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COMPETENCY 5 ENGAGE IN POLICY PRACTICE PRACTICE BEHAVIORS BEHAVIOR 5.1  IDENTIFY SOCIAL  Figuring out ways to P O L I C Y AT T H E help clients once L O C A L , S TAT E , A N D FEDERAL LEVEL they discharge from T H A T I M PA C T S the facility. Helping WELL-BEING, those who are S E R V I C E D E L I V E R Y, qualified for the AN D A C C ESS T O “Money
  COMPETENCY 5 ENGAGE IN POLICY PRACTICE  PRACTICE BEHAVIORS  BEHAVIOR 5.1  IDENTIFY SOCIAL POLICY AT THE LOCAL, STATE, AND FEDERAL LEVEL THAT IMPACTS WELL-BEING, SERVICE DELIVERY, AND ACCESS TO SOCIAL SERVICES.  Figuring out ways to help clients once they discharge from the facility. Helping those who are qualied for the “Money that follows the Person” program.  BEHAVIOR 5.2  ASSESS HOW SOCIAL WELFARE AND ECONOMIC POLICIES IMPACT THE DELIVERY OF AND ACCESS TO SOCIAL SERVICES.   The program, Money follows the Person, is designed to award those who hae no income the lu!ury awarding them a certain amount of money to etter help the client with the transition ac# into society.
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