Csr Case Study Meatless Monday | Corporate Social Responsibility | Religious Ethics

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Csr Case Study Meatless Monday
  MEMBERS:Ma. Angela G. CabolesAngelika Joy R. ParagasDeniece D. RonquilloAirah Laroche oquero!aira Ra os#A$ %&'CSR ( GG ) *S &%:''$&:+'  SAEME, - /E PR-BLEM Main Problem:    Do food companies, who see themselves as socially responsible, have the social obligation to minimize or reduce the amount of meat they sell? S0eci1ic 2ues3ions:&.4 #s ea3ing or selling ea3 une3hical5%.4 *hich a33ers ore6 social bene1i3s or 0ro1i3s5+.4 or ho7 uch sales are co 0anies 7illing 3o 1orgo in or8er 3o consi8er 3he as socially res0onsible 7hile ain3aining 3heir 0ro1i3s5-BJEC#9ES&.4 o 8e3er ine 7he3her 1oo8 co 0anies hae 3he social obliga3ion 3o ini i;e or re8uce 3hea oun3 o1 ea3 3hey sell.%.4 o kno7 7he3her ea3ing or selling less ea3 une3hical.+.4 o co 0are 3he 0ros an8 cons o1 0riori3i;ing social bene1i3s or 0ro1i3s.<.4 o 8e3er ine 3he nu ber o1 sales co 0anies shoul8 1orgo in or8er 3o consi8er 3he associally res0onsible 7hile ain3aining 3heir 0ro1i3s.S-L=#-,So8e>o announce8 i3s 0ar3ici0a3ion 3o 3he ?Mea3less Mon8ay@ ca 0aign las3 %'&&6 7here i3 urgescus3o ers 3o eli ina3e or re8uce 3he a oun3 o1 ea3 3hey consu e 1or us3 one rela3iely 0ainless 8ay. he So8e>o ca 0aign is one o1 3he bes3$case scenario sho7ing cor0ora3e socialres0onsibili3y CSR4. /o7eer6 i3 3akes a huge lea0 1or co 0anies6 es0ecially 3hose in 3he 1oo8in8us3ry6 3o engage in CSR. #3 has been a huge argu en3 eer since6 on 7hich a33ers ore6social bene1i3s or 0ro1i3s5 A co 0any like So8e>o6 a ca1e3eria serices 0roi8er 7ho seres ore3han &' illion eals each 8ay in ,or3h A erica alone6 illus3ra3es 3his challenge.Consi8ering 3he challenges 1ace8 by So8e>o 8uring 3he i 0le en3a3ion o1 i3s ca 0aign6 i3obsere8 so e o1 3he 0ossible e3hical issues 3hey 7oul8 1ace. he s3u8en3s enu era3e8 3he 0ossible 0roble s regar8ing 3he e3hical issue o1 ea3ing ea36 0ros an8 cons o1 0riori3i;ing social   bene1i3s oer 0ro1i3s6 an8 3he nu ber o1 sales co 0anies 7oul8 be 7illing 3o 1orgo 3o consi8er 3he as socially res0onsible 7hile ain3aining 3heir 0ro1i3s.-n %'&%6 3he ,e7 ork i es Maga;ine ins0ire8 a 8eba3e con3es3 oer 3he e3hical issues o1 ea3ing ea3 7he3her 3he 0leasure 3ha3 hu ans 8erie 1ro ea3ing ani als us3i1y 3he i ensesu11ering in1lic3e8 u0on 3hose ani als. housan8s o1 res0onses 7ere receie8 an8 os3 o1 3heres0onses consi8ere8 3ha3 ?Ani als ea3ing ani als is a 1ac3 o1 li1e 3ha3 is base8 on our 1oo8chain.@ -3her res0onses inclu8e8 Al8o Leo0ol8s s3a3e en36 ?A 3hing is righ3 7hen i3 3en8s 3o 0resere 3he in3egri3y6 s3abili3y6 an8 beau3y o1 3he bio3ic co uni3y. #3 is 7rong 7hen i3 3en8so3her7ise.@ An8 3he 7inner o1 3he con3es36 na e8 Jay Bos36 s3a3e8 3ha36 ?Ea3ing ea3 is e3hical7hen one 8oes 3hree 3hings. irs36 you acce03 3he biological reali3y 3ha3 8ea3h bege3s li1e on 3his 0lane3 an8 3ha3 all li1e is really us3 a solar energy 3e 0orarily s3ore8 in an i 0er anen3 1or .Secon86 you co bine 3his reali;a3ion 7i3h 3ha3 cherishe8 hu an 3rai3 o1 co 0assion an8 choosee3hically raise8 1oo86 ege3able6 grain6 an8or ea3. An8 3hir86 you gie 3hanks.