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  Page 1 of 5  Annex A CONTRACT OF LEASE This AGREEMENT OF LEASE made and entered into by andbetween:The LESSOR  JANE S. BAKER o! e#a a#e Fi i$ino and resident o! %&'( Liwayway St. L)* +i a#e B)t)an ,ity -hi i$$ines.andThe LESSEE  JOSE /0LSON S. ES-AR,0A o! e#a a#e Fi i$inoand resident o! %&'( Liwayway St. L)* +i a#e B)t)an ,ity -hi i$$ines. /0TNESSET1:That the LESSOR hereby eases )nto the LESSEE and the atterhereby a22e$ts in ease !rom the !ormer that 2ertain a$artment o2atedat %&'( Liwayway St. L)* +i a#e B)t)an ,ity -hi i$$ines )nder the!o owin# terms and 2onditions:3.The term o! this ease sha be T/O 4(5 6EARS 2ommen2in# onFebr)ary 37 (738 and e9$irin# on Febr)ary 37 (73.(.The month y renta sha be S0; T1O<SAN= -ESOS 4>777.775 ₧ -hi i$$ine 2)rren2y to be $aid by the LESSEE on or be!ore the!i!th day o! ea2h month.&.The LESSEE hereby e9$ress y a#rees and warrants that the eased$remises sha be )sed by him e92 )si?e y !or dwe in# $)r$osesand the said LESSEE is stri2t y $rohibited !rom )sin# said$remises !or any other $)r$ose or b)siness witho)t the $rior written 2onsent o! the LESSOR.'.The LESSEE sha not dire2t y or indire2t y s)b ease assi#ntrans!er 2on?ey mort#a#e or in any way en2)mber his ri#ht o!  ease o?er the eased $remises or any $ortion thereo! )nder any 2ir2)mstan2es whatsoe?er@ any 2ontra2t that may be made in?io ation o! this 2 a)se sha be n) and ?oid. 0t is e9$ress y )nderstood and a#reed by the $arties that the $ersona 2hara2tero! the LESSEE as herein re$resented and the nat)re o! theo22)$an2y o! the eased $remises as abo?e restri2ted 2onstit)teand are the s$e2ia 2onsideration and ind)2ement !or the #rantin# o! this ease by the LESSOR@ 2onse)ent y any ?io ation dire2t orindire2t o! any o! the sti$) ations hereo! sha a)tomati2a y and)ne)i?o2a y terminate this 2ontra2t o! ease !rom the time s)2h?io ation OM0TS.8.The LESSEE hereby e9$ress y a2now ed#es that the eased$remises are in #ood and tenantab e 2ondition and a#rees to ee$  Page 2 of 5  Annex A the same in s)2h #ood and tenantab e 2ondition. The LESSEE iewise a#rees and binds himse ! to )ndertae at his e92 )si?ee9$ense a re$airs ne2essary or otherwise s)2h as may bere)ired to maintain the eased $remises in its #ood state o! 2ondition. 0t is e9$ress y a#reed and )nderstood howe?er thatthe LESSEE sha not start or $ro2eed with any re$air wor nor inany 2ase introd)2e im$ro?ements or mae any a terations in the eased $remises witho)t the $rior written 2onsent and a$$ro?a o! the LESSOR@ and the $arties a#ree that a im$ro?ements ora terations o! whatsoe?er nat)re sha  )$on 2om$ etion thereo!!orm inte#ra $arts o! the eased $remises and sha not beremo?ed there!rom b)t sha be on# to and be2ome the e92 )si?e$ro$erty o! the LESSOR witho)t any ri#ht on the $art o! theLESSEE to the reimb)rsement o! the 2ost or ?a )e thereo!.>.The LESSEE sha $ay !or and de!ray at his e92 )si?e e9$ense the2ons)m$tion o! water e e2tri2 i#ht te e$hone or other )ti ity ser?i2es in the eased $remises@ a re$airs in the )ti ity ser?i2esystem therein sha be made by the LESSOR b)t !or the e92 )si?ea22o)nt o! the LESSEE witho)t ri#ht to reimb)rsement..The LESSEE sha 2om$ y with any and a aws ordinan2esre#) ations or orders o! the Nationa or ,ity Go?ernmenta)thorities arisin# !rom or re#ardin# the )se o22)$ation andsanitation o! the eased $remises. Fai )re to 2om$ y with said aws ordinan2es re#) ations or orders sha be at the e92 )si?eris and e9$ense o! said LESSEE.C.The LESSEE sha not brin# into or store in the eased $remisesany in! ammab e or e9$ osi?e #oods or materia s nor any arti2 e whi2h may e9$ose the eased $remises to !ire or in2rease !ireha*ard or any other arti2 e whi2h the LESSOR may $rohibit@ theLESSOR sha not do or 2a)se to be done any a2t or thin# whi2h wi iewise in2rease the !ire ha*ard or !ire ins)ran2e o! the$remises.D.The