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WEEKLY #2: 9th 16th Oct DEFENCE INDUSTRIES: BAE Systems, Thales group, page 1 of 3. INTRODUCTION: Index 1 Search Engines 2 Google Trend 3 Google News 4 Twitter 5 Social media trend 6 Sentiment 7 Recap
WEEKLY #2: 9th 16th Oct DEFENCE INDUSTRIES: BAE Systems, Thales group, page 1 of 3. INTRODUCTION: Index 1 Search Engines 2 Google Trend 3 Google News 4 Twitter 5 Social media trend 6 Sentiment 7 Recap 1. SEARCH ENGINES: Google monthly queries 165k BAE SYSTEMS 165k 5,4k GROUP 165k * 59 European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company 2,4k IAN KING (ceo BAE) 1,6k LUC VIGNERON (ceo ) 2,9k TOM ENDERS (ceo ) Average number of research made by Google users in a month. *Data for keyword does not represent the real number of queries, because many users search for George Eads, American actor. 2. SEARCH ENGINES: Google Trend 75 BAE Google trend of this specific keyword is set as 1%. 3. MEDIA: Google News BAE SYSTEMS GROUP IAN KING (ceo BAE) LUC VIGNERON (ceo Thales) TOM ENDERS (ceo ) 1 5 4 Number of articles present on Google News this week. page 1 of 3 WEEKLY #2: 9th 16th Oct DEFENCE INDUSTRIES: BAE Systems, Thales group, page 2 of 3 4.SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter BAE SYTEMS since since since 2.9 Followers: ,6% Followers: ,8% Followers: ,8% of whom: 76% real, 12% inactive, of whom: 67% real, 17% inactive, of whom: 71% real, 13% inactive, 12% fake or empty 16% fake or empty 16% fake or empty Most retweeted tweets this week (2): Please vote for our Nichola to become National Apprentice Champion of the year: Text Link Retweets, Favorite Most retweeted tweets this week (2): UK MOD places new order for Thales s STARStreak missiles #Thales Text Hashtag Link Retweets, Favorites Most retweeted tweets this week (2): How does Additive Layer Manufacturing technology work? Photo Hashtag Retweets, 7 Favorites New tablet computers give Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer pilots information at their fingertips Text Link Photo Retweets, 3 PacificAviation Text Hashtag Other profiles Retweets, 2 Favorite VIDEO: Our employees push the boundaries of aircraft efficiency. Meet one working on the #A35 XWB - Video Hashtag Retweets, 5 Favorites Klout score: 57-2pt Klout score: 62-1pt Klout score: 62 2pt Klout score is calculated by and, with a number between 1 (low) and 1 (high), it shows how much a social media profile is influent. 5.SOCIAL MEDIA: Side event on defence during UK Conservative Party Conference Thales event in Brest Number of direct mentions on Twitter in the last month 6. MEDIA: Twitter @eadsgroup 6% Negativo = 27% Positive 67% 6% Negative 8% Positive = 86% 5% Negative 19% Positive = 76% Sentiment based on the statistical analysis of tweets with a direct mentions to the 3 profiles. Not an automated evaluation but a humanbased analysis. page 2 of 3 WEEKLY #2: 9th 16th Oct DEFENCE INDUSTRIES: BAE Systems, Thales group, page 3 of 3 7: Conclusion This is the second media monitor on the web presence of three main European defence industries, BAE Systems (UK), Thales Group (France) and (EU). It follows, after one month, the first weekly media monitor. Although it is meant as a partial example on how Parifal Seven could analyse the web presence of particular subjects, we have observed and discovered many interesting aspects of the media and social media impact of these companies. We have analysed their presence on Google, the most important search engine, and Google News, a website that collect everyday thousands of news and articles. Then, we have monitored trends and interactions on Twitter and we have calculated the so called Twitter sentiment. Comparing the result with our previous media monitor, we have observed that the media presence on Google News is still very similar, but with a general raise of the number of articles regarding the three companies. If last month there were around 2 articles per keyword in a week, in this week we have observed more than 3-35 articles on each company. In our focus on the Social Media presence, as last month, a very different impact have been observed. This divergence probably reflects different social media strategies, as well as contingent events. We can confirm that BAE Systems mainly uses its tweets to promote news related to the company, Thales group to show company s new technologies, while posts photos and directly/indirectly contents. Furthermore, create specific contents for Twitter and posts many updates ( 5/week), BAE posts contents and interacts with users (around 1 tweets this week), while Thales posts autogenerated contents (less than 1 updates in a week) through DLVR (a web tool used to publish contents simultaneously in several social media). We have also monitored the Mentions Trend, a graph that reflects user interaction with the Twitter profile of the companies. In specific days we could observe a peak in the