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Chromatophore Cell By Andy Madrid Do you ever wonder how the amazing animal rest of the toy, that’s exactly how the cuttlefish can change it's color to ​ Chromatophores work. camouflage itself to hide from predators or their prey, It all happens because of the The sac I told you about in the last paragraph chromatophore organ that contains a single is
  Chromatophore Cell By Andy Madrid Doyoueverwonderhowtheamazinganimal thecuttlefishcanchangeit'scolorto camouflageitselftohidefrompredatorsor theirprey,Itallhappensbecauseofthe chromatophoreorganthatcontainsasingle chromatophorecell.   Chromatophorecells  contain    pigments ,    pigments arematerialsthat havedifferentwavelengthstoletincertain amounts of light to reflect or transmit a color. Typesof    chromatophores areallusedfor different  pigments ,   cyanophore  whichisused forblueishcolors,   melanophores  whichis usedforblack/brownishcolors,and  leucophores  whichisusedforwhite.Thecolor changingprocessthatcephalopodsdois causedbyasacinthe   chromatophorecell   frommuscleandnervesignalstellingthesac toexpandingorcontractingtomakecertain   pigments morevisible.Kindlikethose squishytoysthatwhenyousqueezeittheair goestoonesidemorethantheother,andthe  bubbleitmakesisadifferentcolorthanthe restofthetoy,that’sexactlyhow   Chromatophores  work. ThesacItoldyouaboutinthelastparagraph iscalledthe cytoelasticsacculus ,the  cytoelasticsacculus canexpandseventimes itsrestrictedsize.Insidethe cytoelastic   sacculus are    pigmentgranules  whicharethe colorsthatcanbeshown.Thefoldsontopor around   sacculus arecalledthe   haptosome , musclefibersattachedtothetopandbottom ofthepigmentgranulethatareinafolded shape. The chromatophorecell  has glialcells  attachedtoit'stentaclearmsthathelpit connecttoother   chromataphorecells ,   glial    cells aresupportingcellsthatholdneurons andprovidethemwithnutrientsandinsulate neuronsfromeachother.Cephalopodsare  verycomplexamazingcreatures,andweare stilldiscoveringnewthingsaboutthemabout them,butjustknowalloftheiramazingcolor changing abilities relies on this colorful cell. On the Right is a cuttle fish On the Left is a diagram of a chromatophore cell   
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