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BACKGROUND Epidemiology Engineering Mgmt ICF International FAA, EPA, NRC, etc.dod Georgetown Univ. Faculty OhMyGov Inc. SBIR, MSFT TOPICS COVERED Please interrupt with questions Social Media as a Data
BACKGROUND Epidemiology Engineering Mgmt ICF International FAA, EPA, NRC, etc.dod Georgetown Univ. Faculty OhMyGov Inc. SBIR, MSFT TOPICS COVERED Please interrupt with questions Social Media as a Data Source Tapping Open Source Intel Investigations Analysis Monitoring Options What is Social Media? More than just sharing pics of yourself online... It s the single LARGEST data source of public perception EVER created It s the single LARGEST data source of public observations EVER created Awareness of Facebook is close to 100% More than 1 billion people ( 70% of internet population) use social networks. Average Facebook session lasts 37 minutes, Twitter 23 minutes. More than 400 million people use Facebook daily. SOCIALDATA 0.5 billion links shared per week 19 billion comments/likes per wk 1 billion tweets per week X 52 weeks = 1.06 Trillion data points/yr and growing DATAUSES? Peak Breakup Times (Source: Facebook Status Updates via David McCandless) MEDIA MONITORING Real-time Situational Awareness US Airways Lands in Hudson Illegal Border Crossing Policy Changes & Incidents INTELLIGENCE GATHERING CROWDSOURCE IDEAS GEOGRAPHICANALYTICS TSA Analyze Social Media Men3ons by Loca3on SEARCHVIOLATIONS Oct. 26, 2011 Just unpacked my suitcase and found this note from TSA. Guess they discovered a personal item in my bag. Wow. SEARCHVIOLATIONS SOCIALINTELLIGENCE Assess how the public or particular audiences (e.g. doctors) are actively talking about important issues in news & social media through rigorous analysis. VA SENTIMENTANALYSIS = Positive Positive Negative Negative VA SENTIMENTANALYSIS 17.5% of comments came from current VA employees. Almost all negative. VA Employees Non-VA Staff VA Staff Non-VA Employees VA SENTIMENTANALYSIS (-) Complaints were lodged about services at: 1. Dallas, TX 2. Denver, CO 3. KC VAMC 4. Los Angeles, CA 5. Manchester, NH 6. West Haven, CT 7. San Diego, CA (+) Compliments in service improvements were noted at: 1. Hampton, VA 2. West Haven, CT 3. Houston, TX 4. Worcester, MA Where will future problems arise? Case Study: US Dept. of VA The Problem The VA has taken some bad publicity over the past few years, including inadequate healthcare at the nation's most well known government hospital: Walter Reed. In the midst of creating its strategic plan for the next two years, the agency had concerns about public opinion with regard to its programs. The Analysis Using our sophisticated tracking tools and human analysts, we provided the VA with a small but informative study analyzing what patients and VA's own employees were saying about the agency on social media across a sample of 5,000 public comments. The Results The research showed that while only 5% complained of receiving inadequate We healthcare, analyzed what 50% patients complained were saying of receiving poor customer service at VA facilities. This alerted the VA to the presence online about of a VA major care issue they were in their receiving customer service, providing the insights to support shifting some funding from and healthcare discovered to complaints service initiatives. about In addition, the research identified 7 specific facilities where complaints were the customer highest service and 4 far facilities outweighed where issues customers were noting significant improvements in customer service. Additional with quality research of care. at these! four facilities would reveal the policy shifts that triggered these online compliments. 1000 Profiles Quotes & Posts TRACKAGENCYINFLUENCERS 1000 Profiles Quotes & Posts FINDWASTE Search Dialogue News & SocMed FINDWASTE 40 AGENCIES TALKING ABOUT TOBACCO Quotes & Posts FINDWASTE 1200 Mentions of Gov t Conferences in 3 months by agencies next GSA? Hatch Act Violations Search dialogue from all agencies for violations. Hatch Act Violations Search dialogue from all agencies for violations. Neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan mentioned the war in Afghanistan during their big running mate roll-out in Virginia Saturday. Groups we can monitor: Governors & Candidates Congress & Committees Gen. Public & Coalitions Military Members Media Influences Government Agencies MONITORGROUPS Create a specific group to monitor: Contracting firms Unofficial accounts of Gov personnel Grantees Etc. CUSTOMDASHBOARDS Real-time monitoring of traditional and social media channels. Data on Tap. Track thousands of keywords Monitor key subjects Iden3fy major purveyors of informa3on or misinforma3on. TAKWAEAYS -WHYIT SUSEFUL 1. Use public sentiment & complaints to ID program weaknesses & strengths. 2. Monitor government agencies for waste and violations. 3. Track contractors, feds, and grantees to ID potential leads. 4. Crowdsource observations about programs at lower costs than traditional investigation. ABOUT OHMYGOV INC. OhMyGov Inc. helps government agencies use digital media for intelligence gathering, performance management, and improved decision- making. In associa-on with: I can see every Cabinet and federal agency using this technology in the future. Former Obama Chief Technology Advisor COMPANYLEADERSHIP Andrew B. Einhorn, CEO A published author, epidemiologist and technology consultant, Mr. Einhorn has over 11 years of experience providing the government technical support. Lisa Singh, Principal Technology Consultant Dr. Singh is an expert in data mining, analysis and visualiza-on, a highly sought ajer consultant, and head of the Georgetown University computer science department. Richard Hartman, COO Dr. Hartman is a former federal senior execu-ve and a re-red Lt. Colonel with over 23 years of experience running government programs and departments. Mark Malseed, Cofounder and Exec Editor Mr. Malseed is a best- selling author, informa-on architect and informa-on technology consultant. Management is supported by a robust and highly talented team of former federal senior execu-ves, communica-ons experts, sta-s-cians, and sojware engineers. Contact
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