trend, all related to a piece of news. In the graphic we have described each peak. In our focus on the Twitter sentiment (a tool that could help better understand user relationship with the company s profile) we have observed that all the three companies reached an overall positive-neutral result in the Twitter Sentiment score. As last month, BAE have scored the maximum positive sentiment (27%), in particular because many positive tweets were related to the BIMFA 213 award that BAE have recently won. Moreover, positive tweets for were related to a new section of the London Science Museum supported by the company; while most of the tweets related to Thales group were neutral (majority of news). What we can also monitor and analyse: News hot topics News sentiment Web sentiment Facebook pages, profiles, groups Facebook trends Twitter interactions Video Social media trends with related events and description Activities on other social networks Special focus on keywords, events or subjects. media monitor by Parsifal Seven Ltd. Ezio Fabiani // page 3 of 3 Special Single Edition G8 SUMMIT /18 JUNE FERMANAGH, NORTHERN IRELAND Search Engines Social Mention 1 Google Search Trend 15k 8 12k 6 G8 SYRIA 9k G8 213 G8 SYRIA 4 2 EU US 6k 3k EU US FREE TRADE Media Presence (Before) Media Presence (After) Comparison of 5 topics reported online by newspaper, news-site, etc Before the G8 Meeting After the G8 Meeting 14/16 June 17/19 June 5. Taliban 4. North Korea 3. EU-US free trade 18% 4% 1. Tax evasion 6% 44% 5. North Korea 4. Taliban 4% 1. Syria 1% 3. EU-US free trade 17% 46% 28% 2. Syria 23% 2. Tax evasion #G8 Most retweeted tweet: #G8 leaders sign declaration on corporate tax evasion, calling on countries to share information by BBC Retweets Twitter Engagement G8 Syria Most retweeted tweet: Russia Deputy Foreign Min says Moscow will sign G8 Syria statement but both sides must be free to choose own delegation by BBC Breaking News Retweets EU US Trade Agreement Most retweeted tweet: PM on EU-US trade agreement: This is a once-in-a-generation prize and we are determined to seize it #G8UK #G8 by UK Prime Minister Retweets Twitter Sentiment Negative 19% No global activism, irony, sarcasm, protest,... #G8 G8 Syria EU US Trade Agreement 77% Majority of News 4% Positive Negative 12% People blame G8 leader for not taking strong decision 81% Majority of News 7% Positive Negative 7% 9% Majority of News 3% Positive subject (individual, group, institution, company, topic or generic keywords) performs on the Internet. Our Media Monitor combines web analytics methods and international affairs knowledge and provides a periodically report with data, statistics and in-depth analysis. Using these tools is possible to better comprehend the impact of a full range of given subjects. In this occasion, we monitored the G8 meeting in Northern Ireland. We focuses on topics, media speculation and expectations, articles and the so-called twitter sentiment and the key-word mentions on social media. Ezio Fabiani Parsifal Seven & DoD DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE MoD MINISTRY OF DEFENCE (UK) (USA) Media Monitoring: Week 3 (6th June 13th June 213) Services, Media Monitoring Report Search Engines Google Monthly Searches 1,5 Milllion 21. MoD Social Mentions Google Trend Social Media Presence: 1 % MoD NSA scandal Woolwich murder DoD Flickr Others Twitter 8 6 Youtube 5% 9% 53% Social Media Presence: DoD Others Flickr 9% 7% You tube 9% Facebook 47% Ministry of Defence Department of Defense 4 15MAY 22MAY 29MAY 5JUN 12JUN News and Media Presence Google News: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE ~8 Articles/Month in Google News Most relevant articles this week: MoD lobbying claims: peers cleared of code breach 13th June 213, The Guardian More MoD Police Cuts 'May Endanger Personnel' 13th June 213, Sky News MoD knew rubber bullets could be lethal, records show 1th June 213, The Guardian Woolwich attack: Drummer Rigby s family to receive MoD financial support 13th May 213, London 24 MoD promises 'significant steps' to resolve veterans' pay and pension woes 1th June 213, Daily Mail 3% Facebook 28% Twitter Google News: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ~95 Monthly Articles in Google News Most relevant articles this week: Defense Department Orders Employees, Contractors to Steer Clear of Surveillance Stories 11th June 213, Wired Will Sequester Scuttle DoD's Energy Efficiency Efforts? 