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Case Study 1: Space Engineering Services MBA 625: Leadership for Decision Makers Michael David, Sydney Parkmond, Bryan Dau, Andrew DeLuke & Calvin White Space Engineering Services is in the industrial and commercial refrigeration engineering industry (Schedlitzki, Edwards, 2014). Companies in this industry tend to draft annual one year contracts with their key customers, in this case supermarket chains, in an effort to reduce risk on se
  Case Study 1: Space Engineering Services MBA 625: Leadership for Decision Maers Michae! David Sydney #ar$ond Bryan Dau Andre% DeLue & Ca!vin 'hiteSpace Engineering Services is in the industria! and co$$ercia! refrigeration engineering industry (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+,- Co$panies in this industry tend to draft annua! one year contracts %ith their ey custo$ers in this case super$aret chains in an effort to reduce ris on service de!ivery- As a resu!t of this practice the industry is no%n to .e e/tre$e!y reactive thus $aing !ong ter$ p!anning very difficu!t-Due to severa! recent contract a%ards Space Engineering Services is e/periencing gro%th and is e/panding internationa!!y re0uiring additiona! personne! to address %ith the de$and- he co$pany cu!ture appears to operate in a si!o fostering an environ$ent that !acs trust co$$unication and feeds uncertainty- E$p!oyees %or in re$ote !ocations and often %or in pairs or a!one in regiona! offices- his has !ed to !ac of vertica! and hori)onta! co$$unication i$pacting the perfor$ance and engage$ent !eve! of the e$p!oyees-he co$pany cu!ture has direct!y inf!uenced and e/acer.ated the $ain issue in the case study %hich is the disconnect .et%een Space Engineering Services front !ine e$p!oyees and its  $anage$ent- 3ront!ine e$p!oyees fee! they are the !ast to no% a.out core co$pany decisions and in turn fee! underva!ued- his a resu!t of a !ac of interna! co$$unication strategy face to face $anger interaction and !eadership4  training for $anagers-he graduate student %oring on this pro7ect sought out to correct the core issues %ithin the co$pany !isted a.ove- er pro7ect %as to design a perfor$ance $anage$ent too! for $onitoring and $easuring e$p!oyee perfor$ance- he goa! of this perfor$ance too! %as to i$prove the issues of change !eadership and overa!! co$$unication %ithin the co$pany  .et%een e$p!oyees and upper $anage$ent (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+,- he graduate student o.tained and co!!ected infor$ation fro$ e$p!oyees in order to deter$ine the disconnect .et%eene$p!oyees and $anagers- he end resu!ts %ere !ac of co$$unication and overa!! resu!ting in dissatisfaction %ith the !eadership and !ac of $ora!e and faith in the $anagers a.i!ities to $anage the depart$ent- According to Contingency heories different situations re0uire different types of !eadership (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+,- 'ith that in $ind the graduate student too into consideration the !eadership .ehaviors situationa! varia.!es and the needs of the e$p!oyees- 'ith the infor$ation co!!ected she %as a.!e to effective!y eva!uate the situation and deter$ine the ne/t steps needed to pro$ote success and i$prove !eadership-8ti!i)ing the Situationa! Leadership heory the graduate student %as a.!e to eva!uate the situation at hand and understand the type of support and direction that %ou!d need to tae p!ace to acco$p!ish her esta.!ished goa!s (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+,- Since the $anagers %ere found to .e ine/perienced and did not have any for$a! training in perfor$ance $anage$ent the graduate student ai$ed high on directive and supportive .ehavior and provided sufficient direction and support to the $anagers- 9nstead of de!egating the infor$ation to the $anagers sheunderstood the !eve! of the fo!!o%ers (D1Deve!oping, and provided the appropriate and right $i/ of direction and coaching needed to succeed (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+,- She %as a.!e to  acco$p!ish this through for$a! training oneonone intervie%s and .y providing guidance coaching and advising to the $anagers (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+,- ;ne