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Brightcove case
   Abstract Brightcove, a technology and services provider to content owners in the Internet television field, aimed to become a media distribution company in its own right. On October 30, 2006, it relaunched its ebsite!and, in effect, its business. ith its new, consumer facing home page, and with new offerings for advertisers and affiliates as well as video publishers, Brightcove sought to build a four sided business #or $platform$% around the rapidly e&panding online video industry. 'imultaneously, ()O *eremy +llaire was completing a maor funding round that would enable the company to ma-e strategic investments in some or all of several categories technology, media distribution infrastructure, international e&pansion, and ac/uisitions. +s +llaire and his fellow e&ecutives weighed those options, they confronted competitive threats in multiple /uarters, but particularly from ou1ube, a hugely popular video sharing site that online search giant oogle had recently ac/uired. (overs Brightcoves vision for its multi sided business, its technology offering and early business model, its efforts to shift to a new model based on media distribution, and its chief competitors in thatmar-et space. Study Questions: (in addition to “pressure diagram” assessment of key contextual factors) 1. What ere !rightco e#s ision and $usiness model in %&&' What ere its strengths and eaknesses %. !rightco e ent after pu$lishers rst* rather than consumers rst (like +ou,u$e). Was that a strategic mistake -. What are !righco e#s most promising opportunities today Should the company still pursue a S/ $usiness odel 0f no* hy not 0f yes* ho exactlylass '23e$ruary 14* %&15: ulti6Sided /latforms 7s 8e odel for 9ri ing 9isruption* Scale and alue reation ,his session ill co er the nota$le impacts thatmultisided platforms ha e had in disrupting ne products;ser ices* and supporting $usiness models hich connect $uyers and suppliers in a nota$ly loer cost* more agile and per asi e manner. 7 discussion of social netorks and shared economy entures such as <$er and 7ir!n! ill $e discussed including their rapid groth* uni=ue connectedness* as ell as regulatory threats. 7nalysis of hen and here multi sided platform models ork $est ill pro ide a frameork for market assessment. BRIGHTCOVE AND THE FUTURE OF INTERNET TELEVISION HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL CASE STUDY 9-707-457.  1his paper provides a Ber-eley 4esearch case analysis and case study solution to a popular 5arvard strategic management and technology management case study by avid B. offie, +ndrei 5agiu and 7ichael 'lind concerning Brightcove, a technology and services provider to Internet 18 content owners. 1he case focuses on Brightcove9s efforts to transform itself into a media distribution company. 1he paper includes problem identification, problem analysis with 'O1 and competitive analysis, identification and assessment of alternatives, recommendation, and implementation plan. :)O4' communication  channels Internet media case study competitive analysis advertising brightcove case solution technology management strategy e&ecution strategic management. +;+ 'tyle. <2 pages, <= footnotes, <0 bibliographic sources. 3,2>6 words.
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