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  Core Material Build-It ®  All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2010 Pentron Clinical. BULT_Rev00 53 North Plains Industrial RoadWallingford, CT 06492 t  | 800.551.0283 | 203.265.7397 w  | Ordering Information For more information on our entire line of innovative dental productsvisit us at or call us at 1.800.551.0283 The  Build-It   family of core materials provides the ideal com-bination of strength, versatility, shade selection, and curingmodalities to accommodate all core material preferences. Whether you prefer the dual/self-cure flexibility of   Build-It FR , orthe high depth of cure of   Build-It   Light Cure, Pentron Clinical putsyou in complete control of your core build up procedures. The  Build-It   family of core materials: >  Build-It FR  Core Material 25ml CartridgeDelivery System >  Build-It FR Mini Mix   Delivery System >  Build-It   Light Cure Core Material >  Build-It   Core Forms Strengthen your core withBuild-It ® Core Materials! When I need  a reliable core material, I just  reach for Pen-tron's Build-It.It's easy to place, easy to adapt, and has the strength neces- sary to support any fixed prosthesis.Build-it has been a part of my clinical tool belt for years and isone of those products I don't want to be without. John C. Flucke, DDS What doctorsare saying about Build-It ® FR ™ Core Material Build-It FRflows easily  into the prep- aration when injected and the dual-cure nature allows me to bulk fill core buildups and quickly cure the material.The fiber reinforcement pro-vides a durable buildup that cuts like dentin. Gregori M. Kurtzman  , DDS, MAGD, FPFA,FACD, DICOI Build-It ® FR ™ Fiber Reinforced Core Build-Up Material Kit  REF N32 Kit includes 25ml Auto-Mix Cartridge A2, Build-It FR Dispensing Gun,Instructions and Accessories Build-It ® FR ™ 25ml Refills  A2 REF N32AA Gold REF N32AB A3 REF N32AE Opaceous White REF N32ADBlue REF N32AC Build-It ® FR ™ 25ml Accessories 1 – 25ml 1:1 Dispensing Gun REF N32B48 – Intra-Oral Tips - Yellow REF N32D48 – Wastesaver Tips - Blue REF N32E Build-It ® FR ™ Mini-Mix ™ Fiber Reinforced Core Build-Up Material Kit  REF N32F Kit includes 5 – 4ml Syringes (A2, A3, Blue, Gold, & Opac. White),Instructions and Accessories Build-It ® FR ™ Mini-Mix ™ 4pk Refills  A2 REF N32FA Gold REF N32FC A3 REF N32FB Opaceous White REF N32FEBlue REF N32FD Build-It ® FR ™ Mini-Mix ™  Accessories 1 – 1:1 Auto-Mix Syringe Dispenser Gun REF N75S48 – Mixing Tips / 48 – Intra-Oral Tips REF N32GA 100 – Mixing Tips / 100 – Intra-Oral Tips REF N32GB Build-It ® FR ™ Light Cure Core Build-Up Material - Syringe Kit  REF N32T  Kit includes 2 – 2.2ml / 5gm Syringes and Instructions Build-It ® FR ™ Light Cure Core Build-Up Material - Single Dose Kit  REF N32U Kit includes 30 – 0.25gm Single Doses and Instructions Single Dose Dispenser Gun  REF N75A  Build-It ® Core Forms  REF N38 Kit includes 150 Core Forms (25 each of sizes 1–6), Handle and Instructions Build-It ® Core Forms Refills #1-Anterior Small REF N38AA #4-Large Canine REF N38AD#2-Anterior Medium REF N38AB #5-Small/Medium Molar REF N38AE#3-Premolar REF N38AC #6-Large Molar REF N38AF 2006 Dental Townie Choice Awards  awarded to  Build-It FR 2006 Dental Advisor Preferred Product  awarded to  Build-It FR  and  Build-It   Core Forms 2009 Reality Four Star Award  awarded to  Build-It FR  and  Build-It   Core Forms 2010 Dental Product Shopper Rcommended Award  awarded to  Build-It FR  Light Cure Build-It ® Core Materials  —the right tools for building stronger cores! Build-It ® FR ™ Fiber ReinforcedCore MaterialBuild-It ® Light CureCore MaterialBuild-It ® Core Forms Build-It ® Core MaterialPhysical Properties Build-It ® FR™ Core Material  (Light Cured) Compressive Strength (MPa):  358 Flexural Strength (MPa):  119  Vickers Hardness:  45 Build-It ® FR™ Core Material  (Self Cured) Compressive Strength (MPa):  329 Flexural Strength (MPa):  129  Vickers Hardness:  45 Build-It ® Light Cure Core Material Compressive Strength (MPa):  272 Flexural Strength (MPa):  189  Vickers Hardness:  63 Compressive strength, flexural strength, and fracture toughness data courtesy of   Carlos A Muñoz-Viveros, DDS, MSD and  Marc Campillo, PhD . Vickers hardness data by Weitao Jia. “          “ “          “   After etching and bonding with Bond-1  Primer Adhesive,  Build-It FR is injected into the post canal. A   FibreKleer   Serrated Post is insertedinto the canal and light cured to initiatethe set of   Build-It FR  Core Material. Build-It FR  Core Material flowsevenly around the post and onto thepreparation without slumping.Final esthetic core. Build-It ® FR™ Fiber Reinforced Core Material may be one of themost versatile materials in all of restorative dentistry.  