1th June 213, Breaking Defense Climate change causing Pentagon planning shift, says DOD strategist 7th June 213, The Hill In Response To PRISM, Anonymous Leaks DoD Documents 7th June 213, Tech Crunch DOD overhead functions detrimental to U.S. military 7th June 213, Washington Business Journal Twitter Engagement MoD followers Ministry of Defence likes DoD followers 2% 2% real followers: 82%; inactive: 8%; fake or empty: 1% real followers: 68%; inactive: 13%; fake or empty: 19% Most retweeted tweets this week: Most mentions on: Most retweeted tweets this week: Most mentions on: Exclusive scheme to help recovering injured 11th June 7th June #UKArmedForces personnel into work has been launched 11th June 213 Twitter sentiment: Negative 4% 14% Positive 28 Retweets, Negative Positive 35% 7% 1 Favorite #MensHealth week 213 is focusing on mental health, so if you re in the services and need help, don t bottle it up: 11th June Retweets, 2 Favorites 16 Nottingham based TA soldiers will officially launch the start of Armed Forces Day 213 with a roar of gun fire. 12th June Retweets, 1 Favorites Facebook Interactions Most popular post of the week: 82% Klout influence score: 88 Out of 1 % Check out this video about the Safe Helpline app for victims of #sexualassault: 3th May Retweets, 4 Favorites #SecDef Hagel statement on the passing of Sen. Frank Lautenberg, last #WWII vet to serve in U.S. Senate: 3rd June Retweets, 1 Favorites JOINT STATEMENT of #Japan, #RoK, and U.S. defense ministerial talks at #ShangriLaDialogue: 1st June Retweets, 3 Favorites 58% Klout influence score: 73 Out of 1 Departement of Defense likes Most popular post of the week: New proposals could save taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds by changing the rules which govern how MOD contracts are awarded. Philip Hammond: For decades, MOD has been at a disadvantage in commercial negotiations and reforming single source procurement will radically change how MOD conducts a Photo of the Day: U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Joseph Gravers gives water to Cane, a military working dog, during Operation Nightmare in Nowzad in Afghanistan's Helmand province, June 6, 213. Graves is assigned to Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines, Regimental Combat Team 7. high proportion of its business. [...] 1th June th June ,4%,5%,5% & DoD DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE MoD MINISTRY OF DEFENCE (UK) (USA) Media Monitoring: Week 3 (6th June 13th June 213) Social mentions Mentions trend NSA scandal Anonymous attack Protests against US radio speaker Limbaugh on AFN MoD DoD News UK Soldier Rigby murdered in London US Memorial Day online petition: Award the George medal to UK soldier Rigby DoD discuss new budget cuts Events Protests Popular initiatives Summary Parsifal Seven has been monitored for three weeks the media and the social media presence of two defence institutions, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the US Department of Defense (DoD). These are our analysis and considerations. MoD and DoD have developed a very different strategy for their communication on the Internet and on the Social Media. Indeed, MoD uses a standard and institutional communication strategy in order to inform online users and media operators. They issue, re-publish or share information, official statements, press releases and so on. On the other hand, US DoD has opted for a more and interactive way. DoD shares photos, emotional messages and personal stories. As a result, DoD engages more people on its social profiles, irrespective of the fact that US public is vaster. However, this strategy causes more polarisation among the audience, who is divided between supporters and opponents of the Pentagon and the military world in general. MoD more formal approach does not provoke that polarisation and the reactions are more neutral. Not every important or relevant news generate a reaction among common users, even if that news is very popular on newspapers and news-sites. A particular example is the death of soldier Lee Rigby, a front-page news for the newspapers but with on the Social Media. However, some days after the murder of Rigby, an online petition was very popular on Twitter and other social media. Military affairs and actors are note usually esteemed on the Social Media. The majority of the common users condemn military institutions, in particular when it comes to wars and conflicts. US DoD suffers from this problem, in particular on blogs and on Twitter. During these three weeks, they have been involved in several polemics and. For instance, the NSA surveillance scandal, which was related to the intelligence branch of the US Administration, caused many protests also against the Pentagon. Another example could be a polemic over a radio speaker who expressed a controversial point of view on military sex abuse during a program transmitted by the American Forces Network. MoD is less visible on the Social Media, so it has not suffer from this kind of attacks or polemics during the period analysed, instead the sentiment has been more positive than negative in many occasions. For example, after the Woolwich murder of soldier Lee Rigby, many people sympathised with the family of the victim and the UK military system in general. a media monitor by Parsifal Seven Ltd. Ezio Fabiani //
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