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    CONVERSATION FOR ALL OCCASIONS NATALIE XUÂN V Ă N   AÍ CHÂU HOÀNG Y Ế N CHÂU V Ă N   HÙNG HOÀNG   2 Preface/L ờ  i M ỡ    Đầ u This book is a comprehensive English conversation, comprehension, and grammar text all rolled into one, suitable for students who are able to write decently and would like to work on English pronunciation and speaking skills. Students can both read and listen to English using the accompanying CD recording of every written dialogue. After each conversation, there are exercises for students to test their understanding of what was said in each conversation, as well as exercises for students to practice using key phrases and using correct grammar. There are a variety of different conversational topics included in this book that are designed to help prepare students for different situations they may encounter in daily life where they will interact with English speaking people, whether it be in school, at work, or even at a doctor’s office. These conversations will provide students with more exposure to the American culture because they reflect aspects of the   American life. One thing to note is that although abbreviations of words are commonly used in conversations, this book will not use abbreviations in order to show students the proper tenses that should be used in sentences. Abbreviations are only used when it is most necessary to avoid awkwardness in the sentence. A great deal of thought and effort was put into the production of this book and we are  proud to present it in the hope that it will aid students in their quest to gain proficiency in English, both written and spoken. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish each and every one of our readers the best of luck in all their endeavors and remember, practice is key! Cu ố n sách này bao g ồ m nhi ề u ti ế t m ụ c để  giúp các b ạ n có trình độ  Anh ng ữ  khá trau d ồ i thêm   v ề  cách phát âm, cách đ àm tho ạ i và cách dùng v ă n ph ạ m. Chúng tôi đ ã vi ế t v ề  nhi ề u đề  tài để  giúp các b ạ n có th ể   đ àm tho ạ i trong nhi ề u tình c ả nh khác nhau khi giao ti ế  p v ớ  i ng ườ  i ngo ạ i qu ố c|. Các b ạ n có th ể  trà tr  ộ n các câu đ ã h ọ c trong cu ố n sách này để  làm cho cu ộ c đ àm th ọ ai c ủ a các  b ạ n đượ  c phong phú h ơ  n. Khi vi ế t cu ố n sách này, chúng tôi đ ã tránh dùng các l ố i vi ế t t ắ t để  giúp các b ạ n hi ể u rõ v ề  v ă n  ph ạ m m ặ c dù cách vi ế t/nói t ắ t r  ấ t thông d ụ ng trong vi ệ c đ àm thoai. Chúng tôi ch ỉ  vi ế t t ắ t n ế u c ầ n đẻ  tránh s ự  v ụ ng v ề  cho câu v ă n Chúng tôi mong mu ố n cu ố n sách này s ẽ  giúp các b ạ n phát tri ễ n đượ  c kh ả  n ă ng Anh ng ữ  trong câu vi ế t c ũ ng nh ư  l ờ  i nói. Chúng tôi chúc các b ạ n thành công và xin các b ạ n nh ớ   r  ằ ng chuyên c ầ n th ự c t ậ  p s ẽ  mang đế n cho các b ạ n s ự  thành công .   3 Contents I) DAILY LIFE Chapter 1 Talking About The Weather 5 Chapter 2 An Afternoon In The Kitchen 11 Chapter 3 Telephone Conversation 16 Chapter 4 An Afternoon In The Park 21 Chapter 5 Weekend Plans 27 Chapter 6 Winter Break Plans 33 Chapter 7 A Visit To The Doctor’s Office 38 Chapter 8 Going To The Market 44 Chapter 9 I Need Help! 51 Chapter 10 Looking For An Apartment 56 Chapter 11 Formal Converstion 61 II) PROFESSIONAL LIFE Chapter 12 Looking For A Job 69 Chapter 13 Job Interview 75 Chapter 14 First Day At Work 80 Chapter 15 On The Production Floor 86 Chapter 16 Changing A Customer’s Order 92 Chapter 17 Promotion 97 Chapter 18 Meeting People 102 III) ACADEMIC LIFE Chapter 19 Applying To College 108 Chapter 20 Giving A Speech 113 Chapter 21 Studying For A Test 118 Chapter 22 Book Conversation 123 Chapter 23 Graduation 128 IV) HOLIDAYS Chapter 24 Halloween 134 Chapter 25 Thanksgiving 140 Chapter 21 New Year’s Eve 145   4  SECTION I  DAILY LIFE   
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