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Denisse Arredondo Material Handler 14870 Juniper Street - Hesperia, CA 92345 - 760-486-8668 WORK EXPERIENCE Materiasl Handler Department Of Defense MDMC PPB - Barstow, CA - January 2010 to Present Barstow, CA United States 01/2010 - present Hours per week: 40 Series: 6907 Pay Plan: WG Grade: 06 Material Handler (This is a federal job) Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills: Performing as a rotation leader I was responsible for Thirty warehouse workers also Resp
  Denisse Arredondo Material Handler 14870 Juniper Street - Hesperia, CA - 760-486-8668WORK EXPERIENCE Materiasl Handler Department Of Defense MDMC PPB - Barstow, CA-January 2010 to PresentBarstow, CA United States01/2010 - presentHours per week: 40Series: 6907 Pay Plan: WG Grade: 06Material Handler (This is a federal job)Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:Performing as a rotation leader I was responsible for Thirty warehouse workers also Responsible for routingparts, assemblies, and other material into or out of industrial shop facilities. Responsible for expeditingthe movement of priority items and following up on overdue materials, keeping the planner and supervisorinformed of material status. Receive materials, parts and components. Store incoming parts by locationand create new locations when necessary. Visually inspect parts and review documentation to ensure thatprevious processing has been completed. Backtrack and locate missing items when necessary. Focus onoral instructions to ascertain materials or containers to be moved. Load and unload materials onto or frompallets, trays, racks, and shelves by hand or forklift or any other devices allocated and trained for operation ofpowered sweepers. Perform a variety of tasks including receiving, shipping, storing and preparing all types ofsupply material and military automotive components, including hazardous materials, to support all productionbusiness centers with Maintenance Center Barstow. Perform annual wall-to-wall cyclic or spot inventoriesof all Maintenance Center store material. Adhere to all regulations concerning storage of material, safetyand proper housekeeping making sure all work is performed in accordance with all established methodsand procedures. Have knowledge of supply and material procurement. Also knowledge of Federal and CAState HAZMAT requirements. Have the ability to follow oral instructions. Examine items received to verifypart number, identify and quantity with routing documents, checking for discrepancies, untagged parts andhidden damages. Notifying all Supervisors, expediters and Planners involved to make necessary changesor modifications according to individual circumstances. Address work orders and focus on oral instructionsto ascertain materials and containers or pallets to be moved. Perform duties such as receipt, breakdown,inspection, repackaging, palletizing, shipping, storing, restoring, and scanning a variety of supply material.Assess supplies for proper nomenclature, national stock number, document number, quantity and conditioncode and rout material to the correct location or shop. Knowledge of materials expediting practices. Ability tointerpret work orders, specifications and other documents using reference materials. Troubleshoot, suggestand apply new methods. Interpret Material Safety Data Sheets. Understand and follow written and oralinstructions. Knowledgeable in basic computer skills. Shop aptitude and interest ability to follow directionsin a shop. Have dexterity and safety, ability to work with others. Reliable and dependable. Ability to usedevices. Knowledgeable in metals and materials. Precise, theoretical and artistic in my work. With knowledge ofwarehousing trade practices, performing warehouseman duties without more than normal supervision. Ability  to perform planning and estimating work. Ability to lead, supervise or evaluate the performance of others inthe trade. I have the ability to do the job of a Material Handler with little to no supervision.Ability to do the work of a Materials Handler (Forklift Operator) without more than normal supervision suchas: Inspecting and signing off on shipments received or ensuring material reaches final destination withoutdamage.Supervisor: Ernie Langford (760-957-6271)Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes Inventory Control Specialist EDO/DS2 LLC - Barstow, CA-November 2005 to April 2009Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:As a Materials Handler I performed a wide variety of material handling and warehousing duties including:forklift operation, receiving, packaging, palletizing, storing, sorting, assembling, shipping, distributing, loading,unloading, screening, and organizing. I was considered a subject matter expert and was consulted by otheremployees on work related matters and problems. I utilized my forklift operator's license to operate oneor more types of material handling equipment such as standard type forklifts with a lifting capacity of upto 15,000 pounds, warehouse tractors, stock selectors, carts, pallet jacks, and general-purpose vehicles.Packed and repacked a variety of items utilizing a wide variety of standard packing materials, methods andtechniques. Used mechanized forklifts, automated, and manual material moving equipment, devices andsystems to receive, store, and assemble for issue, shipment and distribution a wide variety of materials.Received, stored, and assembled kits for issue, shipment and distribution, a variety of bin and bulk supplies,materials, equipment, and commodities. Received, unloaded, and processed incoming shipments. Checkedaccompanying documentation against container or packing labels. Followed established