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The news, features and other content found in the March 1, 2017, edition of The Current Newspapers, which is distributed to homes and businesses in Northwest Washington, D.C. Email to subscribe to the newsletter; contact for other inquiries.
   All Things Current: What you'll find in your March 1, 2017, edition DEVELOPMENT  The city’s proposed Ward 3 emergency family shelter received mied feed!ac from the local advisoryneigh!orhood commission last #ee $ as a divided %N& 3& '&leveland Par $ Massach(setts %ven(e )eights$ Woodley Par * voted to s(pport the shelter location #hile re+(esting a lo#er height, 'all editions* ED-&%T.ON  Pro/ected overcro#ding at all Ward 3 p(!lic schools is prompting calls for the city to address the area0s capacity, 'all editions*  Despite a 12, million allocation in the capital !(dget$ 4chool Witho(t Walls at 5rancis64tevens parents are #orried that needed (pgrades and repairs aren0t going to happen at the West End camp(s, 'all editions* ENV.7ONMENT  7esponding to neigh!ors’ re+(ests$ the District is ta ing ne# steps to monitor poll(tion and #ater +(ality levels at 4oapstone Valley &ree in 5orest )ills$ #hich has a history of E, coli contamination and fre+(ent tro(!les from storm#ater overflo#s, 'all editions* T7%N4PO7T%T.ON  &omm(nity division over 7eno 7oad0s intersection #ith 38th and .ngomar streets NW contin(ed Monday even as %dvisory Neigh!orhood &ommission 39:; (nanimo(sly opposed the D,&, Department of Transportation0s proposed fies for the accident6prone location < instead calling for a fo(r6#ay stop at 7eno and 38 th , 'North#est &(rrent*   %dvocates for a gondola system across the Potomac 7iver !et#een ;eorgeto#n and 7osslyn are contin(ing to ma e their case despite a recent f(nding set!ac in Virginia and some reservations from;eorgeto#n neigh!orhood leaders, ';eorgeto#n &(rrent$ D(pont &(rrent$ 5oggy =ottom &(rrent* 4)OPP.N; > D.N.N; .N D,&, 'all editions*  5ive ;(ys hopes to /oin a fl(rry of fast cas(al resta(rants that have recently opened or anno(nced plans to open in Tenleyto#n$ #hen it moves into the former 5irela e ;rill spot on Wisconsin %ven(e early net year,  Longtime ;eorgeto#n !o(ti+(e The Phoeni recently reopened after a si6#ee renovation and epansion pro/ect, NO7T)WE4T P%44%;E4 'all editions*  7eflecting on her great6grandfather0s position in %dolf )itler0s ca!inet$ &hevy &hase a(thor -rs(la Werner recently la(nched her de!(t novel$ ?The ;ood at )eart,@ ON T)E M%7AET 'all editions*   % classic B8B fo(rs+(are ho(se in &leveland Par $ listed for 1B$C88$$ recalls the neigh!orhood0s srcins as a s#amp6escaping s(mmer geta#ay, OP.N.ON 'all editions*  Editorial Despite Peter Ne#sham0s impressive res(me$ the D,&, &o(ncil m(st caref(lly revie# his  handling of mass arrests !efore confirming him as the District0s police chief,  Editorial Widespread criticism of planned LED streetlights s(ggests that the District m(st !e preparedto compromise in order to #in over s eptics < !efore it0s too late to salvage any aspect of this environmentally s(staina!le and fiscally responsi!le initiative,  4her#ood 4ome dismayed advocates of paid family leave feel li e they #ere s(c er6p(nched !y D,&, &o(ncil &hairman Phil Mendelson0s decision to revise the already6approved legislation$ !(t Mendelson says his approach #ill help ens(re implementation, 4PO7T4  .n its first D&.%% !oys !as et!all title since B8F:$ Wilson ro(ted 7oosevelt G63F last Wednesday, 'all editions*  Despite missing a ey player$ the 4t, Hohn0s girls !as et!all team edged o(t Pa(l V. F62 for the W&%& title on Monday, 'North#est &(rrent$ ;eorgeto#n &(rrent*  4trong post play helped Visitation ta e the .4L girls !as et!all trophy on 4(nday #ith a C6:F victory over =(llis, 'North#est &(rrent$ ;eorgeto#n &(rrent*  4id#ell0s deep roster helped it ta e the M%& !oys !as et!all championship despite the a!sence of in/(red star Helani Williams$ !eating Maret CG6G on Monday, 'North#est &(rrent$ ;eorgeto#n &(rrent*  ;onIaga po(nded Pa(l V. CF6 on Monday to ta e the W&%& !oys !as et!all cro#n, 'North#est &(rrent$ ;eorgeto#n &(rrent$ D(pont &(rrent* D.4P%T&)E4 'all editions*  Aey Elementary cele!rates ?=oots on the =lac top$@ O(r Lady of Victory sith6graders st(dy the nar#hal0s poll(ted ha!itat$ and other reports from local schools,  %L4O .N T)E &-77ENT  &rime report   %dvisory neigh!orhood commission reports and agendas  7eports from local citiIens associations  &alendar of the #ee 0s events  &lassified ads and service directory Email us to receive this newsletter every Wednesday.  The &(rrent can !e read online at c(rrentne#spapers,com9archive,php and iss((,com9c(rrentne#spapersJ each #ee 0s iss(e is posted Th(rsdays, To reach The &(rrent #ith a ne#s tip$ correction$ advertising in+(iry$ or other +(estion or comment$ email ne#sdes Kc(rrentne#spapers,com or call 2262::6G223, The &(rrent Ne#spapersBF Mac%rth(r =lvd, NW$ 4(ite B2 Mailing address: Post Office =o ::Washington$ D,&, 2BC6:&opyright  2BG$ The &(rrent Ne#spapers$ all rights reserved
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