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AP Exclusive: Deep-sea volcano a hotspot for mysterious life  By CALEB JONES Associated Press  Sep 16, 2016 GEOLOGIST SEAMOUNTS, Hawaii (AP) — The turquoise waters became darker and darker, and squiggly glow-in-dark marine creatures began to glide past in the inky depths like ghosts. The three-man submarine went down, down, down into the abyss and drew within sight of something no human had ever laid eyes on: Cook seamount, a 13,000-foot extin
  AP Exclusive: Deep-sea volcano a hotspot for mysterious life ã By CALEB JONE Associate! Press  ã ep #$ %& #  'EOLO'() EA*O+N)$ ,aaii .AP/ 0 )he tur1uoise aters 2ecame !ar3er an! !ar3er$ an! s1ui44ly 4lo-in-!ar3 marine creatures 2e4an to 4li!e past in the in3y !epths li3e 4hosts5)he three-man su2marine ent !on$ !on$ !on into the a2yss an! !re ithin si4ht of somethin4 nohuman ha! ever lai! eyes on: Coo3 seamount$ a 6$&&&-foot extinct volcano at the 2ottom of the sea5cientists a2oar! the vessel Pisces 7 visite! the volcano earlier this month to examine its 4eolo4ical features an! its rich variety of marine life$ an! an Associate! Press reporter as 4iven exclusive access to the !ive5 (t as the first-ever expe!ition to the Coo3 seamount 2y a manne! su2mersi2le5Amon4 other thin4s$ the researchers from the +niversity of ,aaii an! the nonprofit 4roup Conservation (nternational spotte! such on!ers as a rare type of octopus ith 2i4 fins that loo3 li3e Dum2o8s ears$ an! a potentially ne species of violet-hue! coral they !u22e! Purple ,a9e5Conservation (nternational hopes to stu!y & seamounts$ or un!ersea volcanoes$ over the next five years5;<e !on8t 3no anythin4 a2out the ocean floor$; sai! Peter eli4mann$ chairman$ CEO an! co-foun!er of Conservation (nternational5 ;<hat e 3no is that each one of those seamounts is a refu4e for ne species$ 2ut e !on8t 3no hat they are5 <e !on8t 3no ho they8ve evolve!5 <e !on8t 3no hat lessons they have for us5;Durin4 the ept5 # !ive$ the su2marine splashe! into the ater$ an! as it !ove$ the only soun!s ere ra!io communications from the surface$ the hum of an air scru22er that removes car2on !ioxi!e from the passen4er cham2er$ an! the voices of the cre5 )he thic3$ hot tropical air insi!e the steel sphere  2ecame cooler an! !rier as the su2marine !escen!e!5  ;<e !on8t 3no hat e8re 4oin4 to fin!$; sai! Conservation (nternational8s 're4 tone$ a marine  2iolo4ist on 2oar!5 ;)here ill alays 2e the unexpecte! hen you 4o into the !eep ocean5;,alfay to the volcano8s summit$ hich is 6$&&& feet 2elo the surface of the Pacific$ no sunli4ht  penetrate!5 )he only li4ht that coul! 2e seen from the su2marine8s face-si9e! in!os as the 2luish 4lo of the vessel8s on 2ri4ht li4hts5 Occasionally$ 2ioluminescent creatures !rifte! past in the !ar3ness5tone an! su2 pilot )erry =er2y$ ho helps run the ,aaii +n!ersea >esearch La2oratory at the +niversity of ,aaii$ atche! as the volcano an! its ru44e! 2asalt alls hun!re!s of yar!s hi4h came into vie5eamounts are either active or !ormant volcanoes that rise !ramatically from the 2ottom of the ocean an! never reach the surface5 )hey are hotspots for marine life 2ecause they carry nutrient-rich ater upar! from the sea floor5 eamounts are 2elieve! to cover a2out ? million s1uare miles of the planet5Coo3$ situate! over && miles southest of ,aaii8s Bi4 (slan!$ is part of a 4roup of un!ersea volcanoes3non as the 'eolo4ist eamounts that are a2out ?