Product Situation Analysis The Company According to the corporate Ford website, the Ford otor !o pan# was $o%nded in 1&'() *he Ford +ighland Park plant had the worlds $irst asse bl# line and created the $a o%s odel * car) *he co pan#s ission is to contin%e to prod%ce great cars -Ford, histor#.) ot onl# is Ford an A erican co pan# b%t it also has di$$erent prod%cts all aro%nd the world) 0Ford is a global a%to otie ind%str# leader based in earborn, ichigan) Ford an%$act%res and distrib%tes a%to obiles across si3 continents) 4t has abo%t 1,''' e plo#ees and 62 plants worldwide -Ford, n)d).)7 *he co pan#s a%to otie brands incl%de Ford and 8incoln) *he co pan#  proides $inancial serices thro%gh the Ford otor !redit !o pan#) 4n 2'19 Fords net inco e was :()2 illion -Ford 2'19 ann%al report.) Ford has been working hard to i proe its eniron ental contrib%tions to appeal to cons% ers) According to the s%stainabilit# section o$ the corporate Ford website, 0Ford topped 4nterbrands list o$ the 5' Best Global Green Brands, clai ing the n% ber one ranking in part $or its approach to eniron entall# responsible and s%stainable an%$act%ring) Ford and +einz hae also been working since 2'12 with !oca;!ola,  ike and Proctor and Ga ble to deelop a 1'' percent plant;based plastic < part o$ the a%to akers co it ent to s%stainabilit#   -Ford, =%stainabilit#, 2'19.)7 *he Ford rep%tation oerall is $airl# good b%t is not per$ect) Ford had to recall tho%sands o$ the 2'1( Ford Escapes  beca%se o$ a possible $ire hazard, b%t there were no reports o$ an#one getting h%rt -Ford, 2'1(.) *he 2'15 Ford Escape receied a >)) Power Award $or a co pact =?@ ->)) Power, 2'15.) The ProductProduct description and positioning:  *he Ford Escape co es with $o%r;wheel drie, a rear back%p ca era and icroso$t =!) *he Escape can co e with an# di$$erent e3tra 2  $eat%res s%ch as a $oot;actiated li$tgate, blindspot detectors, parallel park assist and naigation) *he car gets 22 cit# pg and (1 highwa# pg) *he bene$its o$ the Escape are not being able to lock ke#s in the car, ore space than sedans and being able to traerse di$$erent terrain with the $o%r;wheel drie) According to Fords website, the prices o$ a 2'16 Escape = are :22,95, Escape =E is :29,&95 and an Escape *itani% is :2&15' -Ford, Escape pricing, 2'16.) *he price di$$erence between a Ford Escape, +onda !;@ and *o#ota A@9, the three best;selling cars in this categor#, is not signi$icant) All o$ these cars co e with di$$erent add on options) *he Ford Escape is the onl# car o$ its co petitors that has the $oot;actiated li$tgate $eat%re) *he 2'16 Ford Escape co es in ore than $ie colors) Product Sales:  According to Good !ar Bad !ar, the Ford escape ranked third o%t o$ the  best;selling crossoer/=?@ cars $or 2'15) *he +onda !;@ was ranked $irst with (95, 69 %nits and the *o#ota A@9 was second with (15,912 %nits) *he Ford Escape had ('6,9&2 %nits sold in2'15) *he Escape onl# i proed one percent $ro 2'19, whereas the A@9 i proed al ost 1 percent and the !;@ i proed b# ( percent) *he Ford Escape has oer 2' co petitors on the =?@/crossoer categor#) -!ain, top 25, 2'16.) The Market According to B%ss -2'19., the arketing strateg# is to target the Escape at illenials since the# are now beginning to ake eno%gh one# to b%# a ore e3pensie car) Ford has ore roo to i proe with the illennial de ographic $or the 2'1( Ford) illenials are a large arket o$ newcons% ers to the Ford brand and will be haing children, there$ore needing a car that has e3tra space capacities) Escape cons% ers can be $a ilies as well as #o%nger ad%lts that hae bikes, skis, canoes and large ite s that the# cant $it in a s aller car) -B%ss, 2'19.) !ons% ers can $it ore in the tr%nk and $old down the back seats, giing the ore space than in s aller cars) *he 3  show ew Girl %sed a Ford Escape in one o$ its episodes, directing toward a #o%nger cons% er that wo%ld watch this show) *he car does not appear to be targeted at a speci$ic certain gender) Product SWOT Analysis Strengths:  =ince Ford is an A erican co pan#, its cars, s%ch as the Escape, appeal to cons% ers who donCt want to p%rchase $oreign cars like *o#ota and +onda) *he Ford brand has  been aro%nd $or oer a h%ndred #ears, helping to establish a reliable c%sto er base with past generations) *he Ecoboost engine $eat%re o$ the car is good $or the eniron ent) *he car is also ore spacio%s than s aller cars and ore ersatile) Weaknesses: *he Escape can be ore e3pensie than a sedan) =o a higher price, een tho%gh it co es with ore $eat%res and options, a# deter cons% ers) Another area that the Escape is lacking is no options $or electric or h#brid odels) *he gas ileage is not as good as s aller carsand this wo%ld lessen the a o%nt o$ co %ter cons% ers b%#ing the Escape) =o e cons% ers a# be looking $or a larger car and this one a# be too s all $or his or her needs) Opportunities D *his car can be adertised as a $a il# car, e phasizing the $act that is not a stereot#pical inian $a il# car b%t can still proide $or a $a il#s needs) Ford can %se its well;known brand to create brand lo#alt# b# %sing ore adertise ents targeted at the new generationo$ car owners) *his #o%nger generation when b%#ing a car a# take into consideration what car their parents droe and base a car brand choice o$$ o$ that) one o$ the Escapes co peting =?@ cars hae an# $eat%res that stand o%t as being i ensel# better, reliable or technologicall# adanced, so Ford can %se its histor# and brand to get ore o$ the =?@ arket share) !ons% ersare able to get a larger car $or a s aller price and better gas ileage than cars like the Ford E3pedition) Ford can %tilize the co paratie co ercial aspect b# de onstrating the Escapes 4
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