procedures inreporting over, short, or damaged items. Prepared inventory and production reports. Screened and identifiedshipping and receiving documents for discrepancies, and directed shipments to shipping and storage areas.Assembled items for shipment in the loading area according to information provided on the shipping requestsand checked the condition of shipping containers prior to loading. Used computer terminals and equipmentto verify inventory levels, fill orders, place stock, and develop the necessary computerized documentation insystems such as the Distribution Standard System (DSS).Determined sequences for loading materials and organized incoming shipments for maximum space utilization,safety considerations, and damage protection. Laid out storage space, established item locations, anddetermined organization and arrangement of stock. Counted types and quantities of items during inventories,and maintained tally listings during the count. Recounted and searched other storage locations to assist indetermining the basis for over, short, or misplaced items. Received assignments in the form of oral andwritten instructions. Assignments were completed within the general warehousing plan and without instructionson the methods, procedures or techniques to use. Interpreted numerous procedures, supply catalogs andtechnical manuals to carry out assigned tasks. Determined sequences for loading materials and organizedincoming shipments for maximum space utilization, safety considerations, and damage protection. Expeditedincoming parts by location and managed warehouse locations to maximize storage for all incoming material.Researched technical manuals and publications to identify equipment specifications so that I was able toeffectively identify condition codes for storage operations. Performed space allocation functions and facilityoperations. Attached and verified tags, receipts, labels, disassembly Distribution Report (DDR), DD1149 andComponent Disassembly Distribution Report (CDDR) with the component part.Performed work accurately, in a timely manner, and without accidents to avoid work stoppages. Ensuredstorage areas were neat and clean in support of a safe work environment. Followed proper safety procedureswhen operating fork lift trucks, manned storage and retrieval vehicles, in narrow and constricted warehouse  aisles. Performed the duties of my job without more than normal supervision. Work required me standing onhard surfaces for extended periods of time. The physical effort I exerted included extensive walking, bending,stooping, and pushing and pulling of heavy material, working in tiring and uncomfortable positions, many timesall at the same time. I regularly handled weights of up to 40 pounds unassisted, and utilized weight handlingequipment and received assistance from other workers for items heavier than 60 pounds. My work requiredlight to moderate physical effort in reaching, bending, turning, and moving hands, arms, feet, and legs tooperate hand and foot controls while driving, raising, lowering, and tilting materials handling equipment. Thiswork was performed within a warehousing environment both inside or outside in areas that were hot, cold ordamp. The work environment was subject to dusty, dirty and greasy conditions. I was regularly exposed tothe possibility of cuts, scrapes, bruises, abrasions, falls and injuries from falling items and subject to hazardsof working close to moving equipment, trucks, and conveyor lines. Required to utilize appropriate protectiveclothing and equipment in accordance with job requirements.IHOP SHIFT LEAD E MAIN ST - Glendale, CA-July 2004 to November 200591210 United States02/2003 - 07/2004Salary: 9.50 USD Per HourHours per week: 40Time Keeper/ WorkerDuties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:Train workers with the sufficient skills and knowledge of the trades and labor work performed by the groupled to effectively carry out the day to day duties. Such as in safety skills and maintance safety in the use ofmaintenance equipment and equipment used to move furniture and clean work areas Pass on to other workersthe instructions received from supervisors and get the work started, by assigning the immediate tasks to beperformed by individual members of the Business. Demonstrate proper work methods, while I work alongwith the other workers as I set the pace. See to it that the needed plans, instructions, materials and tools areavailable, and that needed stock is obtained from supply locations. . Lead the team to plan organizationalgoals to improve processes for various employee duties. Assign team members to gather various forms anddata, to analyze and measure to determine where constraints were and gather ideas on how to fix problems.Encourage workers to be proactive and identify ways in which to improve various processes.Arrange and lead meetings, to communicate with the employees different changes that would be taking place.Report to supervisors on status and progress of work, and causes of work delays. Answer questions ofsupervisors on overall work operations and problems. Run day to day time keeping records on all employeesand check up on all employees to make sure there attendance is accurate for the final payroll at the end ofthe pay period and relay all information back to the supervisor on a day to day basis for accurate upkeep of allrecords also dealt with workers compensation cases and employees problems and issues and tried to resolvethem before it had to go to supervisionSupervisor: Chris W. (1-800-339-2097)Okay to contact this Supervisor: Yes  EDUCATION Business Administration Victor Valley Community College Victorville - Victorville, CA
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