can a!so app!y the #ath<oa! heory to her approach- According to the #ath<oa! heory !eaders need to $otivate their e$p!oyees and di$inish any o.stac!es in order to achieve end goa!s and i$prove overa!! perfor$ance (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+- he o.stac!es in this  particu!ar situation %ou!d .e the !ac of e/perience and training o.tained .y $anage$ent- By  providing the training coaching and overa!! guidance the graduate student %as a.!e to !essen this o.stac!e !eading to i$proved perfor$ance and co$$unication .et%een e$p!oyees and $anagers- During her ti$e there she focused 0uite a .it on perfor$ance $anage$ent- She deve!oped a =S';> ana!ysis (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+, %hich $easures strengths %eanesses opportunities and threats- his type of ana!ysis %ou!d .e of incredi.!e va!ue especia!!y if the opinions of staeho!ders %ere taen into consideration- he staeho!ders in this case study range fro$ e$p!oyees to senior !eve! $anage$ent- Specifica!!y the staeho!ders inc!ude the e$p!oyees $ost!y engineers $anagers and senior !eve! $anagers-he engineers %hich co$prise over ha!f of Space Engineering Services p!ay an integra! ro!e in the co$panys organi)ationa! cu!ture (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+,- Based on the various surveys and focus groups conducted e$p!oyees need .etter co$$unication fro$ $anage$ent and the perception that $anage$ent is invested in the$- By creating an environ$ent %ith $ore effective and regu!ar co$$unication e$p!oyees %i!! .eco$e $ore engaged fee! va!ued and u!ti$ate!y .ridge the gap4 disconnect .et%een front !ine e$p!oyees and $anage$ent- his %i!! drive .etter perfor$ance for the e$p!oyee as %e!! as the e$p!oyer-Managers are responsi.!e for he!ping to esta.!ish the co$panys cu!ture- ;ften ti$es $anagers %ho $ay .e high!y technica!!y si!!ed can !ac the hu$an interaction and !eadership si!!s to .e effective- his !eads to disengage$ent a$ong e$p!oyees and a !ac of .oth  co$$unication and understanding of the i$portance of inc!usion in the %orp!ace- 3or e/a$p!e the graduate student received during the third 0uarti!e that the e$p!oyees fe!t the  perfor$ance revie%s %ere !ined to $ore %or or de$otions (Sched!it)i Ed%ards 2*1+, %hich %as not the case- he e$p!oyees a!so fe!t the perfor$ance revie%s %ere $icro$anage$ent e/ercises to %hich the $anagers %hen ased ho% they e/p!ained the revie%s they stated =9 don?t rea!!y no%>- Co$$unication a$ongst a!! !eve!s is i$portant .ut %here the $eets the road is if the ne%est $e$.er of the co$pany no%s the vision and direction fro$ the $ost senior e$p!oyee- As for senior !eve! $anagers they are not co$$unicating and ho!ding the $id!eve! $anagers accounta.!e for eeping the e$p!oyees engaged infor$ed and connected to the visionand direction of the co$pany- 3or instance in the case study the graduate student introduced  perfor$ance appraisa!s inc!uding core co$petencies to the co$pany- he !ac of accounta.i!ity and co$$unication of the va!ue and rationa!e .ehind the perfor$ance appraisa! resu!ted in a !ac of .uy in fro$ the $anagers and a perfor$ance appraisa! co$p!etion rate of !ess than @6-he staeho!ders cou!d a!so inc!ude custo$ers such as super$aret chains and other services such as heating and venti!ation co$panies- Since they are the pri$ary parties on the receiving end their opinions and input on ho% to i$prove perfor$ance $anage$ent cou!d .e the ga$e changer in ho% Space Engineering Services operates- Since no staeho!der is e0ua! various ang!es and perspectives are ey to having a %e!!rounded approach to .ettering an issue- 9n regards to re$edying the issues that !ie %ithin Space Engineering Services the resu!ts fro$ a!! the surveys no% need to .e taen into consideration- Co$$unication can si$p!y .e fi/ed .y creating a net%or of chat roo$s $essage .oards or e$ai!s %here $essages can %or their %ay up the chain and issues can .e co$$unicated and re$edied 0uicer- =hey see their !ine $anager perhaps once a $onth as the core co$$unication is .y te!ephone- Engineers a!so do not have access to e$ai! and so any co$pany%ide co$$unication is sent via the post->
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