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COMMENTARY 2013-14 Cristina Sánchez Silva TOPIC OF ARABY Araby (attributed something exotic, oriental) is a short story from Dubliners by James Joyce. This story was published in 1994 with his collection of Dubliners. The writer of this text, James Joyce is known that an influential writer. His works were full of allusions about his life and the situation of Dublin in those years. So, his works is opened to a lot of meanings. In fact, all his productions
  COMMENTARY 2013-14 Cristina Sánchez Silva TOPC O! ARA Y Ara#$ %attri#&te' s()ethin* e+(tic, (riental is a sh(rt st(r$ .r() /&#liners#$ a)es ($ce This st(r$ as &#lishe' in 14 ith his c(llecti(n (.  Dubliners  The riter (. this te+t, a)es ($ce is 5n(n that an in.l&entialriter 6is (r5s ere .&ll (. all&si(ns a#(&t his li.e an' the sit&ati(n (. /&#lin in th(se $ears S(, his (r5s is (ene' t( a l(t (. )eanin*s n .act, allhis r('&cti(ns (n /&#liners are ritten ith the sa)e literar$ )aterial 6e)a5es a (r5 here the sit&ati(n (. relan' as a c()lete 'isasterntr('&cin* )an$ ers(nal e+eriences an' a''in* a *reat 'eal (. senses%satiric, ir(n$, all&si(n etc 7e )a$#e thin* that ($ce l(ves the ter)8 il'&n*sr()an9, s( he   .(c&ses (n the s$ch(l(*ical an' )(ral *r(th (. its)ain character .r() his (r her $(&th t( a'&lth(('  7e can als( thin5 that thetechni:&e (. eihan$ is &se' here !&rther)(re, ($ce sai' “the soul of thecommonest object … seems to us radiant, and may be manifested throughany chance, word or gesture 9 This is visi#le at the ti)e hen the #($ seesthat he l(ves her, is enthralle' #$ her an' he #e*ins t( have .eelin*s that henever th(&*ht The .r&strati(n (. the )ain character is resente' #$ the sin*le reas(n that%s&ch as s()e (r5s (. /&#liners the l(t is a#(&t the reach (. s()ethin*val&e #&t .inall$ the l(t en's the sa)e a$ in hich it #e*ins The )ain character is a #($, h( can #e re)e)#erin* &s t( ($ce;schil'h((' 6e .alls in l(ve ith the sister (. a .rien' (. hi) 6e '(es n(t st(t( hee' her &t, .inall$, his 'ee's t( reach the l(ve (. the #ea&ti.&l *irl arei)(ssi#le #eca&se (. .ate . e see the 'i..erent a$s in hich this l(t is inv(lve' #$ all&si(ns, e can*ive several e+a)les All&si(ns %li5e the a$ (. c(nnecti(n ith s()ethin*e+ternal, is resent in his st(r$ n .act, the )ain character that is ana)eless #($, h( )a5es re.erences t( the chil'h((' (. ($ce %alth(&*h n(te+actl$ 7ell, the l(t is accli)ate' in /&#lin, the sa)e a$ in hich ($cesees the rish li.e an' its s(ciet$($ce )a5es that the na)e (. the 8Christian r(thers; Sch((l9 s&ch asreli*i(&s <ail .(r the sa)e reas(n he sa$s 8#($s .ree9 #eca&se )a$#e th(seare n(t .ree insi'e (. it The n(&n blind  is &se' several ti)es )a5in* all&si(nn(t (nl$ the a$ in hich the streets are i. n(t the a$ the rish s(ciet$ iss&#)er*e', this c(&l' #e ass(ciate' ith the #($;s realit$ The ter) gazed  isthe c(ntrast t( #lin' an' seen 6e &ses the anthr(()(rhic )eanin*s  ((5s are )enti(ne' s&ch as “The Abbot”, “The Devout Communicant” and “The Memoirs of Vidocq” , r()antic riter , %#eca&se in his )issi(n t(achieve his 'esires the $(&n* #($ h( is :&ite 'ev(&t a#(&t all .  ($cech((ses these #((5s .(r a seciall$ reas(n hich ill )a5e an all&si(n t( itsel. st(r$ The ale-tree is in the *ar'en )a5es re.erence t( the (ri*inal sin %it (cc&rsthe sa)e in (ther st(ries li5e 8Eveline9, even this is an ir(nic all&si(n The8charita#le riest9 is als( a satirical a$ t( tal5 a#(&t the reli*i(n an' hisc()(nents This the)e is i)(rtant t( ($ce #eca&se in his li.e he thin5sthat the R()anic ch&rch is alrea'$ 'ea', alth(&*h he as in his chil'h((' a a racticin* Cath(lic .(r this reas(n he &ses 8the riest 'ea'9 in (r'er t( t$i.$the .re:&ent h$(cris$ (. reli*i(nThe l(t is .&ll (. all&si(ns, ir(nies a#(&t the s(ciet$ (. relan', thee+eriences (. ($ce hen he as a chil' ($ce )a5es e&he)is) .(r irishcivil &nrest . Ever$thin* that ($ce tries t( trans)it the s(#riet$ in hich thecharacter is inv(lve', the (#stacles he has an' ever$thin* that haens t(hi) 6e <&st has a ha$ li.e, ever$thin* is al)(st stran*e .(r hi) an' hen itsee)s that he (&l' .in' (n her, that ill&si(n .inall$, it )a5es that he c()es#ac5 t( startin* (int6e i'ealizes the r(le (. $(&n* *irl= )a5in* e)hasizes h( he sees herAlth(&*h s()eti)es he sea5s is in se+&al %sens&al an' er(tic a$, hen hesa$s 8 but my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were likefingers running upon the wires”  at the ti)e that he sea5s in a r()antica$ sa$in* “my eyes were often full of tears”  7hen he sea5s .(r .irst ti)eith her an' she sa$s that he can *( t( the #ene.icial )eetin* an' *(in* t(Ara#$ She sa$s t( hi) that she c(&l' n(t *( an' then he sa$s t( her that heill *( there an' #rin* her s()ethin* 7hen he aits t( his &ncle an' thisc()e later he r&shes t( Ara#$ #&t he .eels l&'icr(&s hen he sees that it ascl(sin* , he )a$#e thin5 that is a )aterial a$ t( reach her l(ve an' 'eci'est( c()e #ac5 h()e S(, here ($ce )a5es the sa)e ith 8The /ea'9 (r8Eveline9 st&'ies intrinsicall$ t( the character an' tries t( sh( ever$thin*that the character .eels an' thin5s The .r&strati(n an' the i))at&re (n thecharacter is clearl$ .i+e'As the )a<(rit$ (. ($ce;s st(ries, this <&st haens an$thin*, the l(t (nl$ isan (#<ect t( reach s()ethin* that .inall$, never ill haen S()e res(&rces>  htt>??literar$'evicesnet? , htt>??esi5ie'ia(r*?i5i?a)es@($ce, htt>??)en'elec()?77/?77/ara#$n(tesht)l
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