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Julia Collins 321-266-6448 Education AUGUST 2016 - PRESENT Ohio University, Athens OH - Critical Studies in Education. M. Ed. ● Graduate Research Assistant - Education and Social Change in Rural Communities ● Program focuses on formal education wit
   Julia Collins  juliakendrickcollins juliacollins93.weebly.com321-266-6448 Education AUU! 2#16 - $%&!&' Ohio University, Athens OH  - Critical Studies in Education. M. Ed. ● radua(e %esearc) Assis(an( - &duca(ion and !ocial *)ange in %ural *ommuni(ies ● $rogram +ocuses on +ormal educa(ion wi()in ()e con(e,( o+ U! cul(ure social jus(ice and emowermen( o+ all eoles AUU! 2#12 - /A0 2#16 University of South Florida, Tampa FL  - Elementary Education, B.S (Magna Cum Laude) ● lorida Academic !c)olar Award ● U! !c)olars Award ● $rogram +ocus on elemen(ary educa(ion in all subjec( areas including courses on (eac)ing &nglis) anguage earners and &,ce(ional !(uden(s AUU! 2##6 - /A0 2#12 Cocoa each Jr! Sr! Hi#h School, Cocoa each FL  - High School Diploma (Magna Cum Laude) $elevant E%perience AUU! 2#16- $%&!&' Ohio University  - raduate !esearch ssistant  ● ndiidual researc) work wi() +acul(y member 5(ranscribing li(era(ure searc) secre(orial du(ies ● 7asic suor( work 5rogram recrui(ing A'UA%0 2#16- $%&!&' Tampa &alms Elementary  - #ntern Le$el % ● Ado(ed leaders)i role in ins(ruc(ional decisions lesson lanning and classroom managemen( ● ni(ed and incorora(ed +eedback +rom o()er (eac)ers +or ro+essional grow() ● *ollabora(ed wi() U! s(a++ ama $alms +acul(y and ama $alms adminis(ra(ion (o crea(e a dynamic and e++ec(ie learning enironmen( +or all s(uden(s ● *ollec(ed and analyed da(a on ()e mos( e++ec( s(ra(egies +or (eac)ing wri(ing (o ()ird grade !: inclusie class  2 $elevant E%perience 'con(d) AUU! 2#14- :&*&/7&% 2#1; Sessums Elementary School  - #nternship Le$els &, ',  ● aug)( one-on-one small grous and w)ole class ● *ollabora(ed wi() o()er (eac)ers (o carry ou( lesson lans ● *omosed cri(ical analyses and re<ec(ions on (eac)ing rac(ices ● *ollec(ed and analyed da(a (o unders(and ()e imac( o+ di++eren( comre)ension s(ra(egies on a s(uden( wi() language rocessing disabili(y /A0 - AUU! 2#12-2#16 :&*&/7&% 2#13-2#16 City of Cocoa each $ecreation *epartment  - Summer un Camp Counselor, ssistant Head Counselor, Head Counselor  ● ead grou ac(ii(ies and managed c)ildren=s be)aior ● !uerised>(rained>managed ()e s(a++ ● *rea(ed curriculum and oersaw i(s imlemen(a(ion /A%*? 2#1; - /A0 2#16 Advanta#e Tutorin#  - *utor  ● :esigned educa(ional lessons across con(en( areas (o mee( s(uden(s= indiidual learning goals ● *ollabora(ed wi() aren(s and s(uden(s ou(side o+ sc)ool (o mee( educa(ional goals inside o+ sc)ool  Jo+ History /A%*? 2#14 - &7%UA%0 2#1; University illa#e Assisted Livin# - Dining !oom Ser$er  ● !ered residen(s ● !e( (ables be+ore and a+(er dining )ours ● eneral main(enance o+ +acili(ies A$% 2#12 - AUU! 2#12 Cocoa each Surf Company  - Sales ssociate ● %esonsible +or oin(-o+-sale (ransac(ions ● /ain(ained cus(omer-+riendly work enironmen( ● %esonsible +or roduc( lacemen( on sales <oor Community Service A'UA%0 2#12 - $%&!&' an *y-e Church  - +ursery olunteer  ● *aring +or in+an(s during c)urc) serices  3 /A0 2#1; - U'& 2#1; oys and .irls Clu+ - Child Care ro$ider *utor  ● u(ored c)ildren during club )ours ● acili(a(ed a +ocus grou o+ c)ildren w)o needed )el in wri(ing ● !uerised c)ildren=s recrea(ion a+(er (u(oring (ime * 7&% 2#12 - /A%*? 2#1; reast Cancer A/areness   ● Stepping for the Cure  52#13 2#14 2#1; ● Stampede of Service  52#14 ● Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure  ; !(. $e(ersburg 52#12 and 2#13 U0 2#1# - AUU! 2#13 Cocoa each 0inisterial Association  - olunteer  ● Baca(ion 7ible !c)ool Ac(or>/usician 52#1#-2#11 ● *ommuni(y :inner !erer 52#1# - 2#13 U'&-AUU!  2#11 Creative &laytime  - olunteer, Summer ● Assis(ed s(a++ in se((ing u ac(ii(ies +or c)ildren ● acili(a(ed ac(ii(ies and ensure c)ildrenCs= sa+e(y U'& 2#1# - U0 2#11 Cocoa each &u+lic Li+rary  - olunteer, Summer rogram ssistant  ● !e( u ac(ii(ies ● Assis(ed in crea(ion o+ cra+(s and roduc(ion o+ s)ows AUU! 2##9- AUU! 2#11 Church of Our Saviour  - olunteer  ● een *a(ec)is( ● all es(ial Dorker U'& 2#1#- AUU! 2#1# revard Cultural Alliance  - olunteer  ● eneral o+Ece work Certi1cations and &rofessional *evelopment A$% 2#1; A$% 2#16 USF Colle#e of Education 2n3uiry Conference  - resenter  ● $resen(ed classroom inFuiry (o +ellow s(uden(s and ro+essors in ()e U! *ollege o+ &duca(ion ● &ngaged in eer discussion grous regarding academic and ro+essional grow() AUU! 2#1;- :&*&/7&% 2#1;  4 &rofessional Learnin# Community  - articipant  ● &ngaged in ro+essional learning communi(y geared (owards rac(i(ioner inFuiry and cri(ical li(eracy /A0 2#16 Florida Teacher Certi1cation /A0 2#16 Florida Teacher &rofessional Education Certi1cation
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