Formulatedto flow and stack without slumping,the material’s unique viscositymakes it the perfect core materialas well as the ideal post cement.Specially treatedglass fibersgive  Build-It FR Core Materiala com-pressivestrength of 329 MPafor a strongand reliable foundation for yourindirect restorations. Designed to offer optimal versatilityand performance,  Build-It FR  Core Material self-cures in minutesor light-cures in seconds to a rock-hard consistency that cutslike dentin without ditching. Choose from shades A2, A3, OpaceousWhite, Gold, and Blue in either 25ml auto-mix cartridges or 4ml MiniMix™ syringes. >  Dentin-like properties  - trims like tooth structurewithout ditching. >  Chopped glass fiber filler   - provides a compres-sive strength of 329 MPa for durable, long-castingcores. >  Easy handling  - flows where you want it to withoutslumping. >  Dual cure  - puts you in control of the setting time. >  Two dispensing options  - dispense from either25ml auto-mix gun or 4ml  Mini-Mix   syringes. >  Versatile  - use as a core build-up material and forFibreKleer ® and FibreKor ® Post cementation. >  Multipleshades - Three esthetic dual-cure shades(A2, A3, & Opaceous White) or two self-curecontrast shades (Gold, Blue). Build-It ® Light Cure Core Material isspecifically designed for clinicians thatfavor the on-command cure afforded bylight cure core materials.  The high translu-cency of   Build-It   Light Cure enables a 10mmdepth of cure without the need of building upincremental layerswithaslittleas20secondscuring time per surface. Furthermore, once Build-It   Light Cure is polymerized, it behaves just like srcinal  Build-It FR  Core Material;outstanding physical properties and theability to prep like dentin without ditching. A proprietary new BisGMA-free resinpromotes non-sticky, sculptable handlingenabling quick and easy adaption to thetooth and post. >  10mm depth of cure  – streamlines placement andshortens procedure time. >  Twodeliveryoptions – available in syringe or single dose >  Ideal hardness  – preps like dentin to minimize ditchingwhen transitioning from core material to tooth structure >  Highly radiopaque  – enables unmistakable detection onradiographs >  On command light-cure – offers complete control of settime intraorally >  Compatiblewith4th-7thgenerationbondingagents –enables you to use your preferred bonding agent >  BisGMA-free resin  – contains no bisphenol A  ® ®™™ Compressive Strength:Light-Cure Core Materials  (MPa) Build-ItLCClearfilPhotocoreSuperCure Light-Core0501001502002503003500501001502002575125175 ®® ™™ Flexural Strength:Light-Cure Core Materials  (MPa) Build-ItLCClearfilPhotocoreSuperCure Light-Core ®® ™™ Fracture Toughness:Light-Cure Core Materials  (MPa  ã  m 1/2  ) Build-ItLCClearfilPhotocoreSuperCure Light-Core0. The combination of  Build-It FR and the new Build-It Light Cure pro-vides the clinician with all the tools necessary todo quick, easy, extremely  strong high quality core buildups at a relatively low cost per use. Build-It Light Cure complements the srcinal formula-tion with its excellent handling characteristics and its extremely deep depth of cure. We haveused no other core materials in over a decade. Gary L. Henkel, DDS, MAGD Only Build-It ® FR ™ Core Materialdelivers all of the following:Only Build-It ® Light Cure CoreMaterial delivers all of the following: Build-It ® Core Forms are the ideal way to quickly andefficiently fabricate perfectly shaped cores.  These disposable,transparent core forms come in six pre-contoured shapes toaccommodate virtually all your core build up situations. Simply fillthe  Build-It   Core Form with your core material of choice, place itonto the preparation, and light cure or wait for your material tochemical cure. Once your core is polymerized, remove the coreform and you’re ready to go. Build-It ® Core Forms >  Pre-Contoured  – creates perfectly shaped cores >  Transparent  – enables light activation of light cure anddual cure core materials >  Flexible  – permits easy removal after polymerization >  Six sizes  – provides an assortment of sizes to addressvirtually all core build up needs “          “ 050100150200250 Flexural Strength:Self-Cure Core Materials  (MPa) Build-ItFRParaCore LuxacoreZ ®®® CorePaste ™™ 050100150200250300350 Compressive Strength:Self-Cure Core Materials  (MPa) Build-ItFR AbsoluteDentinParaCore LuxacoreZCorePaste ® ® ®™ ™™ Build-It ® FR ™ Core Material Build-It ® Light Cure Core Material   When I am not fixing computersor teaching the latest technolo- gies, I am restor- ing compromised teeth. Build-it FR has been my first choice for many  years due to its consistent results and ease of use. Paul Feuerstein,  DMD Technology Editor,Dental Economics “          “ Post Cementation& Core Build-Up Clinical photos courtesy of Michael Maroon, DMD,Founder and Fellow, Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics
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