@ -ne canno38eny 3ha3 killing sen3ien3 beings is inhu ane bu36 i1 ?e3hical@ is 8e1ine8 as liing in 3he os3ecologically benign 7ay6 o1 7hich 0eo0le us3 e8uca3e 3he seles6 3hen ea3ing ea3 is e3hical.Ano3her challenge 3ha3 So8e>o 1ace8 is 3he 0ossibili3y o1 losing a s all 0or3ion o1 i3s 0ro1i3 argin. Accor8ing 3o a s3u8y o1 /arar8 an8 S3an1or8 =niersi3y reeale8 a signi1ican3 1ac36 3ha3 os3 success1ul co 0anies6 bo3h in 0ro1i3abili3y an8 longei3y6 are 3he ones 7ho recogni;e 3heabsolu3e necessi3y o1 0ro1i3s as 7ell as 3he equally high necessi3y o1 haing a 0ur0ose beyon8sharehol8er 7eal3h. Base8 on 3he surey resul3s 0roi8e8 by Jay /o0kins6 3here see e8 3o be a 0osi3ie res0onse 3o 3he Mea3less Mon8ay 0ro o3ion6 7i3h 3he aori3y o1 accoun3s co i33e8 3ocon3inuing 3he ca 0aign. #3 also sho7s 3ha36 on aerage6 o11ering Mea3less Mon8ay 8oes no38e3er cus3o ers or har accoun3 sales. -n 3he con3rary6 cus3o er sa3is1ac3ion aroun8 Mea3lessMon8ay 7as qui3e high in 3he heal3h care sec3or al os3 <' 0ercen34. Accor8ing 3o 1ee8back 1ro one o1 So8e>os clien3s6 3here has been a ?3re en8ous increase in cus3o er sa3is1ac3ion.@ Arecen3 cus3o er surey 3here sho7e8 a 1ie 0ercen3 increase in cus3o er sa3is1ac3ion 8irec3lyrela3e8 3o 3he Mea3less Mon8ay 0rogra . ur3her ore6 cus3o ers re0or3e8 3ha3 bene1i3s o1 Mea3less Mon8ay inclu8e8 enoy en3 o1 ea3less o03ions es0ecially a ong ege3arians4F 0ro o3ion o1 heal3hier li1es3ylesF an8 e8uca3ion abou3 3he eniron en3al bene1i3s.  Base8 1ro 3he resul3s o1 3he surey6 one can in1er 3ha3 So8e>o has been able 3o 1in8 3he har ony be37een al3ruis an8 reenue by crea3ing social consciousness as a alue a88e8 3o i3s 0ro8uc3s.*hile 3he e>ac3 ini3ia3ie ay no3 be re1lec3ie o1 7ha3 os3 co 0anies are in3eres3e8 in 0ro o3ing CSR$7ise6 3he So8e>o e>0eri en3 is a case 3ha3 sho7s 3ha3 co 0anies engaging inCSR 7hile s3ill ain3aining 3heir 0ro1i3s. Ano3her insigh3 is 3ha36 i1 a 0rogra is losing oney6regar8less o1 7he3her i3 is a CSR rela3e8 0roec3 or no36 a co 0any canno3 sacri1ice i3s bo33o line 1or any reason. S3ill6 ?argu en3s in 1aor o1 CSR inclu8e business has 3he resources an8le3 business 3ry. hese 37o ie7s ain3ain 3ha36 because business has a reseroir o1  anage en3 3alen36 1unc3ional e>0er3ise an8 ca0i3al6 an8 because so any o3hers hae 3rie8 an81aile8 3o sole social 0roble s6 business shoul8 be gien 3he chance.@ Dais6 &HI+6 0. +&4REERE,CES&. h330:777.hs0h.e8uresearchcen3ers$an8$ins3i3u3esohns$ho0kins$cen3er$1or$a$liable$1u3ureK081researchSo8e>o.081 %. h330:777.ny3i es.co %'&%'' aga;ine3he$7inner$o1$our$con3es3$on$3he$e3hics$o1$ea3ing$ ea3.h3 l+. h330s:777.ny3i es.co %'&<'+&+o0inionkris3o1$3he$unheal3hy$ ea3$ arke3.h3 l<. h330s:hbr.org%'&%'Hi3s$3i e$3o$balance$0ro1i3s$an. h330s:8ouble3he8ona3ion.co 7hy$cor0ora3e$social$res0onsibili3y$is$i 0or3an3 . ran6  %'&4. Cor0ora3e Social Res0onsibili3y an8 Pro1i3s: A ra8eo11 or a Balance. Center on Democracy, Develop the Rule of Law. *eb
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