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Cousins 1 Austin Cousins Dr. Zhu The Second World War 11/24/15 The Failure of France “The hour has come for the decisive battle for the future of the German nation. For 300 years the ruler of England and France have made it their aim to prevent any real consolidation of Europe and above all to keep Germany weak and helpless. Wit
  Cousins 1Austin CousinsDr. ZhuThe Second World War 11/24/15The Failure of France“The hour has come for the decisie !attle for the future of the erman nation. For #$$ %ears the ruler of &n'land and France hae made it their aim to (reent an% real consolidation of &uro(e and a!oe all to )ee( erman% *ea) and hel(less. With this %our hour has come. The fi'ht *hich !e'ins toda% *ill decide the destin% of the erman (eo(le for 1+$$$ %ears. ,o* do %our dut%- 1  This *as itlers s(eech to his troo(s ri'ht !efore he sent to inade *hat *as the lar'est militar% at the time. itler had !een deastated !% the erman%s lose to the French in theFirst World War. e *rote a!out it  Mein Kampf   ho* much he hated the French and ho* the% o((ressed erman% *ith the Treat% of 0ersailles. 2  itler *anted a chance to 'et !ac) *hat erman% had lost. First he too) (o*er in erman%+ then he too) !ac) the hineland+ then Austria+ Cechosloa)ia+ 3oland+ Denmar)+ and ,or*a%. e *as read% to ta)e on the rand Alliance of ritain and France. The (ro!lem *as that ritain and France *ere not read% for itler es(eciall% the French. French leadershi( !oth militaril% and (oliticall% *ere un(re(ared tofi'ht. The (eo(le of France did not *ant to fi'ht. And the French *ere not (re(ared technolo'icall% to for the ne* *ar the% *ould hae to fi'ht. The ermans ho*eer found e6(loited these *ea)nesses !% ma)in' them stren'ths. All of these elements the inade7uacies of French leadershi(+ lac) of French morale+ and the (oor use of technolo'% such as the radio+ 1  8iller+ Donald 9.+ and enr% Steele Comma'er. :The ,ai ;u''ernaut.: The Stor% of World War <<. ,e* =or)> Simon ? Schuster+ 2$$1. 3rint 2  itler+ Adolf+ and al(h 8anheim. :The reat War.: 8ein @am(f. oston> ou'hton 8ifflin+ 14#. 1B2$$. We!.  Cousins 2com!ined *ith erman leadershi(+ the (eo(les steadfastness+ and militar% mechaniation lead toa terri!le defeat for France in the summer months of 14$. 9eadershi( on !oth sides is the most im(ortant factor in the erman ictor%. erman%s leaders *ere stron' and intelli'ent 'enerals that tried to sta% as u( to date on tactics and technolo'%. For the most (art the erman Wehrmacht or arm%E *as still under the control of 'enerals rather than itler. The head of this massie arm% of oer Field 8arshal Walther on rauchitsch. The ori'inal (lan for the inasion *as to lead three armies into the ,etherlands+ olland+ el'ium+ and France. ne arm% led !% en. on undstedt in the center+ *ould attac)  !et*een el'ium and the 8a'inot line. en. on 9ee! *ho *ould face the 8a'inot line directl%and tr% to tie u( French forces at their !oarder. en. on oc)+ *ho *ould start the !attle in the 9o* Countries+ *ould create another distraction and force the French and ritish to !e surrounded !% 0on. undstedts arm%. All *ere e6(erienced eterans of the First World War. That did not hold an% of them from understandin' the *a% that *arfare *as chan'in'. The% had also all fou'ht in 3oland and *ere ade(t to the ne* !lit)rie' *ar. <n the ori'inal inasion (lan for France on oc)s force *ould !e the stron'est and attem(t to ta)e on all the allied armies ina fierce !attle of attrition. This chan'ed *hen t*o Generalleutnant   created a ne* (lan. The first is &rich on 8anstein *or)ed on case %ello*+ the code name of the (lan to inade France+ to chan'e it so that it *ould tra( the French and ritish armies in el'ium !