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Change Log
  Version 0.96 BETA-----------------Improved windows cmd files (thanks to Paul Gale).Fixed bug identified by Christian OudardFixed cdata handling (thanks to Bodo Bergmann)Refactored test suiteFixed bug identified by Brian SlettenVersion 0.95 BETA-----------------Minor improvements to documentation, scripts and package.Verison 0.94 BETA----------------- - Major bugfixes and refactoring - Windows scripts - Removed Java loggingVersion 0.93 ALPHA------------------This release focused on getting the code into a reasonableshape, before starting major bugfixing and adding features.- Large refactorings- Javadoc for most classes- Some bugfixesVersion 0.92 ALPHA------------------Several fundamental changes:- Added Ant build (thanks to Eric Saunders)- Re-organisation and renaming of files and directories. - Added jars to standard download.- Added automatic test suite to standard download.- Started javadoc and refactoring of code base.- Use of Java logging.Version 0.91 ALPHA------------------Minor update from 0.9 ALPHA Fixed minor problems with scripts (thanks to Lowell Alleman) Added 2 sample testfiles to download. Fixed trimming whitespace problem (Brian Buesker).
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