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  Account Based COPA – Simplification with Simple Finance August 7, 201 ! 1,70 #iews ! Sanil Bhanda$i mo$e %& this autho$  SAP S/4HANA Finance F'( )Finance* F'( Cont$olling SAP +P SAP S-./A(A account account %ased copa anal&tics finance cent$al finance cfo ente$p$ise $esou$ce  planning e$p finance hana httpscnsapcomcommunit&e$pfinancials httpscnsapcomcommunit&e$pfinancial scont$olling sap accountingpowe$ed %& sap hana sap e$p sap e$p financials sap s.hana sap simple finance sap.hana simplefinance   ã share   0   ã share   1   ã tweet   ã share   6   Follow A t&pical pain point fo$ most p$oects has %een the unde$l&ing diffe$ences in Costing Based COPA and the P3 in Financial Accounting4 5ost of the custome$s used costing %ased COPA with one of the $easons %eing getting a %$ea6 up of Cost of oods Sold4 8&picall& in Costing %ased COPA, the 9alues fo$ 6e& figu$es li6e e9enue, cost of goods sold, 9a$iances, o9e$heads etc get sto$ed in 9alue field in C+1: ta%les4 8his essentiall& used to map the accounts such as $e9enue and sales deductions to 9alue fields in costing %ased COPA4 Additionall& the$e we$e $est$ictions on theno of 9alue fields in costing %ased copa with a$ound 200 fields )SAP OSS (ote 102 ; 1*4 8he account %ased COPA on the othe$ hand uses cost elements to sto$e the same 9alues fo$ 9a$ious att$i%utes li6e $e9enue, cost of goods sold, and so on4 /owe9e$, the posting logic in t$aditional account %ased COPA was such that cost of goods sold and 9a$iances could onl& %e mapped to a single 3 Account-Cost element4 8his was one of the %asic $easons wh& most SAP custome$s p$efe$$ed using Costing %ased COPA o9e$ Account  %ased COPA4 Anothe$ mao$ challenge with using Costing %ased COPA was the f$e<uent $econciliation issues  %etween COPA and 34 Fo$ eg, t&picall&, the COS was %oo6ed in the 3 at the time of Out%ound deli9e$& and the same 9alue flowed into Costing Based COPA at the time of %illing4 So if the P' and Billing we$e fa$ apa$t in two diffe$ent posting pe$iods, &ou t&picall& had challenges in $econciliation of diffe$ences4   =ith SAP Simple Finance, life has %een simplified fo$ the Finance fol6s4 SAP mandates the use of Account  %ased COPA with Simple Finance and does awa& with the limitations of t$aditional account %ased COPA  p$o9iding the same detailed info$mation fo$ Cost of oods Sold, P$oduction #a$iances  in9oice <uantities which till now e>isted onl& with costing %ased COPA4 Of cou$se, the costing %ased COPA can continue to co e>ist with the new Account %ased COPA 8he t$aditional wa& of sto$ing the cha$acte$istics in COPA i$$especti9e of using Costing %ased COPA o$ Account %ased COPA was to sto$e the data in a $ow in a data %ase st$uctu$e4 +9e$& time the t&pical COPA $epo$ts we$e $un, the s&stem would <ue$& each data $eco$d and than agg$egate to a$$i9e at 9alues which had  %een <ue$ied4 =ith /A(A, the data is sto$ed in columns and so onl& the $ele9ant column is <ue$ied, 8his  %$ings in t$emendous pe$fo$mance imp$o9ement4 One of the wa&s in which SAP Custome$s used to tide o9e$ the pe$fo$mance $elated issues with COPA epo$ts was to c$eate seconda$& inde>es on the wa& in which $epo$ts we$e done4 So this is some thing which is not $e<ui$ed with the capa%ilities of /A(A4 =ith Simple Finance, comes a new posting capa%ilit& that allow SAP Custome$s to $epo$t the Cost of oods Sold at the same le9el of details as a9aila%le in Costing %ased COPA4 8&picall&, the postings on the 3 used tohappen at the standa$d p$ice at which the mate$ial was 9aluated and the %$ea6 up of the standa$d cost was a9aila%le th$ough Costing %ased COPA4 =ith Simple Finance comes the capa%ilit& to lin6 the cost components in the standa$d cost estimate to indi9idual 3 Accounts fo$ each cost component4 8he$e is no $est$iction now on the no of accounts and the le9el of detail can %e the same as the one a9aila%le in cost component st$uctu$e4 8he configu$ation path fo$ the same in Simple Finance en9i$onment is? '5@ Financial Accounting )(ew*@ene$al 3edge$ Accounting )(ew*@Pe$iodic P$ocessing@ 'nteg$ation@5ate$ials 5anagement@efine Accounts fo$ Splitting the cost of goods sold       Anothe$ mao$ $eason with SAP Custome$s p$efe$$ing Costing %ased COPA o9e$ Account %ased COPA was thea%ilit& of costing %ased COPA to p$o9ide the %$ea6 up of P$oduction #a$iances, which posted to a single 3 Account4 /owe9e$, with Simple Finance comes the a%ilit& to assign a 3 Account fo$ each 9a$iance catego$& and &ou can ha9e the same %$ea6 up in Account %ased COPA on Simple Finance4 8he $e<ui$ed configu$ation  path fo$ the same is? '5@ Financial Accounting )(ew*@ene$al 3edge$ Accounting )(ew*@Pe$iodic P$ocessing@ 'nteg$ation@5ate$ials 5anagement@efine Accounts fo$ Splitting P$ice iffe$ence 
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