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Free CD Offers - Beauty and the Power to Love & The Christian Woman
  Beauty and the Power to Love Sometimes important ideas come from unexpectedplaces. I came across an article in the journal, First Things,  by architect, Catesby Leigh. Leigh is a RomanCatholic. He’d been provoked by an article on churcharchitecture by another architect and I have no idea what would have prompted me of all people to read anarticle on church architecture. But, having picked it upand read the first paragraph, I couldn’t put it down. Theauthor wrote very well. He pulled no punches and he hiton something that has been nagging at my mind forquite a long time. He got me in the first paragraph. Hesaid, “It’s no secret that the state of religiousarchitecture in America is bad—really bad. The American idea of inevitable progress runs into a brick  wall when we compare the quality of our architecturaloutput a century ago with the stuff we are building now.” Nothing high flown about his rhetoric—he justcalled it bad, really bad, and he speaks of the stuff we’rebuilding now.Nearly every form of art, music, and beauty hasbecome seriously degraded in the past 100 years. To me,his complaint about architecture was only one facet of amassive societal change that has been going on for along time and, particularly, has accelerated in the past 50years. There’s been a terrible fading of beauty.Something has happened; something has changed.Something has gone out of our lives and, frankly, I’m worried that we will never get it back. I think we havesacrificed love on the altar of modernism. Having lostthe power to love, men have lost the power to createbeauty, for beauty arises from love. I heard someone say recently that the creation of the universe was an act of love. I’ll never forget a phrase out of Rollo May’s book, Love and Will  . He said, “When men lose the power tolove, they substitute power over.” And, in this last 50years, women have gone from being objects of love tosex objects. Women have participated in the terribledeed and there’s nobeauty in it—thereis only lust. It’sreflected in the way young women dress.Someone dubbed it“slut wear.” Beauty is not the object. Sexis the object. There’sa terrible irony thatarose from the women’s movement. Women were worried aboutbecoming sexobjects and didn’t want to be looked at that way. Butsomehow they’ve sacrificed beauty and love, and there’snothing left but sex. continued on page 5 . . . How to Achieve Financial Success. . . Born To Win should soon have a new, interestingly  written booklet by Ron Dart available. It will betitled: The Key to Financial Success.  The Apostle Johnsaid, “I would above all things that thou mayestprosper and be in health, even as your soulprospereth.” Ron shared with the Apostle John thedesire for your economic success This booklet is written from that perspective. You need to read it. You can reserve your copy now. Just remember itmay be a few weeks before it is available. Thank youfor your support. Your gifts are especially neededand appreciated at this time to get the Gospel outmore powerfully. We at BTW are very grateful forevery offering no matter how small or large. Volume 3, Number 2February 15, 2017  Making Life Work INSIDE THIS ISSUE By Ronald L. Dart Beauty and the Power toLove By Ronald L. Dart................................ 1 How to Achieve FinancialSuccess........................  1 Love is Good By David Havir III............................. 2  Who Should We Love? By Mardy Cobb................................  2  A Government in Transition By Ken Lewis....................................  3 BTW / CEM 2016 Accomplishments..........  3  A Tribute toRonald L. Dart...............  4   page 2 If you go shopping at all this time of year, you can’thelp but be bombarded by reminders of love. Heart-shaped candies, balloons, stuffed animals, greeting cards—it is all right there at your fingertips! What doesthe Bible say? We are commanded to love God with allour hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Thisholiday should be perfect for that! Or is it? To be honest, I’m not here to get into a discussionabout whether or not we should or shouldn’t observe Valentine’s Day. You can do the research and discoverthe pagan srcins on your own. For some people, theconnection to paganism is enough to throw out doing anything special on that day. Others would argue that weall do things on a daily basis that have connections topaganism. I can see both sides of that argument.Let’s put that aside for now and look at this another way. The Bible talks about seeking counsel from ourelders. Well, I have a lesson that I learned from an elderthat is very dear to me. . . my grandmother.Unfortunately, my father’s mother passed away a few years ago. But she is definitely not forgotten.I had a very good relationship with Gram. When my parents would occasionally go out of town on work trips, my grandmother would fly in from Pennsylvania to watch my brother and me. We attended most of my early Feasts of Tabernacles with her. I want to take aminute to share one particular lesson with you that Ilearned from her. Whenever events like her birthday or Mother’s Day appeared on the calendar, Gram was insistent that wenot make it a big deal. I’m sure there are lots of people who feel the same way. In fact, as I get older, I canunderstand why people might want to ignore theirbirthdays.However, that wasn’t what she was talking about. When someone would say something about Mother’sDay, I remember she would always reply, “Every day isMother’s Day.” When I was younger, I rememberthinking: Gram sounds a little greedy! Was I supposed toget her a gift or a card every day? I couldn’t afford that. As I got older, I realized that wasn’t what she wastalking about. Gram wasn’t talking about receiving gifts daily; Gram was saying that the best way to honorher was to show her love and respect to her all thetime.But who wants to do that? That seems like a lot of  work! It is far easier to ignore or be rude to peopledaily and make up for it on special “Hallmark holidays.” Do we fall into this trap? I know I have. AndI’d