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Chattahoochee DegreeWorks Student View AB95AsI1 as of 10/01/2016 at 03:30 Associate Of Business Student Degree Applied Science Major Technology AAS Intended ID
  Chattahoochee DegreeWorks Student View AB95AsI1 as of 10/01/2016 at 03:30 StudentDegree Associate Of Applied Science  Major Business  Technolog AAS IDProgram BA23 Intended Major !one Earned Hours 99 32 Admit Catalog  Year #all 201$ %201512& AdisorCumulatie !PA 2 9$0 Academic Standing 'OO( STA!(I!' Holds !o )olds Degree Progress e#uirements$%&   *+og+ess ,a+ +ep+esents the +atio of the nu-,e+ of ,loc.s chec.ed co-pa+ed to unchec.ed not necessa+il the pe+centage of the nu-,e+ of classes and +eui+e-ents co-plete Students cannot +egiste+ fo+ cou+ses using (eg+eeo+.s ou ill need to use Banne+e, 4egist+ation to co-plete this p+ocess 'egend Com(leteCom(lete e)ce(t *or classes in+(rogress,-.-rans*er Course/ot Com(lete0 Course Has Prere#uisites1 An2 course num3erIP Course in Progress4 /o grade has 3een a((lied4/ote5 the num3er ne)t to grade is the ethics grade Degree in Assoc o* A((lied Science  'earning Su((ortProgram e#uirements Still !eeded:See  Program !PA AAS section 'earning Su((ort     /o Math 'earning Su((ort /eeded/o English 'earning Su((ort /eeded/o eading 'earning Su((ort /eeded Program !PA AAS Admit Catalog Year5  #all 201$ !PA5  3 150 !PA e#uirement!eneral Education CoreMajor e#uirements Still !eeded:See  Major in 6usiness Administratie -ech  section !eneral Education Core AAS  !E/E A' ED7CA-I8/ C8 E E97I EME/-SArea I5 'anguage Arts:CommunicationsE/!' ;;<; o-position and 4heto+ic 3#all 2011 Area II5 Social:6ehaioral SciencesHIS- =;;;  S )isto+ IB 3Su--e+ 2013 Area III5 /atural Sciences:MathematicsMA-H;;;; ollege Alge,+a 3#all 2011 Area IV5 Humanities:>ine ArtsH7M/ ;;<; Int+oduction to )u-anitiesB 3Sp+ing 2012 P 8! AM+SPECI>IC !E/E A' ED C87 SE E97I EME/-S!eneral Core ElectieS8CI ;;<; Int+oduction to SociologB 3#all 2011  Major in 6usiness Administratie -ech  Introduction to Com(utersSC- ;<< Int+oduction to 7ic+oco-pute+sA 2 2#all 2010 Word Processing67S/ ;?<< o+d *+ocessingA $Sp+ing 2016 Deskto( Pu3lishing @ Presentation A((lications67S/ ;?< ( *u,l8*+esentation ApplA $Sp+ing 2016 Document Production67S/ ;??< (ocu-ent *+oductionB $Sp+ing 2015 Digital -echnologiesin 6usinessDigital -echnologies in 6usiness67S/ ;;$< (igital Technologies in BusA 2#all 201$ Electronic Mail A((licationsElectronic Mail A((lications67S/ =;B< lect+onic 7ail ApplicationsB 2Su--e+ 2016 8ce Procedures67S/ ;=?< Oce *+ocedu+esA 3Sp+ing 2016 Data3ase A((lications67S/ ;?=< (ata,ase Applications $Sp+ing 2015 A((lied 8ce Procedures67S/ ==;< Applied Oce *+ocedu+esI* %3&#all 2016 6usiness DocumentProo*reading @ Editing67S/ =;$< Busn(oc *+oof+eading8ditingI* %3&#all 2016 Princi(les o* Management Still !eeded: ;  lass in M!M- 1100; >inancial Accounting IACC- ;;<< #inancial Accounting IB $#all 201$ S(readsheet A((licationsACC- ;;=< Sp+eadsheet ApplicationsB $#all 2015 8ccu(ational+!uided Electie67S/ ;;<< Int+oduction to <e,oa+dingA 3#all 201$ M-! ;;<< *+inciples of 7a+.etingI* %3&#all 2016 Total *+og+a- )ou+s 4eui+ed fo+ '+aduation: 6$ Courses /ot A((lica3le to Program Com(letion CreditsA((lied5 $5 32 ClassesA((lied5 15  ECCE ;;<% )ealth Safet and !ut+itionB 3Sp+ing 2012 ECCE ;;;= u++iculu- and Assess-ent 3Su--e+ 2012 ECCE ;;; +eati=e Acti=ities fo+ hildA 3#all 2012 ECCE =;;% >anguage and >ite+ac 3#all 2012 ECCE =;;B 7ath and ScienceA 3Su--e+ 2012 ECCE ==<; ?ceptionalitiesB 3Su--e+ 2013 ECCE ==<= Social Issues8#a-il In=ol=e-eA 3Su--e+ 2012 ECCE ==< 'uidance lass+oo- 7ang 3Sp+ing 2013 ECE ;<;< Int+o to a+l hildca+e 8 duA 2 3 33inte+ 2011 ECE ;<< )u-an '+oth and (e=elop IA 2 3 33inte+ 2011 EMP ;<<< I!T4*4SO!A> 4>AT/*4O# (@B 2 2inte+ 2011 E/! ;<;< #unda-entals of nglish IB 2 3 33#all 2010 E/!' ;;<= >ite+atu+e and o-position 3Sp+ing 2012 MA- ;<;= #oundations of 7athe-aticsA 2 3 33#all 2010 PSYC ;;<; Int+oducto+ *scholog 3#all 2011  Courses not Success*ull2 Com(leted CreditsA((lied5 3 ClassesA((lied5 6 ACC- ;;=< Sp+eadsheet Applications 0Sp+ing 2015 67S/ ;?< ( *u,l8*+esentation Appl# 0Sp+ing 2015 ECCE ;;;= u++iculu- and Assess-ent( 3Sp+ing 2012 ECCE ==< 'uidance lass+oo- 7ang 0#all 2012 EC8/ ;;<; *+inciples of cono-ics 0#all 2013 HIS- =;;=  S )isto+ II 0#all 2013  In+(rogress CreditsA((lied5 9 ClassesA((lied5 3 67S/ =;$< Busn(oc *+oof+eading8ditingI* 3#all 2016 67S/ ==;< Applied Oce *+ocedu+esI* 3#all 2016 M-! ;;<< *+inciples of 7a+.etingI* 3#all 2016  'earning Su((ort Courses CreditsA((lied5 0 ClassesA((lied5 
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