Bucarest June | Pipe (Fluid Conveyance)

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Bucarest June
  BridgingPipeline Assessmentto Pipeline Rehabilitation   Your Source for…Global Pipeline Solutions  June19-21, 2006 Bucharest  by Laurent Fabry   WhatcomesafterILI? ãILI Service (defectdetection)ãFitness-For-Service (FFS) Assessmentsleadto new Pipeline SafeOperating PressureãPipeline Rehabilitationaimisto restore original operating conditions Various FFS Guidelines: -API 579-ModifiedB31G (RSTRENG)-B31.8 App. L-DNV RP F101-BS 7910  Fitness-For-Service Fitness-for-Service will:  Extenddesign life  DefineSafe& ReliableOperationParametersof Pipeline BUT…FFS leadsto decreaseof SafeOperating Conditions… FFS is NOT meeting the EconomicReturn needs of Operators! WhileRehabilitationwill:  Maximizeyourprofit  WhileReducingyourriskfactor   TDW & Rehabilitation Full Productsand Services offering New revisedASMEB31.4 to bereleased
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