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Program and winning essays
  “The horizon leans forward, Offering you space to place new steps of change. Here, on the pulse of this fine day You may have the courage To look up and out upon me, the Rock, the River, the Tree, your country.” - Dr. Maya Angelou,  Inaugural Poem    Alltel Wireless Words of Wisdom spokesperson  A Celebration ofBlack History Monthsponsored by Alltel Wireless  Awards CeremonyMarch 12, 2009   Words of Wisdom: A NewSpirit  of   Change     Words of Wisdom: A NewSpirit  of   Change   Again, we have been successful and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities now know us by name. With more than 1,200 essays submitted this year, we more than doubled the number of entrants from 2008. I didn’t believe I could be more proud, but I am once again touched by the commitment of our youth! This year marks the fifth year of the Black History Month essay contest and the fourth year that we have had Dr. Maya Angelou as our spokesperson. In celebration of our fifth year anniversary of Words of Wisdom, the scholarship amount doubled for each recipient. With the economic times and the need for education, it was our thought that this would help our students the most. This year’s contest asked students to write an essay based upon the following: “The foundation has been laid. And as a people we’ve shown what we can do when called upon for change.”  The question for the 2009 Words of Wisdom contest – “How will you build upon this new spirit of change?”   Enclosed is a compilation of the 10 winning essays from the essays submitted. Each essay was  judged according to the following criteria: ã Eighty percent of the score was based on the passion of the writerã Twenty percent focused on the grammar. Please note that minor edits to spelling, punctuation and grammar were made for the presentation of the essays in this book. My thanks to all the judges, especially those who have returned each year. They devoted endless hours and brought their constant passion to the task. I appreciate all of your dedication to this program. I am truly blessed to be a part of this team from the winners, employees, judges, all the way to the parents. Continue moving forward with “new steps of CHANGE”. Keep writing! 2009 Words of Wisdom 2 2009 Judges Mazie S. Alcorn  Alltel WirelessJeremy Allen Alltel WirelessBrenda AndrewsGMR MarketingMike BoykinGMR MarketingKeisha Bryant Alltel WirelessGuy Choate Alltel WirelessNeika Colbourne GMR MarketingNikki Chumley Alltel Wireless Angela DuckartGMR Marketing Caroline Elmore  Alltel WirelessNiki Gerhard GMR Marketing Ward GibsonGMR MarketingJeremy GomezGMR MarketingLiz HamblyGMR MarketingJeff Handler GMR MarketingDrew HeistGMR MarketingMonika Hemenway Alltel WirelessKim Kean GMR MarketingJulie LePoreGMR MarketingCorinne MartinGMR MarketingDebbie McCannGMR MarketingMarlo McCormickGMR Marketing Ashley McCluneyGMR MarketingKrystal McDonald  Alltel WirelessJosh MillerGMR MarketingSarah MooreGMR MarketingEmily MorrisonGMR MarketingKristen RogersGMR MarketingJohn RushingGMR MarketingSuzette Smith Alltel WirelessJesse SoloffGMR MarketingTony SwegleGMR MarketingRobyn SwernoffGMR MarketingThomas TaylorGMR MarketingMerris TozerGMR MarketingCameron WagnerGMR MarketingPaige Watson Alltel WirelessCarolyn Wilkerson Alltel Wireless  Table of Contents 3 Max Beauvoir........... page 4Dalan Carter............ page 6Heidi Choice ........... page 8Maurice Culver ......... page 10Monique Kirkman Bey.... page 12 Lethaniel Norton Pinckney page 14Justin Shaw............ page 16Karissa Vaughn ......... page 18Indigo Webley .......... page 20 Chastity Wells .......... page 22Employee Winners ...... page 24  2009 Words of Wisdom 4 J anuary 20, 2009, was the day that changed  America. This nation that many call home or see as their beacon of hope, founded on the truth that all men are created “equal,” embarked on a new path by swearing in the first  African-American president - a day made possible through a narrow, turbulent path full of blood baths, injustices, assassinations, martyrdom and peaceful revolutions. The victory of November 4th inspired the entire world as hope won over fear, and negative stereotypes were set afire by the delivery of the right message. This verdict finally reflects the consensus of a people thirsty for humble and wise leadership, and we must ride this wave of consensus to change our world. It has been evident to me that the value of anyone should not reside in his/her skin pigmentation, stature, or any physical characteristics but rather in the content of his/her cranial vault. Preached by Dr. King in the 1960s, “being judged by the content of our character” is still not fully achieved. This dream keeps being set back by a continuum of old policies, actions, and disenfranchisements that undermine the power of the minorities on both individual and organizational fronts. With this mandate minorities all over the world should sense what is at stake. For this time history has given us a chance to lead the world. This granted opportunity should never be taken for granted. This moment in history will change the psyche of the world, and our actions should aim at making this history repeatable, and over time the once improbable can become the norm. This is a proud moment for black America and the world - a moment that evokes millions of teardrops filled with pride, memories of the past and endured struggles that took us to this instant. It would not be possible without the approval of the majority that could not resist the message of this visionary leader. As the pundits and the globe look forward to seeing if the high expectations will be met, if the hope and optimism preached during the primaries and the general elections will lead to enactments and translate into positive changes, citizens of the world should coalesce to achieve a bold and ambitious future for humankind. Born in a remote island of a Caribbean nation and aware of history, I have grown to appreciate America and what it has to offer. The most intriguing part of my  American experience had been the scale of opportunities available to all people from every corner of the globe and how education is being incentivized and subsidized to generate brains to power the economy, global competitiveness, and the nation’s leadership. One change I believe in is a policy that will endorse global education to tackle the viruses of illiteracy and poverty in the world. Max Beauvoir Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida We lose our own humanity when we ignore the conditions that dehumanize others . . . . The next Albert Einstein could very well be an unexposed mind in a remote corner of a third world nation.
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