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Resumen de las conferencias anuales organizadas por Edge, que tienen como finalidad el intercambio academico
   HeadCon '13: WHAT'S NEW IN SOCIAL SCIENCE? Sendhil Mullainathan, June Gruber, Fiery Cushman, Rob Kurzban, Nicholas Christakis, Joshua Greene, Laurie Santos, Joshua Knobe, David Pizarro, Daniel C. Dennett. Also participating: Daniel Kahneman, Anne Treisman, Jennifer Jacquet.   Edge  URL:  Copyright (c) 2014 by Edge Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to use for personal, noncommercial use (only).    EDGE.ORG    John Brockman, Editor and Publisher Russell Weinberger, Associate Publisher Nina Stegeman, Editorial Assistant Published by Edge Foundation, Inc. 260 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10001 Edge Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit private operating foundation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  ABOUT EDGE.ORG The world's smartest website; a salon for the world's finest minds. — The Guardian ...A collection that reads like the best TED talks ever. It's an absolute pleasure to read. —Fareed Zakaria, GPS, CNN We'd certainly be better off if everyone sampled the fabulous Edge symposium which, like the best in science, is modest and daring at once. —David Brooks, New York Times An epicenter of bleeding-edge insight across science, technology and beyond, hosting conversations with some of our era's greatest thinkers....(A) lavish cerebral feast ... one of this year's most significant time-capsules of contemporary thought. —  Atlantic The most stimulating English-language reading to be had from anywhere in the world. — The Canberra Times Open-minded, free ranging, intellectually playful ... an unadorned pleasure in curiosity, a collective expression of wonder at the living and inanimate world ... an ongoing and thrilling colloquium. —Ian McEwan, The Telegraph [John Brockman] A kind of thinker that does not exist in Europe. — La Stampa Not just wonderful, but plausible. — Wall Street Journal Fantastically stimulating...It's like the crack cocaine of the thinking world.... Once you start, you can't stop thinking about that question. —BBC Radio 4 The brightest minds in the known universe. — Vanity Fair Take a look. No matter who you are, you are bound to find something that will drive you crazy. — New York Times  INTRODUCTION  In July, 2013, Edg e invited a group of social scientists to participate in an Edge event focusing on the state of the art of what the social sciences have to tell us about human nature. The ten speakers were Sendhil Mullainathan, June Gruber, Fiery Cushman, Rob Kurzban, Nicholas Christakis, Joshua Greene, Laurie Santos, Joshua Knobe, David Pizarro, Daniel C. Dennett. Also participating were Daniel Kahneman, Anne Treisman, Jennifer Jacquet.   We asked the speakers to address the following questions: What's new in your field of social science in the last year or two, and why should we care? Why do we want or need to know about it? How does it change our view of human nature? We also asked them to focus broadly and address the major developments in their field which included, but was not limited to, their own research agenda. The goal: fresh, up-to-date, and srcinal field reports on different areas of social science. HeadCon '13: WHAT'S NEW IN SOCIAL SCIENCE  was also an experiment in online video designed to capture the dynamic of an Edge seminar, focusing on the interaction of ideas, and of people. The documentary film-maker Jason Wishnow , the pioneer of TED Talks during his tenure as director of film and video at TED (2006-2012), helped us develop this new iteration of Edge Video, filming the ten sessions in split-screen with five cameras, presenting each speaker and the surrounding participants from multiple simultaneous camera perspectives. We are now pleased to present the program in its entirety , nearly six hours of Edge Video and a downloadable PDF of the 58,000-word manuscript. The great biologist Ernst Mayr (the Darwin of the 20th Century ) once said to me: Edge is a conversation. And like any conversation, it evolves. And what a conversation it is! John Brockman , Editor Russell Weinberger , Associate Publisher
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