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Name_________________________________ Period______________ Exceeds Meets Approaching Did Not Meet Points Criteria Expectations Expectations Expectations Expectations Composition: 20-18 17-14 13-10 9 or below Components of composition are well organized, creating an interesting composition inspired by objects found in natur
   Name_________________________________ Period______________  Criteria ExceedsExpectationsMeetsExpectationsApproachingExpectationsDid Not MeetExpectationsPointsComposition: Components of composition are wellorganized, creating aninteresting compositioninspired by obects fo!ndin nat!re 20-1817-1413-109 or below Color:A correct twel#e$step colorwheel is present consistingof primary, secondary, andtertiary colors while!tilizing tints, tones, andshades 20-1817-1413-109 or below %echni&!e:Proect demonstrates great!nderstanding andpractice of colored pencils!ch as line shading,layering, press!re #ariety,b!rnishing, and sol#ent!se 20-1817-1413-109 or below Effort:%oo' time to de#elop idea,wor'ed hard, completedproect and !sed class timewisely 20-1817-1413-109 or below Craftsmanship:Color wheel is drawncorrectly and neatly withtwel#e e&!al slices,drawings are neatly drawnand o!tlined with sharpie Proect is also neatlymatted 20-1817-1413-109 or belowPoint total: Color (heel )!bricComments:
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