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ALLYSON DALTON Security Investigations Professor Brown October 23, 2016 Laura Christie Allyson Dalton was a two-month-old child who went missing from her mother’s apartment on July 27th, 1998. Born on June 7th, her mother, Sylena, was only twenty-years-old. Sylena and her daughter lived on the second floor of an apartment in Strasburg, Virginia. The two were last seen by a family member around 7:45 a.m. that morning. After not at
    ALLYSON DALTON Security Investigations Laura Christie Professor Brown October 23, 2016  Allyson Dalton was a two-month- old child who went missing from her mother’s apartment on July 27 th , 1998. Born on June 7 th , her mother, Sylena, was only twenty-years-old. Sylena and her daughter lived on the second floor of an apartment in Strasburg, Virginia. The two were last seen by a family member around 7:45 a.m. that morning. After not attending work in the morning of July 27 th , Sylena ’s coworker went to her house to check in on her. She arrived around 2:00 in the afternoon and found Sylena stabbed to death on her couch and noticed Allyson wasn’t in the apartment. After contacting police, they determined that the crime happened between 9:15 and 10:30 in the morning. In the early stages of the investigation, local and state police, along with detectives searched Dalton’s  apartment. P olice noticed that Allyson’s baby bottles were missing along with clothing and toys. The missing items f  rom Allyson’s bedroom showed that the crime had been thought through and they believed that the goal of the crime was not to kill Allyson, but to keep her take her from her mother and keep her comfortable in the process . While taking evidence for Sylena’s murder investigation, they reported that she was stabbed multiple times all over her body with a large knife, which had been taken from the crime scene. The numerous stab marks told police that this was a personal murder. Multiple stab wounds meant whoever performed this attack wanted to inflict as much pain as possible to her. The amount of pain and suffrage that Sylena endured through the stabbing made the disappearance of Allyson that much harder on their family to come to terms as to what had happened. Because of the personal aspect linked to these crimes, the  police’s main suspect was Sylena’s  previous boyfriend, Dan Pompell. The couple had a complicated relationship and broke up  before Allyson’s birth but still kept in touch.   Pompell was listed as a “probable father” on Allyson’s birth certificate, in which he expressed extreme distress about child payments and  fatherhood. “According to the warrant, Pompell, who could not be reached for comment, was ‘angry about the possibility  of additional financial obligations on him if paternity of the child was proven.’ It also states that Pompell was at Dalton's apartment ‘at the approximate time of her death’” (Washington Post).  Although Pompell was cooperative during the police investigation, he showed a great amount of stress but did not act in a suspicious manner. He agreed to allow  police to search his home, stating they wouldn’t find anything. The police spent a few days going over every inch of Pompell’s apartment, but came up empty -handed; there was no sign of Allyson as well as no sign of evidence that would link him to the murder of Sylena; such as  blood or missing knives. Due to Pompell not wanting a child and claiming Allyson was not his, Sylena’s mother did not like him nor get along with him. She was adamant that he was the one to commit these crimes and was angry that police could not find evidence linking him to the case. In an attempt to take matters into her own hands, Sylena’s mother filed a wrongful death suit against Pom  pell for $1.5 million in damages; the ruling for the case in still unknown to date. She has continued to  pursue policing into deeply investigating Pompell, but due to lack of evidence, there was nothing they could do. Since Allyson’s kidnapping and Sylena’ s murder, the Dalton family has hired a private investigator, Christopher Borba, to take over the case. In an attempt to still receive any information anyone may have, family and friends have created a Facebook page directed towards them. A couple years prior to hiring Borba, the Strasburg Police Department received a tip about a downstairs elderly neighbor who said he may have seen a man put a baby in a truck the morning Allyson went missing. Unfortunately, Borba had taken the case on too late to follow up on this tip due to the neighbor passing away.   Before hiring Borba, police had made efforts to continue their search in hopes of finding  justice for the two of them. In most recent attempts, authorities made an appeal for tips about the case from the public in 2005 . “‘ We don't have a murder weapon, we can't find the child, and there are no traces at the cr  ime scene as to who killed her,’  said Shenandoah County Commonwealt h's Attorney William H. Logan. ‘ We're left with asking the public -- if anyone saw anything -- to help us’”  (Ordonez & Glod, 1998). Personally, I believe it could have possibly been an ex-  boyfriend of Sylena’s that killed her and kidnapped Allyson. When reading articles, it stated she was unsure of the true father but  believed it was Pompell. With how many times she was stabbed and how it was all over her  body, not just in one location, shows that it was a very personal crime. The attacker also made sure Allyson would be comfortable; taking food, bottles, clothes, blankets, and toys with them. There was no report of anything suspicious nor did any neighbors state they heard anyone arguing. However, I do not believe it was Pompell. Although someone claimed that he may have  been at the apartment around the approximate time of the crime, there was nothing linking him to the attack, other than his relationship with Sylena. In a thorough investigation through Pompell’s house, they found no sign of Allyson, they didn’t find the murder weapon or anything with any amount of blood on it. Another reaso n I believe it was an old boyfriend of Sylena’s is the fact that they knew her schedule. They had obviously known her day-to-day routine or had been  possibly stocking her on that given day. If she was unaware of who could be Allyson’s father, an ex-boyfriend could have felt it was his child and he deserved a life with her; away from someone who was not her “actual” father even though Pompell did not want children.
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