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DAFTAR PUSTAKA 1. Bissonnette, Bruno. 2011. Pediatric Anesthesia: Basic Principles–States of the Art–Future. USA: People’s Medical Publishing House. 2. Balamaddaiah, G., & Reddy, S. R. M. 2016. Prevalence and risk factors of inguinal hernia: a study in a semi-urban area in Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh, India. International Surgery Journal, 3(3), 1310-1313. 3. Calvi, E. N. C., Nahas, F. X., Barbosa, M. V., Calil, J. A., Ihara, S. S. M., Juliano, Y., &
  DAFTAR PUSTAKA1.Bissonnette, Bruno. 2011. Pediatric Anesthesia: Basic PrinciplesStates o! the ArtFuture. USA: People s #edical Pu$lishin% &ouse.2.Bala'addaiah, (., ) Redd*, S. R. #. 201+. Prealence and ris- !actors o! in%uinal hernia: a stud* in a se'iur$an area in Ra*alasee'a, AndhraPradesh, /ndia.  International Surgery Journal  , 3 , 11011..3ali, 4. 5. 3., 5ahas, F. 6., Bar$osa, #. 7., 3alil, 8. A., /hara, S. S. #.,8uliano, 9., ) Ferreira, . #. 201;. 3olla%en !i$ers in the rectusa$do'inis 'uscle o! cadaers o! di!!erent a%e.  Hernia , 18 ;, <2=<.;.3a'panelli, (ia'piero. 201+. /n%uinal &ernia Sur%er*. /talia: Sprin%er.<.3hun%, ucia P. S. 201;  Abdominal wall hernias: symptoms and outcome. #D thesis.+.3urrie, S., Kennish, S., ) Flood, K. 200>. 4ssential Radiolo%ical Anato'*!or the #R3S. 5e? 9or-: 3a'$rid%e Uniersit* Press.=.Dae*, Patric-. 200+. At a (lance #edicine. 8a-arta: Pener$it 4rlan%%a.@.4d?ard, K. eanne, ) Karl. 201. /n%uinal hernias: dia%nosis and'ana%e'ent.  American family physician , 8  12.>.4llis, &., 3alne, R., ) atson, 3. 201+. ecture 5otes: (eneral Sur%er*.United Kin%do': 8ohn ile* ) Sons.10.Fati'a, A., ) #ohiuddin, #. R. 201;. Stud* o! incidence o! in%uinalhernias and the ris- !actors associated ?ith the in%uinal hernias in there%ional population o! a south /ndian cit*.  International Journal of !urrent esearch and e#iew , $  2, >. 49  50 11.Fah'i  Ara'. 200>. Ris- Factor ! &ernia /n &adra'out 9e'en A 3ase3ontrol Stud*. Departe'ent o! Sur%er* 3olle%e o! #edicine, 7ol .12.FitC%i$$ons 8r, R. 8., ) Forse, R. A. 201<. (roin hernias in adults.  % &ngl  J 'ed  , ()1* =2, =<+=+.1.FitC%i$$ons 8r, R. 8., ) (reen$ur%, (. A. 2002. 5*hus and 3ondon s&ernia. USA: ippincott illia's ) il-ins.1;.(reen$er%, #ichael /, d--. 200=. Te-sAtlas Kedo-teran Kedaruratan(reen$er%. 8a-arta: Pener$it 4rlan%%a.1<.&annon, Ruth A. ) Pooler, 3harlotte. 200>. Porth Pathoph*siolo%*:3oncepts o! Altered &ealth States. 16. Jacob, B. P., Chen, D. C., Ramshaw, B., & Towfgh, S.2016. The SAGES Manual of Groin Pain . S! nge!. 1=.8ones, Daniel B. 201. #aster Techniues o! Sur%er*: &ernia. 5etherlands: olters Klu?er &ealth.1@.Kin%snorth, Andre? 5. ) eBlanc, Karl A. 201. #ana%e'ent ! A$do'inal &ernias. ondon: Sprin%er.1>.Ku$er, Sachin. 