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Alyssa M. Reyes 2607 Welsh Road Philadelphia, PA 19114 (267) 318-8258 EDUCATION: Holy Family University, Philadelphia, PA 19114 Bachelor of Arts, Communications, 2018 | Dean’s List 2014 – 2016 | 4.0/4.0 GPA  Minor in Management
  Alyssa M. Reyes areyes1000@holyfamily.edualyssamreyes.weebly.com2607 Welsh Road Philadelphia, PA 1911 !267 #1$%$2&$ EDUCATION: 'oly (amily )*i+ersiy, Philadelphia, PA 1911  Bachelor of Arts , -ommu*icaio*s, 201$  /ea*s is 201  2016  .03.0 4PA ã 5i*or i* 5a*aeme* 5arei* ã 5i*or i* 8ocial 5edia SKILLS: llusraor, Phooshop, */esi*, 45P, 5icrosof :ffice, i5o+ie, WordPress, 8ocial 5edia EXPERIENCE:  Intern for Marketing and Communications Department  , Auus 2016  /ecember 2016'oly (amily )*i+ersiy, Philadelphia, Pe**syl+a*ia ã 4row social media followi* by o+erseei* he u*i+ersiys (aceboo, ;wier, a*d *saram accou*s as well as creai* a*d ru**i* a u*i+ersiy 8*apcha. ã -reae +arious collaeral such as posers, brochures a*d poscards for u*i+ersiys bra*d ã -o*duc a*d wrie i*er+iews wih sude*s, saff a*d faculy o be feaured o* he websie Secretarial Assistant  , Auus 201& % prese* 'oly (amily )*i+ersiy 8chool of <ducaio*, Philadelphia, Pe**syl+a*ia ã 5o*ior research lab room for sude*s ã 8or i**er a*d ouer office mail for saff a*d faculy ã :ra*i=e i*comi* a*d curre* sude* files ã A*swer elepho*es a*d relay messaes o appropriae recipie*s  Adviser Aide , Auus 201 % 5ay 201& 'oly (amily )*i+ersiy Academic Ad+isi*, Philadelphia, Pe**syl+a*ia ã 5a*aed appoi*me*s for sude*s a*d faculy ã A*swered a*d deli+ered elepho*e messaes ã Performed docume* phoocopyi* a*d paperwor disribuio*  Filing Clerk  , 5arch 201 % >uly 201 8oll <ye, Philadelphia, Pe**syl+a*ia ã Assised i* ora*i=i* office aci+iies ã :ra*i=ed appoi*me* files o* a daily basis ã -ommu*icaed wih oher offices for file ra*sfer  VOLUNTEER: (all (ood ;ruc (esi+al  :cober 201&  :cober 2016 ã 'elped se up ables, chairs, a*d food rucs arou*d campus ã /ireced i*oi* a*d ouoi* raffic flow o* campus rou*ds ã 5ai*ai*ed clea*li*ess across campus a*d par of clea*up crewPhillies 4o 4ree*  8epember 201  8epember 201& ã Piced up rash arou*d -ii=e*s ?a* Par i* bewee* baseball i**i*s ã Assised crowd i* he recycli* of heir producs REFERENCES:  AAA?< )P: R<B)<8;
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