LESSEE sha not mae or $ermit any dist)rbin# noise withinthe eased $remises 2a)sed by himse ! or by $ersons )nder his2ontro  nor $ermit anythin# to be done by himse ! or by s)2hother $ersons whi2h wi inter!ere with the ri#hts 2om!ort or2on?enien2e o! his nei#hbors.37.0! the renta herein sti$) ated or any $art thereo! at any time sha be )n$aid or i! the tenant sha at anytime !ai orne# e2t to $er!orm or 2om$ y with any o! the 2o?enants2onditions a#reements or restri2tions sti$) ated then and in any o! s)2h abo?e 2ases this Lease ,ontra2t sha be2ome  Page 3 of 5  Annex A a)tomati2a y terminated and 2an2e ed and the said $remisessha be ?a2ated $ea2e!) y by the LESSEE !or the LESSOR to ho dand enoy hen2e!orth as i! these $resents ha?e not been made. 33.=e$osit in the eased $remises o! a note to ?a2ate the $remisessha 2onstit)te d)e and s)!!i2ient noti2e to the LESSEE as$ro?ided by aw. <$on the e9$iration o! the term o! this ease orear ier termination thereo! the LESSEE hereby e9$ress y a)thori*es in ad?an2e the LESSOR to enter the eased $remisesremo?e a $ersona $ro$erty that may be !o)nd in the eased$remises and de$osit the same in a bode#a and the LESSEE!)rther a#rees to $ay a 2osts !or trans!er and stora#e in the e?entthat the said LESSOR 2hooses to e9er2ise this a2tion.3(.0! said $remises be not s)rrendered at the end o! the termthe LESSEE sha be res$onsib e to the LESSOR !or a dama#es whi2h the LESSOR sha s)!!er by reason thereo! and wi indemni!y the LESSOR a#ainst a 2 aims made by the s)22eedin# tenant a#ainst the LESSOR res) tin# !rom de ay by the LESSOR inde i?erin# $ossession o! the $remises to s)2h s)22eedin# tenantinso!ar as s)2h de ay is o22asioned by !ai )re o! the LESSEE tos)rrender the $remises.3&.The !ai )re o! the LESSOR to insist )$on a stri2t$er!orman2e o! any o! the terms 2onditions and 2o?enants hereo! sha not be deemed a re in)ishment or wai?er o! any ri#ht orremedy that said LESSOR may ha?e nor sha it be 2onstr)ed as a wai?er o! any s)bse)ent brea2h or de!a) t o! the terms2onditions and 2o?enants herein 2ontained whi2h sha bedeemed in !) !or2e and e!!e2t. No wai?er by the LESSOR sha bedeemed to ha?e been made )n ess e9$ressed in writin# andsi#ned by the LESSOR.3'.This ease a#reement s)$ersedes and renders ?oid any anda a#reements and )ndertain# ora andor written $re?io)s y entered between the $arties 2o?erin# the $ro$erty herein easedand this a#reement may not herea!ter be modi!ied or a terede92e$t by instr)ment in writin# d) y si#ned by the $arties hereto.38.<$on the si#nin# o! this a#reement the LESSEE sha $ay )ntothe LESSOR the s)m o! S0; T1O<SAN= -ESOS 4>777.775 in ₧ $ayment o! the !irst month o! ease o! the $remises.0N /0TNESS /1EREOF the $arties hereto ha?e set their hands this37 th  day o! Febr)ary (738 B)t)an ,ity -hi i$$ines. JANE S. BAKER JOSE /0LSON S. ES-AR,0A   Page 4 of 5  Annex A  /0TNESSES: ,AREL MAE L. ,ABARON -RE,0O<S TAN,0N,O A,KNO/LE=GMENTRE-<BL0, OF T1E -10L0--0NES 5,0T6 OF B<T<AN 5S.S.BEFORE ME this 37 th  day o! Febr)ary (738 in the ,ity o! B)t)an $ersona y a$$eared: 1.JANE S. BAKER CTC No. 12345 BUTUAN CITY / JANUARY 1, 20162.JOSE WILSON S. ESPARCIA CTC No. 32321BUTUAN CITY / JANUARY 1, 2016 nown to me to be the same $ersons who e9e2)ted the !ore#oin# instr)ment and a2now ed#ed that the same are their !ree a2t and deed.This instr)ment 2onsistin# o! !i?e 4>5 $a#es in2 )din# the $a#e on whi2h this a2now ed#ment is written has been si#ned on the e!tmar#in o! ea2h and e?ery $a#e thereo! by Jane S. Baer and Jose /i sonS. Es$ar2ia and their witnesses and sea ed with my notaria sea .0N /0TNESS /1EREOF 0 ha?e here)nto set my hand on thedate and $ a2e abo?e written.=o2. No. 3@ATT6. FE 6<,AST0LLO-a#e No. 3@NOTAR6 -<BL0,Boo No. 0@,ommission Seria No. &&C'(3 Series o! (73>.<nti =e2ember &3 (73>Ro No. &&&30B- No. '((3-TR No. >&C3
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