201. &ernia Sur%er* Si'pli!ied. 8a*pee Brothers #edical Pu$lishers. /ndia20.Kul-arni, 5eeta 7. 2012. 3linical Anato'* A Pro$le' Solin% Approach2 nd  4dition. 5e? Delhi: 8a*pee Brothers #edical Pu$lishers. 21.#$ma!, %bbas, & a$s'o. 2010. Robb ns & Co'!anDasa! Pa'o(og s Pen)a* ' + s -. Ja*a!'a +/C.  51 22.agn$sson, J.,  eh$(', P., /$s'asson, 3., )g!en, J.,& Tho!e((, %. 2014. Re(a' onsh  be'ween !eoe!a' es)m'oms an m!oemen' o $a( ') o ( e n a' en's$ne!go ng e(ec' e ng$ na(he!n o!!hah). Surgery    , 155 718, 10611:.2:.ohame, +(sa g ;o$s , **. 2015. <ng$ na( =e!n a%mong Pa' en's %''ene a /ene!a( P$b( c S$anese=os 'a(. European Journal of Pharmaceutical and MedicalResearch, ! , #$%15& 2;. 5i%a', 7inod, K., ) 5i%a', Siddharth. 200@. 4ssentials o! a$do'inal?all hernias. /K /nternational Pt td.2<. 5orton, 8., Bollin%er, R. R., 3han%, A. 4., ) o?r*, S. F. 200@. Surgery:basic science and clinical e#idence ( nd   edition . 5e* 9or-: Sprin%er.2+.nui%$o, . /. B., ) 5EeCe, (. 4. 201+. /n%uinal &ernia. AReie?.  Journal of Surgery and +perati#e !are , 1 2, 1.2=.Perhi'punan Do-ter Paru /ndonesia. 200. Pedo'an Dia%nosis )Penatala-sanaan As'a di /ndonesia: Pen*a-it Paru $stru-ti! Kroni- PPK.2@.Puri, Pre', ) &oll?arth, #ichael. 200>. Pediatric Sur%er*: Dia%nosis and#ana%e'ent. 5e? 9or-: Sprin%er.2>.Rao, S. S., Sin%h, P., (upta, D., ) 5aran%, R. 201+.3linicoepide'iolo%ic pro!ile o! in%uinal hernia in rural 'edical colle%e in  52 central /ndia.  Journal of 'ahatma ,andhi Institute of 'edical Sciences , (1 2, 11+.0.Schu'pelic-, 7. ) FitC%i$$ons,R.8. 200=. Reccurent &ernia: Preentionand Treat'ent. Berlin: Sprin%er.1.Sc?hartC, Se*'our /. 200>. /ntisari Prinsipprinsip /l'u Bedah. 8a-arta :4(3.2.Sin%h, 7ishra'. 201;. Tet$oo- o! Anato'* A$do'en and o?er i'$2 nd  edition. 5e? Delhi: Reed 4lseier /ndia Priate i'ited..SEa'suhidaEat, R. 200>. Bu-u AEar /l'u Bedah SEa'suhidaEatde 8on%4disi . 8a-arta: 4(3.;.Stoppa, R., ) Read, R. 3. 2012.  Abdominal wall hernias: principles and management  . 5e? 9or-: Sprin%er.<.Tho'as, illia' 4. (., Reed, #alcol' . R., ) *att, #ichael (. 201+.!ord Tet$oo- o! Funde'ental Sur%er*. UK: !ord Uniersit* Press.+.TEandra, 8oe 8., 3lunie, (ordon 8. A., Ka*e, Andre? &., ) S'ith, 8ulian A.200+. Te$oo- o! Sur%er*  rd  edition. USA: Blac-?ell Pu$lishin% td.=.To?nsend 8r, 3. #., Beaucha'p, R. D., 4ers, B. #., ) #atto, K. .2012. Sabiston te-tboo of surgery . USA: 4lseier &ealth Sciences.@.Ter, Daid F., ) Anderson, Kenneth A. 2012. /ndustrial #edicine Des- Re!erence. 5e? 9or-: Sprin%er.>.U.S. Depart'ent o! &ealth and &u'an Serices, 5ational /nstitutes o! &ealth, 5ational /nstitute o! Dia$etes and Di%estie and Kidne* Diseases.Di%estie diseases statistics !or the United States. 8une 2010.
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