Damping and Resonance | Resonance | Elasticity (Physics)

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Notes on Damping and Resonance
  Vibration is everywhere. And where there is vibration, there is damping. DAMPING  SINGLE DEGEE ! EED!M The simplest vibratory system can be described by a single mass connected to a spring (and possibly a dashpot). The mass is allowed to travel only along the spring elongation direction. Such systems are called Single Degree-of-Freedom  (SDOF) systems and are shown in the following figure,   Single Degree of Freedom A sing#e degree o$ $reedom system is the simp#est me%hani%a# system possib#e. It %an move by trans#ation a#ong one dire%tion on#y, or %an rotate abo&t one a'is. (he motion o$ a sing#e degree o$ $reedom system is a sin&soid, having on#y a sing#e $re*&en%y  SINGLE DEGEE +NDAMPED SS(EMS f there is no e!ternal force applied on the system, ,  the system will e!perience free vibration . otion of the system will be established by an initial disturbance (i.e. initial conditions).Furthermore, if there is no resistance or damping in the system, ,  the oscillatory motion will continue forever with a constant amplitude. Such a system is termed undamped and is shown in the following figure, 
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