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Art of 9x9 Go
  The Art of 9x9 Go Best Edition The Art of 9x9 Go, Page 1 HOW TO BEAT DAN PLAYERS at GoQuest STRATEGY AND STRATAGEMS OF 9x9 GO by Monteo da Westi, 1 Dan  The Art of 9x9 Go, Page 2   The Art of 9x9 Go How to beat dan players at GoQuest © 2016 Monteo da Westi  The Art of 9x9 Go How to beat dan players at GoQuest by Monteo da Westi, 1 dan BEST EDITION: 2017 Version 170420 © 2016, 2017 Monteo da Westi, WGA. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be distributed, posted, or reproduced in any form or by any means, digital, mechanical, screen capturing, converting to PDF/iBook, or otherwise, without prior permission of the author. The Art of 9x9 Go, Page 3  Preface Why You Need to Read This Book If you can neither beat any 9x9 dan player at GoQuest nor can you beat Igowin Pro or Igowin HD at their maximum strengths, even games, your strength is still at a kyu level. If you would like to beat hundreds of them, like I did, or if you are trying to reach the master level of 1 dan (Shodan), this non-commercial, ebook might serve you well. Using the art of 9x9 described in the book, I beat hundreds of 1-2 dan players and some 3-6 dan players at GoQuest. Beating dan players is a prerequisite for reaching Shodan, which has long been a hard goal to achieve. Most players have played more than 4,000 games, and are still in the kyu trap (da West, 2016). If you are a kyu player, you might be able to reduce your retention time by reading this book, which deals with fundamental 9x9 strategy and stratagems that reflect my experience playing the game during the past 15 years (ca. 4,000 games played). The book consists of 13 chapters that describe how I beat hundreds of dan players at GoQuest. Some of the dan-level games were diagrammed, commented, and srcinally published at the Sensei's Library and provided as the accompanying materials of this book. If you are not sure whether you should read this book, you may consult, where opinions about this book have been sounded out by Malresser (2016). Some of their positive opinions are given on the back cover of this book. Hundreds of hawks are not worth one osprey. Likewise, hundreds of opinions are not worth one reading. The Art of 9x9 Go, Page 4
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