% ma)in' the 0on undstedts arm% the lar'est. 0on undstedt *ould stri)e 7uic) throu'h the Ardennes forest strai'ht to the &n'lish Channel creatin' a (oc)et of allied soldiers to !e crushed from all sides. While the (lan at first receied stiff resistance it *as ado(ted once itler learned a!out the  !oldness of the stri)e. Another )e% (la%er is ein uderian+ the *riter of  Achtung Panzer, one the first !oo)s to descri!e the !lit)rie' *arfare that hel(ed the erman arm% *in time and a'ain  Cousins #in the earl% da%s of the *ar. Accordin' to the 8ansteins (lan there *ould hae to !e a stron' leader at the head of the (aner arm% in the Ardennes. The drie in that forest *ould !e the most im(ortant (art since it *ould allo* the arm% to tra( the allies stron'est soldiers *ithin a (oc)et. uderian *ould lead an armored cor( into the Ardennes and race to the &n'lish Channel. uderian had alread% *ritten do*n in his !oo) ho* he *ould fi'ht durin' the attle of France and demonstrated it in 3oland. The ermans also had an understandin' of the French !attle strate'% as en. ein uderian said+ “The erman leadershi( could safel% rel% on the defense of France !ein' s%stematicall% !ased of the fortifications-. #  The erman leadershi( *ere as  (re(ared as the% could !e. 8ost erman 'enerals *ere *ar% a!out tr%in' to fi'ht the French usin' the strate'ies of the First World War+ !ut all *ere committed to ta)in' reen'e on the French. Althou'h a lot of soldiers *ere read% to die for erman%+ most did not hae the (ro(er trainin' com(ared to their counter(arts or had the ri'ht amount of su((lies. ut as the militar%  (roer! 'oes “An arm% of shee( led !% a lion is !etter than an arm% of lions led !% a shee(-. The lions *ere read% *hile the shee( lie in *ait !ehind their *all. The French considered themseles as (re(ared for an%thin' the erman arm% could thro* at them. While most erman 'enerals *ere *ar% a!out tr%in' to fi'ht the French usin' thestrate'% of the First World War all *ere committed to ta)in' reen'e on for the tra'ed% that  !efell them at 0ersailles. n the other side of the 8a'inot line the feelin's *ere not mutual. The French commander and chief+ en. 8aurice amelin+ *ho *as GH %ears old *hen *ar *as declared+ had no intention of leain' the 8a'inot line. en. amelin )ne* the ermans *ould neer attac) the 8a'inot 9ine directl% and antici(ated that the ermans *ould rel% a'ain on the Schlieffen (lan of attac)in' throu'h el'ium. amelin *as reassured *hen a 9uft*affe s(otter #  ArnoldForster+ 8ar). :Fall of France.: The World at War. ,e* =or)> Stein and Da%+ 1H#. 3rint.  Cousins 4 (lane *as do*ned in ;anuar% of 14$. 4  The (lane contained an earl% ersion of Case =ello*+ !ut at the time sho*ed that the main thrust *ould !e Iust in el'ium and the smaller (ush *as in Ardennes. French hi'h command )ne* *here the main inasion force *ould come from and  (lanned accordin'l%. amelin sent his !est his !est troo(s and the ritish &6(editionar% Force &FE to the el'ium !order to *ait for the ermans to ma)e their moe. amelin !elieed+ alon' *ith most of France+ in the 8a'inot mentalit%. ut there *ere those in France that disa'reed. Colonel Charles De aulle !elieed in the (o*er of the tan) and *rote his o*n  Achtung Panzer  + called Vers l’Armee de Metier. ut Charles *as (reachin' to the deaf. ,o one inthe French i'h Command !elieed in usin' technolo'%. amelin een had all of his re(orts deliered !% couriers on motorc%cle. This lead to massie (ro!lems durin' the !attle *hen *holediisions *ere mis(laced !ecause !% the time the courier arried+ receied the ne* messa'e and *ent to delier it the diisions mi'ht hae !een destro%ed. e *as a relic of the (ast and not suited for the fast (aced *arfare that *as arriin' on his doorste(. nce the Allied Arm% started to colla(se in France amelin *as sac)ed !% the French 3rime minister to !e re(laced !% H# %ear old 8a6ime We%'and. We%'and at the time *as retired liin' in S%ria. e had retired in 1#5. 5  e *as thro*n in the !attle *ith an arm% that *as in disarra% and colla(sin'. The French militar% decided the outcome of this !attle in 1## *hen the ermans first remilitaried the hineland. % sho*in' that it *as more im(ortant for them to sta% !ehind the 8a'inot 9ine+ the% sho*ed that the% had ero desire to fi'ht another *ar. When it *as officiall% declared the 4  ArnoldForster+ 8ar). :Fall of France.: The World at War. ,e* =or)> Stein and Da%+ 1H#. 3rint. 5  The &ditors of &nc%clo(edia ritannica. :8a6ime We%'and.: &nc%clo(edia ritannica nline. &nc%clo(edia ritannica+ n.d. We!. 2# ,o. 2$15.
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