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Scope out these free starter rules to City of Oak's RPG City of Mist! It's a game of super-noir in a city veiled in magic, inspired by incredible pop-culture like Fables, American Gods, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and evocative of Wicked+Divine, Heroes, Unbreakable, and White Wolf's Scion. Players take on the role of Gateways, citizens of the city who have begun awakening to the truth: that something else -- something legendary -- is inside them, clawing its way out into the world. As their personal myth grows, it will draw them into a collision course with the other legends who inhabit the City. The only way the protagonists will survive this modern day clash of the titans, is to dig deep and uncover the mystery of what they are... without losing their humanity in the process.
  STARTER SET  Son Of Oak Game Studio  Alfred Rudzki (Order #10120183)  Son Of Oak Game Studio STARTER SET   Alfred Rudzki (Order #10120183)  Created by Amít Moshe Game Design amd Production:  Amít Moshe Artwork:  Marcin Soboń Graphic Design:  Juancho Capic & Manuel Serra Editing:  Eran Aviram Proofreading: Alexander Wamboldt Community:  Amít Moshe and Yaniv Rozenblat Playtesters : Eli Levinger, Yiftach Govreen, Assaf Elron, Nurit Guthrie, Gideon Guthrie, Alon Elkin, Ada Elkin, Milana Finkel, Simon, Ran Etya, Ronit Arbel, Tammy Ninio, Ron Ginton, Ohad Reshef, Yuda Hocman, Moran Elbaz, Noam Roth, Gil Osterweil, Maty Kishinevsky, Yoni Mendes, Michal Mendes, Elik Kazav, Yael Rosen, Maayan Gutterman, Chen Sharon, Or Comay Brauner,  Jonny Omer, Shachar Ganz, Yoni Heimann, Tamir Alush, Shoval Arad, Yoav Shlab, Maor Pomerants, Ortal Tal, Noam Avrahami, Erez Zvulun, Nadav Kunievsky, Natalie Goldshtein, Almog Yarom, Omer Raviv, Gur Arie Livni Alcasid, Aviv Or, Evyatar Amitay, Kristoer Frølunde Jensen, Justin Lafontaine, Charles Cole, Lloyd Gian, John Lamb, Dima Vegner, Hagai M. Gumpert, Erez Regev. (If we missed your name, let us know and we’ll add you in the full version!)This game’s rules are partially based on Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker. © 2016 Amít Moshe, Son of Oak Game Studio  Alfred Rudzki (Order #10120183)  In the shadows of shiny skyscrapers and derelict residential blocks, ancient stories and urban legends assume physical form, choosing mortal beings as their Gateways to this world. But the Myst , a mystical veil known only to a select few, prevents the unwitting denizens of the City from ever acknowledging the miracles they witness daily, hiding their true nature from one another. Distracted by their everyday hopes and fears, the people on the streets remain oblivious to the clash of mythical forces that drive and control the very life of the City.You were an ordinary person — until the seed of the legendary awoke within you. Now you seek answers to questions about your powers, but the truth always seems to elude you. Yet at the same time, you still want what every human being wants: love, money, power, peace of mind. Together with your ragtag crew of gifted individuals, you work to reveal the powers operating in the dark smoky alleys of the City,  just as those very powers seek you out for what you are. You will hit the streets in search of the strange cases, loose ends, and unsolved mysteries that will lead you to the truth, inevitably clashing with other legends in mortal form, agents of the powers beyond the Myst. Be warned — the truth is as dangerous as the forces that hide it. Only when you nd yourself sacricing that which is dearest to you will you truly learn the answer to the ultimate question: ‘who am I?’ . But will it be worth it? City of Mist is a role-playing game of lm-noir investigation and super-powered action. It is set in a modern metropolis rife with crime, conspiracies, and mysteries. The protagonists are Gateways , ordinary people who became the living embodiment of a legend, their Mythos . While your Gateways may seek to strike a balance between the mysterious nature of their Mythos and their mortal aspirations, the powers within them always threaten to tear their lives apart. They have unwittingly become a part of a secret world of clashing stories, and soon other legends will come looking for them with demands.   WELCOME TO THE CITY OF LEGENDS MADE FLESH.   In a corru p t and haun ted me tro poli s , individual s  from all walk s o f li fe become  ga teway s  to my thical  power s  from beyond ,  torn be tween  their  per sonal live s and  the le gend  growin g wi thin  them.  I n t  r  o d u c t  i o n 76 City of Mist Introduction  Alfred Rudzki (Order #10120183)
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