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The Bear Came Over the Mountain When Fiona needs to be moved to Meadowlake and Grant, her husband, is not allowed to see her in the first month, she forgets about her love for him and becomes infatuated with another man, Aubrey. Fiona’s naive infidelity mirrors those of her husband, who had many affairs but never took into consideration leaving his wife for none of them. Fiona suffers from memory loss and that is how she becomes interested in another
  The Bear Came Over the MountainWhen Fiona needs to be moved to Meadowlake and Grant, her husband, is not allowedto see her in the first month, she forgets about her love for him and becomes infatuated withanother man, Aubre! Fiona s naive infidelit mirrors those of her husband, who had manaffairs but never took into consideration leaving his wife for none of them! Fiona suffers from memor loss and that is how she becomes interested in another man! The fact that she is not able to remember details concerning her life, including her fiftears marriage with Grant, reflects his inabilit to kee# his mind focused on his love for her when tem#ted b women from the universit! Munro seems to suggest that infidelit can onla##ear if one of the #artners forgets about the other! $n Fiona s case, this is triggered bAl%heimer, thus she is not res#onsible for her actions and for what might be called her unfaithfulness! Grant, on the other hand, has no such e&cuse! 'e was full aware of hisre#eated treacher and it was his decision to forget, from time to time, that he is married!Thus, infidelit is #ossible onl when someone no longer bears in mind the memor of the #artner! When reali%ing that his wife is getting worse after Aubre s de#arture, Grant decidesto take action, #roving his selfless love for Fiona! Grant s decision, to take Aubre back, turnshim into a character able to reali%e his mistakes and redeem himself! What is ironic, however,is that although his choice might be #ainful for him, he is nonetheless the main contributor tohis wife s infidelit! Grant becomes aware that he must allow her to act the same wa he didin his ounger das! 'e knows that he deserves no better treatment and that he finall has to #a for his dece#tions!(imension(oree s entire life revolved around )lod! *sed to obe him and de#ending on hisanswers and decisions, she gives the im#ression that she will never be able to free herself from him! )lod s arrogance and self+sufficienc make him sure that she will stand b hisside, since she is strongl de#ending on him and gives the im#ression that she has no better  #ur#ose in life! Although )lod murdered his children, (oree is so used to #laing the #art of the obedient and constant+suffering wife that she sees no esca#e from him!  (oree s visits are a result of her guild! )lod -ustified his action b #lacing the burdenof the murder on (oree s shoulders, and she reali%es that she has her share of guilt, since shewas constantl under her husband s domination!(oree s has the chance to finall break free from )lod the moment she witnesses anaccident and saves the life of the victim! This triggers in her the desire to find freedom!'owever, the heroic action she #erforms is #ossible due to )lod s #resence in her life! .hefinall has the strength to let go of her #ast and reali%es that her husband does not lie at thecentre of the universe! Better things could be available for her is she decides to make themove and give u# on him!/unawaCarla, the main #rotagonist of the stor, tries to esca#e her husband, Clark, after she #reviousl ran from her #arents in order to marr him against their wish! But she finds herself unable to leave Clark, even though her friend, .lvia, is su##orting her decision! Carla returnsto him, refusing the chance to esca#e a bad marriage, but her #et goat a##ears to be the realrunawa! The title refers to both Carla and Flora, #ointing out to their failed esca#e, anattem#t which #rovoked the #et goat s death and might draw the conclusion that this will beCarla s fate too!Clark s words, that Flora ma be in search of a #artner, suggest that there aresimilarities between the animal s behavior and that of her owner, Carla! 0ust like Carla left her  #arents for Clark, Flora did the same, deserting their home! 'owever, when Flora disa##earsagain, is found dead! This might #oint to the fact that Clark, the #otential killer, would do thesame to his wife, who tried to runawa, -ust like Flora, and could end u# sharing her #et s fate!/unawa refers not onl to the desire to esca#e a certain situation, but also to themain s #rotagonist choice to deliberatel ignore the evidence of Flora s killing! Clara refusesto walk to the edge of the woods and get the confirmation of Flora s death! .he #refers livingin illusion, dening the realit, running awa from it in order to maintain her life as it was before! B doing so, Clara refuses to face not as much Flora s sad fate, but the #ossibilit thatthis could be her own in the future!1  (imension and /unawaCarla and (oree share the same obedience when it comes to their husbands! Carlacannot sto# thinking about Clark even in the moment of her esca#e attem#t2 3While she wasrunning awa from him + now + Clark still ke#t his #lace in her life! But when she wasfinished running awa, when she -ust went on, what would she #ut in his #lace45! .he seemsunable to get rid of his memor and image and, moreover, troubled when thinking that itshould be re#laced with someone else s! .he cannot #icture herself outside their marriage,although it is not a ha## one!(oree shares the same #oint of view! 'er life is sha#ed b )lod and her actionsde#end on his o#inion! 0ust like Carla, (oree feels comfortable living in the shadows of her husband and feels inca#able of doing something without him! *nlike Carla, (oree finds the strength to break free from his control! The both havethe reason, and even find hel#, but onl (oree reali%es that there is more to search for and todiscover than her husband s #rotection and his answers! Carla remains tra##ed in her unha##marriage and re-ects the #ossibilit of freedom, even if, -ust like (oree, could draw her strength from one other #erson, .lvia in this case! (oree manages to free herself andironicall this ha##ens thanks to )lod, whereas Carla, confronted with a loss of noim#ortance com#ared to (oree s, #roves to be reluctant to both truth and freedom!Free /adicals)eft alone after her husband s death, 6ita falls into the tra# of a man who has come tofi& 3the fuses5! .he soon reali%es that the man re#resents a treat and after the invader describes to her how he killed his entire famil, she cannot hel# but feeling concerned abouther life! 6ita soon becomes worried and discovers a wa to save her life! This involvesrecollecting her own #ast rather than reling on her disease, cancer, in order to determine themurderer to allow her to live! 6ita meets the intruder on common ground, choosing to make him res#ect her btelling a stor with a similar to#ic as his! B changing some elements of her #ast she gives tothe attacker the im#ression that she is as aggressive and dangerous as him! 'er stor has therole of uniting the two, in order for her to esca#e this life+threatening situation! .he is boldenough #laing her life on one card! Also, she is 7uite witt, thinking in such a situation thatthis is how she could esca#e, b finding a stor as horrible as the killer s, while letting himknow that he is her onl confident, and thus he can trust her like she trusted him! 8  9
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