be willing to bet you have too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the grand gesture, with making someone feel loved. But, next time, before you do that,maybe take a minute to make sure that you are doing itfor the right reasons. Take a minute to make sure that we are all treating each other with kindness and respecton a daily basis. Love is Good By David Havir III “Love not the world, neither the things that are   in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Fatheris not in him. For all that is   in the world, the lust of theflesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, isnot of the Father, but is of the world. And the worldpasses away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abides forever” (1 John 2:15-17).Our world has rejected its Creator and abandonedits Redeemer. The foundation of our world was set themoment Adam and Eve followed Satan in the Gardenof Eden, instead of following God. Since then, Godhas continued to reach into our world with a loving hand to offer redemption. Few people have  Who Should We Love? Who Should We Love? Who Should We Love? Who Should We Love? Who Should We Love? By Mardy Cobbresponded. Why? Because our world is filled with the wrong things: “the lust of the flesh, and the lust of theeyes, and the pride of life.” Of course, we should expectthat because we know the god of this world is Satan (2Corinthians 4:4). If we follow Christ, we cannot love this world. This world is filled with hate toward our Fatherin heaven. And this world is only temporary. Everything and everyone in this worldpasses away. The only things that continue are those who belong to God. Let’s make sure we love ourFather in heaven and our Elder Brother Jesus Christabove all. May we always belong to them.   page 3  A Government in Transition  The election process for the 45th president of theUnited States is complete. The new president began hisadministration on January 20 th , 2017. Once again, theUnited States demonstrated to the world a peacefultransference of power. Along with the presidency, theHouse of Representatives and the Senate have astronger Republican presence. This election will evenaffect the Judicial Branch of the government asappointments for the Supreme Court are made. This new Republican government will be completely opposite from the first Democratic Obamaadministration of eight years ago; but make no mistake,it will be a continuation of the same laws, rules, andsystems our founding fathers established. This is aunique time as one administration ends and anotherbegins. This is a time of transition.President Donald Trump has a team of qualifiedpeople working on the transition. Each team memberhas assignments. These assignments are being called“notebooks.” The notebooks contain procedures andpolicies necessary to complete the transition in anorderly manner. They contain the collective work onpolicies of transition for a department or an office. They  will become the roadmap for the transition and thepolicies for governing the nation.In the biblical view, a “notebook” could becompared to a mansion. An office of responsibility inthe Kingdom of God will likewise only be given to thebest-qualified people. Thankfully, we have a Savior who will help us into that Kingdom. You have talents andyou are expected to use them or they will be taken away. What will your notebook look like? Or should I ask,how are you building your mansion?“In my Father’s house are many Mansions: if it werenot so, I would have told you. I go and prepare a placefor you” (John 14:2). Jesus Christ is gathering his transition team. It willbecome the Bride of Jesus Christ. This will be a uniquetime as all the kingdoms of mankind begin to end, andthe Kingdom of God begins. This will be a time of realtransition. It will include all people who have inheritedeternal life at his return. . . and all willing humanity inhis Kingdom on Earth.“And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood outof every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; andhast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shallreign on the earth” (Revelation 5:9-10). At that time, there will be a new government without the failings of mankind. Jesus Christ will be“King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and thegovernment will be upon his shoulders.”“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and hisname shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace”(Isaiah 9:6).By Ken Lewis  Born to Win/CEM 2016 Accomplishments  This is a quick overview of the work Born toWin and CEM did with God’s help in 2016. Statistics % Increasefor 2016over 2015  Total Items Shipped556486%% of Shipments That Were Free94%same Total New Listeners70535%Bookstore Orders342114%Current Radio Stations504%  . Statistics % Increasefor 2016over 2015 Unique Visitors5477343%Number of Visits17936132%Pages Viewed49808518%Countries Reached190 same Facebook* Likes3056 56% Weekly Reach***183002011%*Social Media Manager started March 2015*** Weekly Reach was 867 in March 2015   page 4 Tribute to Ronald L. Dart   We here at CEM want to take a moment to rememberour founder, Ronald L. Dart. The anniversary of hispassing was this past month. We greatly miss his wisdom and knowledge. However, we are very thankful for the messages, books, and articles that hehas provided for us. His material is timeless, and we willcontinue to make them available to any and all. We came across a poem written to Mr. Dart by long-time listener, Rob Embers,that we would like to share with you: The Scattered Flock  I have a friend I’ve never known.He does not write, he does not call,Or visit me when I’m alone,Nor keep my picture on his wall. This friend of mine does not live near, And yet I’ve come to look for him, When two or more are gathered here, To listen to his voice again.He seems to know my Father well, As if he were a family friend.For when he’s speaking I can tell,How near my Father he has been.My friend has never seen my face,But he will open when I knock.For he received my Father’s grace, And I am of his Father’s flock.
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