& million years ol! an! coul! hol! many ne animal species$ as ell as elements such as nic3el an! co2alt that minin4 companies coul! extract5;*y 4oal to!ay is to 555 fin! out hat8s livin4 on them$ fin! out ho they support ocean life$ hat their effect is from ocean currents an! essentially hat !rives the ocean$ hat ma3es the ocean hat it is$; tone sai!5 ;eamounts are a 3ey part of that$ an! somethin4 hich humanity 3nos very little a2out5;<ithin minutes of the vessel8s arrival at the summit$ life 2e4an to appear 0 a starfish clin4in4 to a roc3$  @oine! shortly after 2y eels$ shar3s$ chimaera .also 3non as ;4host shar3s;/$ shrimp$ cra2s an! to rare Dum2o octopuses5 One of the octopuses chan4e! color from hite to pin3 to re!!ish 2ron as it sam  2y5everal types of !eep-sea corals ere foun! alon4 the seamount8s cliffs$ inclu!in4 a vi2rant purple one5;( nee! to 4o home$ loo3 throu4h the literature 555 an! also 4o an! run some 4enetic analyses$; sai! onia>oley$ a post!octoral researcher at the +niversity of ,aaii ho is ta3in4 part in the pro@ect5 ;But as this is a ne seamount 555 that no one ha! !ive! on 2efore$ it on8t 2e any surprise to me hether this is 4oin4 to 2e a ne species5;  )o other seamounts ere stu!ie! over three !ays of expe!itions: *cCall$ home to a lar4e num2er of small !eep-sea shar3s$ an! Lo8ihi$ an active volcano5Lo8(hi has 2een extensively surveye! 2y manne! su2mersi2les over the past 6& years5 )he past fe times=er2y as there$ he sa a lar4e Pacific sleeper shar3 lur3in4 a2out the volcano8s crater5As hot vents shot out volcanic 4ases aroun! them$ the team release! 2ait in the ater an! the -foot shar3 appeare! in front of the su2marine5 =er2y as !eli4hte! to see his ;ol! frien!5;)he team also sa #-foot eels an! a num2er of ne 4eolo4ical formations aroun! the crater5 cientists say Lo8ihi is li3ely to some!ay 2ecome the neest islan! in the ,aaii chain as volcanic activity pushes the summit upar!5  Definitions eamount - a su2marine mountain)he u2marine ent un!er the ocean to explore a seamount$ they ere hopin4 to fin! a ne species of eelsBioluminescent- 2iochemical emission of li4ht 2y livin4 or4anisms such as fireflies an! !eep-sea fishes5+n!er the ocean$ 2ioluminescent fish sim illuminatin4 the ater ith their 2eautiful 4lo5u2 Pilot- One employe! to steer a ship .secon! pilot/)he su2 pilot too3 over the heel hile the pilot slept5ummit-   the hi4hest point of a hill or mountainOnce e reache! the summit of the hill e too3 a 2rea3 to eat$ then e hea!e! 2ac3 !on5u2mersi2le-   !esi4ne! to 2e completely su2mer4e! or to operate hile su2mer4e!5)he thermometer as su2mersi2le$ meanin4 e coul! put it un!er the ater an! it oul! still or3    an! rea! the temperature of the ater5 Questions 1.Choose a portion of the article that is scientifically valuable. Explain why.2.Seamounts are either active or dormant volcanoes that rise dramatically from the bottom of the ocean and never reach the surface. They are hotspots for marine life because they carry nutrient-rich water upward from the sea floor. Seamounts are believed to cover about1 million s!uare miles of the planet. hat conclusion can be drawn from this passa#e$%.%. &o you thin' underwater exploration is a valid use of scientific funds$ hy does this type of exploration matter to us$1. The part when they #o to the seamount is scientifically valuable since they collect data (ima#es) s'etches) drawin#s* to help answer !uestions. They may also have collected samples of the water and species livin# there. 2. + can conclude that most of the world is covered by volcanoes. hich is #ood since they help marine life by providin# nutrient-rich water.%. + thin' it is valid since science is where you as' a !uestion and answer it) as'in# yourself what,s under water and findin# out what is really there is science. +t helps answer !uestions that need to be answered.
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